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  • ​CEIS releases English-version 2021 Hainan business environment report to help foreign investors capture opportunities in Hainan

    China Economic Information Service (CEIS) released an English-version 2021 Hainan Business Environment Report at a seminar on promoting world-class business environment building and high-quality development of the Hainan free trade port (FTP) held Thursday in Haikou.


  • CEIS releases analysis report on investment risks in major countries and regions for 2020

    China Economic Information Service (CEIS) Thursday released the Analysis on Investment Risks in Major Countries and Regions 2020 at the Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum 2020 held in Beijing.


  • China sees narrowing gap in electrification with developed countries, report

    China has seen narrowing gap in electrification process with developed countries, reported Economic Daily quoting a report on China's electrification development in 2019 released by China Electricity Council (CEC) Monday.


  • The Past, the Present and the Future of Bank Branches in China

    The report mainly introduces the status quo of bank branches in China and offers some suggestions on how bank branches should adapt to and survive amid changes.


  • CEIS releases Huzhou "Ecology + Electricity" Development Index Report

    Huzhou "Ecology + Electricity" Development Index Report was released at the International Forum on Demonstrative City Construction for “Ecology + Electricity” in Huzhou City of east China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday.


  • Big data report on tourism under BRI unveiled in Beijing

    China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency and on Wednesday jointly released a big data report on tourism under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Beijing.


  • Shanghai expected to be 2nd most important global maritime capital by 2024, report

    A survey involving some hundred maritime industry experts from all over the world reveals that Shanghai is expected to become the second most important maritime city in the world by 2024.


  • Xinhua Silk Road releases biz environment assessment reports for Fujian, Inner Mongolia & Hubei

    Xinhua Silk Road, a Belt & Road-centered state information service platform under Xinhua News Agency, released business environment assessment reports of Fujian, Inner Mongolia and Hubei (English version) Monday.


  • Shortage of skilled manpower hurts mining industry in Zambia: report

    The global mining industry is experiencing its most serious skills shortage in decades and this is having major ramifications on mining countries around the world, including Zambia, a new report released by mining firms on Wednesday has revealed.


  • Huishan dairy denies fraudulent financial disclosure

    Leading dairy firm China Huishan denied fraud charges published by Muddy Water LLC, a due diligence based investment firm. Huishan says that its operations are proper and that its financial report disclosure is true and accurate.


  • Chinese firms bid for Pakistan Stock Exchange

    China's three major stock and commodity exchanges, along with Pakistan-China Joint Investment Company, are planning to purchase a 40 percent stake in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), according to a report on the industry website on Wednesday.


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