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Financial Str. Release Sorting by the latest release time

  • 【Financial Str. Release】China local gov’nt bond issues expected to top RMB1 trln in Aug.

    Chinese local governments are likely to speed up their bond issuance paces as their planned local government bond (LGB) issues in August have exceeded one trillion yuan, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance Tuesday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's central bank injects liquidity into market in July

    China's central bank pumped cash into the money market in July to meet liquidity demand from financial institutions.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】 Raised stamp duty from Aug. 1 unlikely to change long-term trend of H-shares, institution

    A higher rate of stamp duty for trading stocks in China's Hong Kong may spur outflows of part of funds in the short term, but is unlikely to change the long-term trend of H-share market, reported Securities Times on Monday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China calls for communication on supervision of Chinese firms seeking listings in U.S.

    The U.S. and Chinese regulators should enhance communication on the supervision of China concept stocks and work out proper solutions, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said Sunday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Citibank (China) nodded to provide custody service for securities investment funds

    Citibank (China) Co., Ltd. obtained on Thursday a business license from Chinese securities regulator to provide securities investment fund custody services for publicly-offered funds and private equity funds in China, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China raises export tariffs on steel products to push industrial upgrading

    China will adjust export tariffs on some steel products as part of efforts to push upgrading and transformation of the industry.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's business environment at ports further optimized: customs official

    China has taken a slew of measures to optimize its business environment at ports and facilitate cross-border trade, said the General Administration of Customs (GAC) on Thursday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Growth enterprises on H-share market to hail long-term investment opportunities, fund managers

    China's Hong Kong-listed growth stocks, after undergoing the previous downward corrections, face greatly eased valuation pressures and remain one of the important options to invest in new economy-related companies in China, reported Xinhua Finance citing publicly-offered fund managers on Thursday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Chinese yuan weakens to nearly 4M low amid rising risk aversion sentiment Tue.

    Chinese currency Renminbi (RMB) or yuan weakened to a new low against the U.S. dollar (USD) since April on Tuesday, with the onshore exchange rate of yuan against the USD down more than 200 pips, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance Wednesday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】PBOC amends CP management rules for securities brokers, effective from Sept. 1

    The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the Chinese central bank, announced its revised rules managing commercial papers (CPs) of securities companies on July 23, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance recently.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's industrial profits surge 66.9 pct in H1

    China's major industrial companies saw a steady increase in profits in the first half (H1) of this year amid a stable recovery in market demand and improving business performance, official data showed Tuesday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】SSE, SZSE release detailed rules to facilitate board-shift of NEEQ Select-listed firms

    China's Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges unveiled detailed rules to facilitate implementation of the board-transfer of firms listed on the selected tier of China's "new third board", the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) on July 23, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance recently.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China steps up measures to develop STAR market

    China is stepping up measures for the high-quality development of its Nasdaq-style sci-tech innovation board, known as the STAR Market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) said Thursday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's foreign-currency bank deposits up 129.7 bln USD in H1

    China's bank deposits in foreign currencies increased by 129.7 billion U.S. dollars in the first half of this year, a senior official said on Friday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's central bank conducts 10 bln yuan of reverse repos

    China's central bank Thursday conducted 10 billion yuan (1.55 billion U.S. dollars) of reverse repos to maintain reasonably ample liquidity in the banking system.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Over 70pct of 1,712 A-share firms forecast positive H1 financial results

    As much as 70.15 percent of the 1,712 A-share companies that have released their half-year forecasts by Tuesday areexpecting optimistic semiannual financial results, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance Wednesday.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Board-shift rules for NEEQ Select-listed firms about to apply, CSRC

    The board-transfer rules for companies listed on the selected tier of China's National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), also known as the "new third board", will soon be applied, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance citing Gao Li, spokesperson for China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) on July 16.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China's loan prime rates remain unchanged

    China's one-year loan prime rate (LPR), a market-based benchmark lending rate, came in at 3.85 percent Tuesday, unchanged from the previous month.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China A-share firms to see gradual slowdown of profit growth in Q3, institution

    China A-share market-listed companies are expected to embrace gradual slowdown of profit growth in the third quarter of this year, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance citing a research report released by China Merchants Securities on July 16.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China to work on follow-up releases of state metal reserves

    China's top economic planner said on Monday that it would step up monitoring of commodity prices and organize follow-up releases of national reserves including copper, aluminum and zinc.


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