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  • The joint venture in China has an impact on the EBITDA of Fiera Milano

    ​The results are affected by the changes in the exhibitions calendar due to the COVID-19 emergency. Between January and March, the EBITDA amounted at €15 million compared to 29.0 million of the first quarter of 2019.


  • Chinese capitals in the Immuni app for social tracking

    Nuo Capital holding of the group Pao-Cheng has a 2% stake in Bending Spoon. The last version of application is expected to be ready in the next few days. According to what reported to MF-Milano Finanza, the race for those who will have to manage the application data is instead between Sogei and Sia.


  • Three Chinese companies land at the hub of Fiumicino airport

    The first expressions of interest for the new business citadel of Fiumicino have been shown.


  • Centergross brings Italian fast fashion to Indonesia

    Bologna Centergross, the largest European wholesale trade hub for the ready-to-wear, fast fashion sector, sees new development prospects taking shape in Asia.


  • The government takes inspiration from Pirelli’s model to help SMEs in China

    Pirelli’s model gets the mark of approval, as it makes for the perfect example when it comes to economic relations with China – even for SMEs.


  • S&P issues its first credit rating in China

    Standard & Poor's is the first international credit rating agency to give an opinion on a bond issued on the Chinese market.


  • Venetian ports to reduce emissions along the Maritime Silk Road

    The president of the Northern Adriatic port authority, Pino Musolino, went to China upon invitation of the provincial authorities of the ports of the Zhejiang region which includes the ports of Ningbo and Zhoushan, key stops over along the Maritime Silk Road that extends up to Italy.


  • Sace teams up with China Exim Bank

    Sace signs agreement with Chinese export credit company as part of the financial bilateral forum taking place on July 10th in Milan, in the presence of Minister Giovanni Tria and of Liu Kun.


  • Pharma and diagnostics, Chiesi and Esaote strengthen their ties with China

    The Chinese health sector, including its pharmaceutical segment, keeps growing and thus relying on Italy’s biggest companies active in the market.


  • Investors from major sovereign wealth funds move closer to China

    According to Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study, an in-depth yearly report exploring sovereign funds and central banks’ investment trends and performance, most sovereign investors are quite disenchanted when it comes to the European market.


  • Ricci (menswear) entrusts Giglio with its Chinese e-commerce

    Stefano Ricci, luxury brand leader in menswear and childswear, entraste Giglio Group with the management of its Chinese online store, and chose iBox Digital for expanding its digital business over the European, Canadian and US marketplaces.


  • CCCC calls Italian companies in Guangdong industrial districts

    China Communications Construction Company is building industrial districts and intends to invite Italian companies to take advantage of the provided subsidies.


  • Dentons new horizons for the well-being of professionals

    Four directions towards ‘new horizons’ to better manage the human and professional resources of the largest law firm in the world.


  • Chinese Yindu group invests in Piron’s kitchens 4.0

    The Chinese Yindu joins in Padua-based Piron’s capital.


  • Africa aiming at the common market, the advantages for Italy

    If customs were abolished among most countries on the Black Continent, the GDP of Africa could increase from 1 to 3%. African states want to trade with each other more advantageously.


  • The business of Dba Group grows in Slovenia following the Digital Silk Road

    Dba Group, a company listed on AIM operating in the provision of Engineering and Telematics services to support infrastructure management, is expanding its activity in Eastern Europe.


  • Six Italian fashion & tech retail start-ups to start their Chinese dream

    Six Italian start-ups active in fashion & tech retail will be soon competing for new sponsors in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, on July 8th-12th, hoping to use the new funds to scale up their business.


  • Blue Engineering, becomes the research center for the giant CRRC

    The Italian research center of the rail giant China Railway Rolling Corporation will be established in Piedmont. The CRRC hub will be served by the high technology Blue Engineering.


  • Workshop in Milan on how to become a Sinopec supplier

    About seventy Italian manufacturing companies have been selected by Sinopec for the presentation meeting of the Epec platform.


  • Danieli grows its business in Vietnam

    Pomina Steel corporation, one of the largest steel producers in Vietnam, has awarded Danieli Automation the supply of a completely new set of electrical and automation equipment for the existing Reheating kiln and the Pomina 2 rolling mill.


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