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Implementation Plan on the Pilot Program for International Talent Service Management Reform in the Hainan Free Trade Port

September 23, 2020

Abstract : The Plan is formulated to deepen reform in international talent service management and attract varied international talents to facilitate the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

The Plan is formulated for the purpose of implementing the guiding principles of the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Hainan in Comprehensively Deepening Reform and Opening-up and the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, deepening reform in international talent service management and attracting varied international talents to facilitate the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

I. General requirements

(I) Guiding ideology

Hainan Free Trade Port will keep up with world-leading standards and innovate bravely to facilitate talent mobility and employment. It will launch the pilot program for international talent service management reform, with the aim of making breakthroughs in recruiting international talents, training, performance evaluation, work and residence, and service guarantees. Accordingly, Hainan will seek to establish an international talent service management system that keeps pace with international standards, reflects Chinese characteristics, and fits in with Hainan's development orientation, and hence serves as a paragon of international talent service management nationwide.

(II) Main objectives

By 2022, major breakthroughs shall be expected in institutional building and mechanism innovation. A domestic leading management system for international talents will take shape to form a fair, law-based, inclusive and convenient international talent system to ensure that a variety of international talents are recruited and are willing to stay and work. By 2025, all scheduled tasks will be effectively implemented, along with a more open, dynamic and competitive international talent management system. And Hainan will see considerable progress on the total number of international talents recruited, and on the efficient use of international talent resources.

II. Main tasks

(I) Breaking new ground in recruiting international talents

1. Establish an overseas talent recruitment system in line with international standards. Based on the construction demands of the Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan Province will formulate the High-level Talent Classification Standards of Hainan Free Trade Port as well as the Catalogue for Urgently-needed Talents in Industries of the Hainan Free Trade Port to attract international talents to work and start businesses in Hainan. The functions of the "Contact Hainan" website will be further optimized to establish a uniform online platform for international talent recruitment and release relevant information. Corresponding talent introduction policies and measures will be formulated according to the advantages and characteristics of talents from different countries and regions. Hainan Province will also encourage key parks, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes and other employers to attract international talents by means of headhunting and job fairs abroad. Employers meeting the awarding requirements for attracting talents will be awarded accordingly.

2. Improve the management system for foreign personnel employment in enterprises, public institutions and statutory bodies. A management system will be set up for employing foreign personnel as management staff in public institutions, state-owned enterprises and statutory bodies in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and these entities can introduce overseas talents as needed and appoint them within the authorized scope of personnel administration upon approval. The Regulations for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in Public Institutions of Hainan Province (for Trial Implementation) will be put into practice in a detailed manner, and a certain number of job openings, including senior professional technical positions and level-one and level-two common labor positions, shall be created at the province's universities, hospitals, scientific research institutes and statutory bodies to especially recruit foreign personnel and gradually internationalize their talent teams.

3. Set up an international talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform. Hainan will accelerate the construction of the National (Haikou) Base for Offshore Innovation and Business-starting of Overseas Talents and Sanya Nanfan Overseas Talent Offshore Innovation and Business-starting Base, and support some key parks to build international offshore innovation and business-starting pilot sites to attract international talents. The province will also support enterprises, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations in the Hainan Free Trade Port to set up R&D institutions, technological innovation and entrepreneurship service agencies, technology transfer centers and industrialization bases in foreign countries to develop and make use of local advanced technologies and intellectual resources. Furthermore, Hainan will also establish the China (Hainan) Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Park to attract outstanding overseas graduates to the Hainan Free Trade Port for innovation and business-starting

4. Explore more channels to contact international talents. Hainan will work with Chinese embassies and consulates abroad as well as sister cities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with key countries and regions. Full play will also be given to the role of associations for science and technology, chambers of commerce and other NGOs to encourage province-wide enterprises to join in establishing overseas talent contact stations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in key countries and regions within 3-5 years. These overseas stations are expected to work on propagating talent-related policies of Hainan Province and attract international talents urgently needed in various industries. Efforts will also be made to attract the regional headquarters or branches of internationally renowned headhunters to settle in the Hainan Free trade Port, in order to attract more international talents and promote foreign exchanges and cooperation.

5. Create flagship events for international talent exchanges and cooperation. Hainan will host the China (Hainan) Talent Exchange Conference in the name of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and the People’s Government of Hainan Province, and push hard to attract high-performing talents for key areas and key industries through scientific research cooperation and project road-shows. The province will support internationally renowned incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship bases, laboratories and research institutes to launch various forms of exchange activities in Hainan Free Trade Port and attract international talents to participate in the Port’s innovation and startup projects. In addition, influential events involving overseas Chinese like the Congress of the World Federation of Hainanese Associations will be held and full play will be given to the role of overseas Hainanese to gather more international personnel to the Hainan Free Trade Port for work and startups.

(II) Improving the training, evaluation and incentives for international personnel

6. Create new models to cultivate internationally oriented talents. Hainan will increase efforts to attract overseas first-rate universities and vocational colleges in science, technology, agriculture and medicine to open and run schools independently in Hainan Free Trade Port, encourage domestic key universities to join hands with renowned overseas universities to set up Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools with independent legal person status in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and cultivate a large number of talents with an international vision. The province will support internationally renowned vocational education and training institutions to set up professional branches or joint training projects in the Hainan Free Trade Port to cultivate and reserve applied talents. Outstanding young and middle-aged talents will be sent to overseas universities, scientific research institutes, international organizations and large transnational corporations for study, exchange or cooperative research, and regular professional training programs will be held overseas for professional technicians and high-skilled talents, in order to improve the internationalization level of personnel in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

7. Establish a fast-track channel for professional title ratings to international talents under China's professional title system. Competent departments or employers may, within their authorized scope of title rating, review the professional technical personnel introduced via major industry-university-research collaboration platforms settled through strategic cooperation of provincial-level universities, provincial-level institutes and provincial-level parks at irregular intervals. In particular, international talents that meet the classification standards and conditions of high-performing talents in the Hainan Free Trade Port can apply for a senior professional title as an exceptional case based on his/her performance and capability. International talents' overseas professional work experience, academic achievements, professional technical contribution and professional positions can serve as the basis for rating their professional titles.

8. Deepen reform in the management system of foreign-related professional qualifications. To facilitate mobility and employment of overseas personnel, it is required to ease the restrictions on overseas personnel to take a domestic professional qualification examination, and allow international talents who have obtained some overseas professional qualifications or recognized qualifications of international professional organizations (excluding certified public accountants, legal services, among others) to directly provide professional services to enterprises and residents in the Hainan Free Trade Port after passing expertise recognition. Directory of overseas personnel taking domestic professional qualification examinations and the one-way approved list of professional qualifications for overseas personnel shall be adjusted and released.

9. Improve the remuneration incentive mechanism for international talents. Employers shall be guided to implement a distribution policy that increasingly reflects knowledge-related contribution, implement an annual salary system, an agreement-based salary system, a project-based salary system and other distribution forms, and explore medium and long-term incentives for high-performing talents that are in line with international standards, such as position-based bonus rights, project-based bonus and equity incentives. Universities and research institutes can independently determine the income distribution and incentive measures for the commercialization of research findings, and the net income from position-based commercialization of research findings can be used to award relevant individual and teams in accordance with relevant regulations. Furthermore, more legal channels shall be allowed to increase income via technology equity and converting into cash at capital markets.

(III) Establish a management system for attracting foreign high-tech talents

10. Relax restrictions on foreign high-level talents' participation in scientific and technological projects. The system for foreign high-level talents to serve as the leaders or chief scientists of major projects shall be established, so that foreign high-level talents employed by the entities in Hainan can serve as the leaders of provincial scientific and technological projects, take the lead in the implementation of projects covered by provincial scientific and technological programs, and carry out scientific and technological innovation activities, relying on enterprises and institutions in Hainan. Foreign-funded enterprises or institutions registered in Hainan are also allowed to apply for scientific and technological cooperation projects in the provincial key R&D program.

11. Support global invitation for bids for non-confidential scientific and technological research projects. The non-confidential scientific and technological research projects are sorted out regularly for global invitation for bids intensively and publically, so as to attract foreign high-level talents and teams in the participation in bidding and introduce foreign intelligence, advanced equipment and management experience. Support is given to the scientific and technological enterprises in key parks as well as the key enterprises, universities and research institutes that undertake major technological transformation and innovation tasks in order to solicit technological transformation and innovation plans worldwide through invitations for bids and purchase world-class advanced equipment.

12. Improve the fund management system for foreign experts’ participation in scientific research projects. The restrictions are relaxed on the use of funds for the participation of foreign experts in scientific research projects in Hainan, so that they can enjoy the same treatment as domestic experts in the use of scientific research funds for similar projects. More support is given to the construction of the academic innovation platform from the special funds of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological innovation development plan, in order to guide foreign academicians and their teams to participate in scientific research projects in Hainan. In addition, Hainan also explores and promotes the cross-border allocation of funds for international scientific and technological cooperation projects and the cross-border use of equipment and materials.

(IV) Further implementing work permit and entry-exit facilitation measures

13. Establish the negative list management system for foreigners' work permits in Hainan. The foreigners clearly not allowed to come to China and those jobs clearly forbidden to be taken by foreigners in accordance with national laws, regulations and policies are classified as prohibited, and those foreigners and jobs that may cause great market fluctuations and negative public opinions in society are classified as restricted. No restrictions on foreigners' job in the Hainan Free Trade Port are imposed beyond the negative list. Given the development needs of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the supply and demand status of the employment market, the quota management system will be established for restricted categories in the negative list of work permits, and adjustments will be made for the independent approval of restricted work permits within the total quota.

14. Allow foreign high-level talents' part-time or off-post entrepreneurship. Foreign high-level talents who work in the Hainan Free Trade Port can work part-time or leave their posts to start their own businesses in the Hainan Free Trade Port after approval by their working unit and part-time unit and submitting requests to the Hainan Provincial Science and Technology Department or its authorized administrative department of science and technology, and the Exit-Entry Administration of Hainan Provincial Public Security Department or its authorized entry-exit management department of public security agency. No reapplication or change is needed to the work permit for part-time work as long as the work permit remains valid.

15. Put into practice the entry-exit facilitation policies and measures in a detailed manner. Hainan will submit applications to the Chinese central government for expanding channels of visa-free entry for foreigners. The channels for declaration for visa-free entry are planned to be expanded from the invitation and reception mode of travel agencies to the modes of foreigners' independent declaration for visa-free entry through the related system or foreigners' visa-free entry through invitation and reception of their employers. Hainan will apply to related Chinese authorities for expanding the scope of reasons for visa-free entry for foreigners. Based on the current visa-free entry to Hainan for tourists from 59 countries, Hainan plans to allow foreigners to enter Hainan without visa for the purposes of business, formal visits, family visits, medical treatments, exhibitions and sports competitions.

16. Expand the enjoyment of the R Visa treatment for foreign talents. Focusing on the needs for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, foreign talents who meet the High-level Talent Classification Standard of Hainan Free Trade Port are deemed as the same as those meeting China’s foreign high-end talent standards (Class A), and will be allowed to enjoy R Visa treatment in accordance with the Measures for Implementation of the Foreign Talents' Visa System.

17. Implement the system of "fault tolerance and acceptance based on commitment + punishment for dishonesty". When applying for work permits, foreigners shall still submit the main application materials such as valid documentation and offer of employment, together with other materials allowed to be absent in administrative acceptance and treatment upon commitments of the applicants and the employers. The work credit management mechanism will be established and improved to strengthen in-process and after-the-event supervision. The applicants' and employers’ performance of written commitments will be recorded in their credit records and included in the national credit information sharing platform, and defaulting individuals and entities with dishonest behaviors will be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

(V) Improving the international talent service guarantee system

18. Promote the "single window" and electronic services for the introduction of international talents. A "single window" is set up for the introduction of international talents in the areas where foreigners work and live intensively, in order to coordinate departmental resources, mobilize social resources, implement electronic services when available, information sharing, as well as joint reviews and inspections, and provide international talents with "one-stop" services such as entry-exit certificates, work permits, business registration, medical insurance, medical examination upon entry, children's education, legal aids, language training and cultural exchanges. The costs of services are planned to be included in government procurement, in order to guide the third-party professional service entities to provide detailed, professional and personalized services for international talents who come to work in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

19. Address the employment of spouses and the education of children. The spouses of international talents who meet the High-level Talent Classification Standard of Hainan Free Trade Port are included into the scope of job placement, and their children will enjoy the same enrollment-related benefits as the children of high-level talents in Hainan. The enrollment needs of children of international talents will be regularly learned and schools and international schools will be reasonably planned to ensure that the children of international talents receive education.

20. Guarantee high-quality international medical services. Medical services for foreigners are planned to be provided by social or cooperative medical institutions. Community clinics for international talents will be set up in the communities where international talents gather, and medical personnel with foreign language skills will be employed in part of first-class comprehensive hospitals. Support will be given to market entities to establish a third-party international medical insurance settlement platform, so as to reduce the cost of medical treatment for international talents.

21. Improve car purchase and housing security policies. The international talents who comply with relevant regulations and have a full-time job, make investments or start a business in the Hainan Free Trade Port can enjoy the existing preferential policies on car purchase and housing security for introduced talents. International talents can pay the housing provident fund while working in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and cancel the account and withdraw the provident fund upon the cancellation of relevant permits when leaving the country.

22. Build and improve international public service facilities. Graphics and texts in foreign languages will be provided for regular signs in public places; translators will be placed in public places such as hospitals, banks, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls and train stations; multilingual service lines will be added for the government service hotline 12345; foreign or domestic guides with foreign language skills will be available at various public service windows; infrastructure with multicultural elements will be increased to accelerate construction of a cultural environment inclusive for international talents.

23. Build convenient communities for international talents. According to the extent to which international talents gather, a number of international talent demonstration communities with Hainan characteristics will be built first in the key parks including the Haikou Jiangdong New Area, the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science & Technology City, Hainan Ecological Software Park, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and Lingshui Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone, and then in other key parks and qualified cities and counties.

III. Guarantee Measures

(I) Strengthen organization and implementation. With the leadership of the Talent Work Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, the Office of the Talent Work Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee takes the lead in coordinating the relevant departments directly under the provincial government for joint advancement of the pilot program for international talent service management reform. All relevant departments must fully understand the importance and urgency of international talent work under the background of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and integrate international talent service management into the overall plan as an important agenda.

(II) Strengthen research and evaluation. The cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science shall be strengthened to jointly establish the Free Trade Port Talent Development Institute, focus on research in international talents, track and evaluate the implementation of policies, and provide theoretical guidance and policy recommendations for the pilot program for international talent service management reform.

(III) Provide fund guarantees. To provide financial guarantees for various pilot tasks and ensures the smooth advancement of the pilot program, the diversified investment mechanism participated by the government, society, employers and individuals will be improved, funds of varied sources will be coordinated, and construction of international infrastructure will be completed according to the planning and layout of the pilot program for international talent service management reform. Where the support measures are not clear in this plan, the method of "one case, one meeting" will be taken for related examination and approval.

(IV) Make more efforts in publicity. News media will be organized to timely promote and publicize the policies for the pilot program for international talent service management reform worldwide and attract international talents gathering in the Hainan Free Trade Port. The close cooperation between talents, industries and investment promotion departments will be promoted to coordinate investment promotion policies with publicity and talent introduction policies and then improve the integration of industries and talents and the precision of talent introduction. The innovative systems and advanced practices in the pilot will be summarized timely to strengthen publicity and promotion and create a good atmosphere of public opinion.

(V) Strive for preferential support. On the basis of the pilot program of reform, Hainan will actively strive for preferential support in policy breakthroughs, talent project arrangements and capital investment from the central government and related ministries and commissions, and prioritized piloting in Hainan Province of the pioneering talent policies needed for local experimentation and in line with the direction of related national policies, key talent projects, capital investment and the relevant reform measures.

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