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  • Yearender: The A to Z of China-ASEAN relationship

    After 30 years of win-win cooperation, China and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have set a fine example of successful and vibrant bilateral relations, which have come to a new starting point brimmed with new opportunities.


  • Yearender-Economic Watch: What an unusual 2021 says about the future of China's economy

    In a year highlighted by unexpected disruptions and mounting uncertainties, China is set to secure stable growth with the help of its swift policy response.


  • Yearender-China Focus: China embarks on realistic path toward decarbonized future

    In this monumental year of its green pursuit, China has been persistent in honoring its carbon commitments, with progress and experience gained.


  • Yearender: ​China injects strong impetus into a "net-zero" world

    Addressing global climate change, an important government goal, is becoming a China's conscious action.


  • Yearender: Greener, more innovative and sharing, China pushes forward high-quality development of the BRI

    As China has entered a new stage of development, shifting economic development pattern from rapid growth to high-quality, the spillovers of economic transformation in quality, efficiency as well as impetus could benefit other economies greatly through pushing forward high-quality B&R construction.


  • Yearender-World Insights: Belt and Road rail services, construction booming despite COVID-19

    Though the world remains haunted by the still ravaging COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2021, the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has seen a boom in promoting world connectivity.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: All-around capital market reform enables China to share more dividends with the world

    In 2021, China's all-around capital market reform contributed notably to the country's translating its recovery resilience into concrete dividends for global investors to share.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: China advances RMB internationalization steadily in 2021 with emerging opportunities ahead

    Despite the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic around the world, the internationalization of China's currency renminbi (RMB) has been advanced steadily in the year of 2021, thanks to the resilience of China's economy and the country's commitment to opening up its capital market.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: China's new consumption injects vitality to high-quality economic development

    At the beginning of 2021, China's authorities issued an implementation plan for accelerating incubation of new consumption. The new consumption patterns like online shopping and mobile payment have become an engine for China's new development pattern.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: China's foreign trade shows strong resilience, big boon for world economic growth

    By accelerating its efforts to foster new advantages and create new growth engines in foreign trade, China bucked the trend and recorded foreign trade growth.


  • Yearender: Belt and Road projects yield fruits, forge ahead amid pandemic in Asia-Pacific

    In early December, landlocked Laos took a quantum leap toward the nation's dream of becoming a land-linked hub thanks to the inauguration of the China-Laos Railway.


  • Yearender-China Focus: China steps up efforts to accelerate reform, opening-up

    China is on full throttle to becoming a new highland in reform and opening-up.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: Innovative achievements of Chinese FTZs promote country's high-level opening-up

    Establishing free trade zones (FTZs) is one of China's key measures to promote reform and opening-up in the new era. With 21 regions in the country setting up pilot FTZs since 2013, China's nationwide innovative efforts in FTZ construction have extended to multiple sectors.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: China's higher-level opening-up adds new impetus to world economic recovery

    At a new starting point, China is actively promoting the building of an open world economy. By rolling out a series of new initiatives for wider opening-up to share development opportunities with the world, China injects fresh impetus into world economic development.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: Cross-border e-commerce booms in China, boosting international cooperation

    Cross-border e-commerce in China ushers in a "golden period" with rapid development after years of accumulation. In 2021, it has become a new impetus for foreign trade, a new channel for transformation and upgrading, and a new focus for high-quality development.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: China's digital economy yields fruitful results in 2021, creating more international cooperation opportunities

    In 2021, China's digital economy has yielded fruitful results, becoming a new growth engine for the high-quality economic development, creating more international cooperation opportunities.


  • Yearender-High-quality Development: ​China strengthens sci-tech innovation to create key development drivers, boost sci-tech co-op globally

    China's innovation-driven development has yielded fruitful results during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), and science and technology (sci-tech) has become a key driver for the country's economic and social development.


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