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Liaoning Sorting by the latest release time

  • China's Liaoning launches freight train transporting PV products to Europe

    A China-Europe freight train carrying 50 containers of photovoltaic (PV) products left a train station on Sunday in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, for Duisburg, Germany.


  • NE. China's Liaoning sees China-Europe freight train trips hit record high in H1

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province has operated a total of 162 China-Europe freight trains in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 17.4 percent, which has reached a record high for the same period in history, according to China Railway Shenyang Group.


  • China's Liaoning reports increasing foreign goods trade in Jan.-July

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province reported a 13.6-percent increase in the foreign trade of goods in the first seven months of 2021, according to customs data.


  • ​NE. China's Liaoning goes for high-quality manufacturing winged by digital tech

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province has issued an action plan to promote the integration of manufacturing industry with digital technology and form reproducible and marketable application scenarios by 2023.


  • NE.China Liaoning FTZ Shenyang area H1 registers RMB460 mln of cross-border e-commerce trade

    The Shengyang area of northeast China's Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) witnessed 4.59 million cross-border e-commerce transactions with total value of 460 million yuan in the first half of the year, more than the total volume of last year, reported Liaoning Daily Thursday.


  • China's Liaoning now has over 26,500 5G base stations

    China's Liaoning Province has built 26,500 5G base stations to date, amid efforts to accelerate the upgrade of its digital infrastructure, local authorities said on Tuesday.


  • NE. China's Liaoning deploys RMB330 mln to boost e-commerce in villages

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province has deployed 330 million yuan (about 51.31 million U.S. dollars) to boost the development of e-commerce business in 20 counties since 2015, reported Liaoning Daily on Monday.


  • China Eastern Airlines to deepen cooperation with China’s Liaoning for further opening-up

    China Eastern Airlines Group recently announced that it will deepen cooperation with China's Liaoning province to promote the high-quality development of the civil aviation industry, Liaoning Daily reported on Monday.


  • NE China's Liaoning launches hydrogen-powered public transport system

    Dalian city in northeast China's Liaoning province put the first batch of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses in use on Tuesday, leading the province to enter a new era of hydrogen-powered public transport system.


  • NE. China's Liaoning strives to achieve 5pct growth in foreign trade in 2021

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province is expected to see its foreign trade grow 5 percent in 2021 with positive growth in exports, according to Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, reported on Monday.


  • China's Liaoning and Jiangsu ink cooperation agreements on construction industry

    ​Northeast China's Liaoning Province andeast China's Jiangsu Province signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday to jointly promote high-quality development in the construction industry, reported by Liaoning Daily.


  • Rural tourism in China’s Liaoning promotes indirect employment of more than 1 million farmers

    Rural tourism industry in northeast China's Liaoning Province has provided nearly 300,000 jobs for farmers, creating indirect job opportunities for more than 1 million farmers and attracting nearly 200 million tourists in its rural tourism since 2019, according to a work conference themed on rural tourism high-quality development in Liaoning, reported Thursday.


  • NE.China Liaoning FTZ simplifies approval procedures to facilitate cross-border trade

    The Dalian area of northeast China's Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has simplified the examination and approval procedures for international voyage ships to facilitate the cross-border trade further, reported Liaoning Daily Wednesday.


  • NE. China's Liaoning builds over 20,000 5G base stations

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province had built over 20,000 5G base stations by the end of August 2020, reported the Liaoning Daily Friday.


  • BMW expands high-voltage battery center in northeast China

    The second phase of a high-voltage battery center invested into by BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), a joint venture between BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd., started production Monday in northeast China's Liaoning Province.


  • NE. China's Liaoning to launch 20 kinds of activities in promoting domestic consumption

    Local authorities in northeast China's Liaoning Province announced to launch 20 kinds of consumption activities, promoting local consumption and digging its consumption potential, reported Liaoning Daily Tuesday.


  • NE. China's Liaoning streamlines approval process to promote 5G construction

    Northeast China's Liaoning Province has streamlined the examination and approval procedures of 5G network construction, to promote the development of new infrastructure projects in the province, reported Liaoning Daily Wednesday.


  • NE. China's Liaoning province allocates RMB200 mln of financial funds to support tourism enterprises

    The Liaoning Province Finance Department has allocated 200 million yuan of financial funds this year to help tourism enterprises severely struck by the COVID-19 epidemicto get rid of business difficulties and relieve their financial pressure, reported by Liaoning Daily on Monday.


  • NE. China's Liaoning province see online contracting of 7 sport-related projects worth RMB330 mln

    An online investment promotion conference of sports industry was recently held in northeast China's Liaoning province, with a total of 7 major projects signed during the event.


  • Liaoning to better serve as B&R transit hub with strengthened business environment

    Liaoning serves as China's unique land and sea portals facing Northeast Asia, and one of the most convenient transit hubs in this area. In recent years, it has taken a series of measures to optimize business environment strengthening its role in promoting unimpeded trade along the Belt and Road.


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