Jiangdong New Area is located in the east coast of Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province. It starts from Dongzhai Port in the east, to the Nandu River in the west; from the east coast-line in the north, to the city ring road (phase II) and 212 provincial highway in the south. 
      With a total planned area about 298 square kilometers, it is divided into the eastern ecological functional area and the western industry-city integration area. The former takes up about 106 square kilometers, including 33 square kilometers of the internationally important wetland Dongzhai Port National Nature Reserve; the latter occupies an area of about 192 square kilometers, including the airport economic zone, coastal ecological headquarters center, Binjiang international activities zone, internatiọnal comprehensive service cluster, international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship cluster and international higher education and scientific research cluster.

      Giving full play to the advantages of the regional aviation hub, ecological environment, great developing potential and advanced system and focusing on logistics, aviation service, new consumption, new exhibition and trade, Jiangdong New Area strives to build and open and innovative industrial system with “airport economy + service economy + ecological economy." 

       In accordance with the principles of land intensification and industrial agglomeration, the location and resource advantages of Jiangdong New Area will be brought into play to create an industrial pattern of "one port, two centers, two belts and four clusters."
       The Jiangdong New Area is positioned to build an open and innovative industrial system with headquarter economy as the lead and supplemented by finance, tourism, science and education, cultural innovation, aviation leasing, aviation maintenance, e-commerce, professional services, health maintenance, urban agriculture, etc., and develop an economic system of "airport economy + service economy + ecological economy".

The enterprises which set up comprehensive (regional) headquarters in Jiangdong New Area engaged in tourism, modern service industry and other tertiary industries will be rewarded 5 million yuan.

The enterprises, which set up comprehensive (regional) headquarters in the area engaged in the secondary industry such as high technology industry and promise to contribute no less than 30 million yuan to local finance within one year of establishment, will be rewarded 10 million yuan.

The enterprises, which set up comprehensive (regional) headquarters in the area engaged in the first industry such as special tropical agriculture and promise to contribute no less than 10 million yuan to local finance within one year of establishment, will be rewarded 3 million yuan .

The enterprises that set up high-growth headquarters in the area and promise to contribute no less than 8 million yuan to local finance within one year of establishment, will receive a bonus of 2 million yuan.

Jiangdong New Area boasts adequate facilities, including extensive road network, power grid, cable network, water network, gas infrastructure and facilities for education, medical care, businesses, culture and sports.

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