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  • CCCC calls Italian companies in Guangdong industrial districts

    China Communications Construction Company is building industrial districts and intends to invite Italian companies to take advantage of the provided subsidies.


  • Dentons new horizons for the well-being of professionals

    Four directions towards ‘new horizons’ to better manage the human and professional resources of the largest law firm in the world.


  • Chinese Yindu group invests in Piron’s kitchens 4.0

    The Chinese Yindu joins in Padua-based Piron’s capital.


  • The business of Dba Group grows in Slovenia following the Digital Silk Road

    Dba Group, a company listed on AIM operating in the provision of Engineering and Telematics services to support infrastructure management, is expanding its activity in Eastern Europe.


  • Six Italian fashion & tech retail start-ups to start their Chinese dream

    Six Italian start-ups active in fashion & tech retail will be soon competing for new sponsors in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, on July 8th-12th, hoping to use the new funds to scale up their business.


  • Blue Engineering, becomes the research center for the giant CRRC

    The Italian research center of the rail giant China Railway Rolling Corporation will be established in Piedmont. The CRRC hub will be served by the high technology Blue Engineering.


  • Workshop in Milan on how to become a Sinopec supplier

    About seventy Italian manufacturing companies have been selected by Sinopec for the presentation meeting of the Epec platform.


  • Antares chooses Hong Kong as springboard toward Asia

    Hong Kong will be Antares Vision’s new hub in the Far East. By the end of the year, the Brescia-based company – specialized in visual inspection systems


  • Green bonds issuers, USA and China in the front line

    International finance is increasingly interested in green bonds, securities issued by governments, financial institutions and public and private groups to finance investments in works and products with a high environmental value.


  • Between Tesla and Mirai, China aims at the solid-state batteries

    "A big change is underway in the automotive market, not only in China, which can be compared to past innovations such as the use of steam, the railway or the computer. Moreover, quoting Rifkin, it is an entropic change because we are changing direction departing from a point of great confusion".


  • Competitiveness: China on the rise, Italy and Germany are on a downward trend

    It has become ever-so easy for China, South Korea and the US to retain their positioning on the market and, in particular, to export their products on an international scale. Meanwhile Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Italy are doing decidedly worse than 10 years ago.


  • Cdp entrusts legal advice on the Panda bonds to Allen & Overy

    Pending the green light from the Chinese authorities, Cdp continues the preparatory operations for the issuance of its first Panda bond.


  • Italy, more appealing and convenient for containers from Asia

    New challenges for the maritime cargo transport with containers. Italian ports as well will have to deal with these new rules, both to take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge and to minimize possible negative consequences.


  • Haier changes its name to reflect the global turnaround

    Haier changes its name to better reflect the global expansion of the brand. Therefore the name Haier Qingdao will soon belong to the past.


  • Ansaldo signs a strategic agreement with the Gazprom group

    The matter has been discussed for over a year and yesterday in St. Petersburg the signature of the joint venture between Ansaldo Energia and Rep Holding, a subsidiary of the Gazprom group, has finally come.


  • Ten billion target for the interchange between Italy and Vietnam

    Italy and Vietnam aim to increase bilateral trade up to 10 billion dollars. The goal of doubling trade between the two countries was one of the points at the center of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's visit, received in Hanoi by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.


  • Distretto 12 sets course for the Asian market

    Distretto 12 is ready for its debut in Asia, well-supported by its skyrocketing results.


  • A Chinese COO at the Pirelli summit

    While in Pirelli the maneuvers for the renewal of the pacts between the shareholders continue, there are some innovations regarding the negotiating table.


  • The Chinese ZhenFund invests in Stamp's duty free service

    The startup founded by the Michele and Stefano Fontolan brothers (formerly in Airbnb and Uber respectively), Federico Deangelis (from Suitsupply) and Wagner Eleuteri raised 1.4 million dollars from a funding round led by Btov Partners and from the venture capital firm ZhenFund.


  • Astaldi reopens negotiations for the Bosphorus bridge concession

    Astaldi, which is settling with its creditors, has in fact reopened the negotiation to sell the 33% participation of the concession of the bridge over the Bosphorus connecting Europe and Asia, held together with the Turkish partner IC Yatirim Holding.


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