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  • N.China Tianjin sees 400 China-Europe freight train trips in H1

    North China's Tianjin Municipality has handled 400 China-Europe freight trains in the first half of the year, with a total of 43,200 TEUs of goods including automobiles, mechanical equipment and daily necessities having been transported via the train, according to the China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd.


  • E.China Hefei records over 2,440 China-Europe freight train trips in eight years

    The China-Europe freight train service in Hefei, the capital of east China's Anhui Province has so far made over 2,440 trips since it was launched in 2014, of which over 160,000 TEUs of cargoes have been transported by sea-rail intermodal freight trains, contributing over 10 billion U.S. dollars in foreigh trade volume to the local economy, reported on June 26.


  • New freight train service launched between Chongqing, Guangzhou

    A sea-rail intermodal freight train departed from Guoyuan Port, southwest China's Chongqing municipality to the Port of Nansha, Guangzhou city in south China's Guangdong province on June 20, while the returning train of the route departed from the Port of Nansha heading for Chongqing on the same day, marking the official launch of intermodal freight service between the two ports.


  • First China-Laos freight train carrying complete vehicle leaves Yunnan to Laos

    A China-Laos freight train carrying 20 TEUs of more than 10 complete vehicles departed from Mohan, a border town in southwest China's Yunnan Province, heading for Laos on Saturday, reported on Sunday.


  • Chongqing and Sichuan's Chengdu run 4,800 China-Europe freight trains in 2021

    The Chongqing Municipality and Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, had run a total of 4,800 China-Europe freight trains in 2021, with 400,000 TEUs of cargoes transported, reported People's Daily Monday.


  • NE. China's Changchun launches first China-Europe freight train in 2022 to Germany

    A China-Europe freight train full of 100 TEUs of cargo departed from Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province, on Monday to Nuremberg of Germany, marking the first freight train between Changchun and Europe operated in 2022.


  • E.China Yiwu launches new freight train service to Spain

    Yiwu, China's small commodity hub in eastern Zhejiang Province on Monday opened a new China-Europe freight train service linking the city with Madrid in Spain, reported the Xinhua-run Monday.


  • E. China's Yiwu launches new intermodal freight service to Central Asia

    A China-Europe freight train carrying with 100 TEUs of goods set off from Yiwu, east China's Zhejiang Province on Thursday, bound for Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, marking the first road and rail intermodal freight services starting from the Yangtze River Delta to the two countries.


  • S. China's Guangzhou opens direct freight train service to Ukraine

    A direct China-Europe freight train service has been opened on last Sunday, linking Guangzhou City in south China's Guangdong Province with Odessa, the fourth largest city in Ukraine, according to Guangzhou Customs.


  • New freight train service launched in C. China' s Wuhan

    A new freight train service between China and central Asia was launched on May 20, connecting Wuhan city, the capital of central China's Hubei Province with Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan.


  • China-Europe freight train service remains stable operation during Spring Festival holiday

    China-Europe freight trains in many provinces across China have maintained stable operation during the Spring Festival holiday, reported Thursday.


  • Freight trains between China and other Asian countries register increased trips in 2020

    The freight train service between China and Asian countries registered 840 trips in 2020, with a total of 323,500 tonnes of goods transported, injecting vitality into the Belt and Road (B&R) construction, reported Yunnan Daily on Sunday.


  • China-Europe freight train service contributes to stability of global freight amid COVID-19 epidemic

    International transportation has been severely affected by COVID-19 epidemic since the beginning of this year, the China-Europe freight train service has played a pivotal role in land transportation, serving as a channel of life and bond connecting all, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian at a routine press briefing held on September 10, 2020.


  • China-Europe freight trains via Xinjiang's Horgos Port exceed 10,000

    A total of 10,000 China-Europe freight trains have traveled through Horgos Port, a major border port in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since the freight service launched at the port, reported Wednesday.


  • Sri Lanka imports train from China for upcountry line

    Sri Lanka has imported a train from China for its upcountry line at a cost of 10.3 million U.S. dollar which will be the first of nine power sets, the island's Transport Ministry said in a statement here Tuesday.


  • China's train maker tests smart vehicle operation in Qatar heat

    China's major train maker said Wednesday it is running a high-temperature test in Qatar on a vehicle developed for the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit system.


  • Chinese-made train arrives in E. Cuba

    The first train entirely made up of Chinese-made carriages on Monday arrived at the eastern Cuban province of Holguin, 735 kilometers east of Havana.


  • China-Europe freight train from Xi'an refreshes delivery time for Budapest routes

    In recent days, CHINA RAILWAY Express train from Xi'an arrived in Budapest, Hungary, taking only 11 days to arrive the destination, refreshing the time limit for the Budapest route.


  • Freight train links Hunan and Minsk

    Central China's Hunan Province has launched a new freight train route to Minsk, capital of Belarus.


  • China-Europe freight trains carry 352,000 tonnes cargo from Shandong to Europe, C. Asia by April

    China-Europe freight trains have transported 352,000 tonnes of cargo from east China’s Shandong Province to countries in Europe and Central Asia as of end-April, according to a report by China News Service on Wednesday.


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