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Italy Sorting by the latest release time

  • China-made driverless minibus to hit road in Turin, Italy

    Robobus, an unmanned minibus independently developed by a Chinese self-driving startup, is expected to hit the roads of the city of Turin at the foot of the Alps, and provide short-distance transportation services.


  • Economic Watch: Italian businesses find growth, opportunities in China's Tianjin

    In the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, a bustling Italian SME Industrial Park has become a hub for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Italy that are seeking access to and growth in the Chinese market via the northern harbor city.


  • Chinese-made "ro-ro" passenger ship sails to Italy

    The luxury "ro-ro" (roll-on/roll-off) passenger ship Moby Fantasy set sail for Italy from south China's Guangzhou.


  • More Chinese language services offered in Italy

    Italy has been included on a second list of 40 destinations under a pilot program rolled out by China to resume outbound group travel.


  • Economic Watch: Century-old Italy-born brand Fila gains new life in China

    Italy-born sportswear brand Fila has gained new life in China, with its operating revenue reaching a record high of 21.82 billion yuan (about 3.37 billion U.S. dollars) in 2021, according to its financial statements.


  • Feature: Italian jewelry maker plays long game with presence at CIIE events

    The half century-old jewelry company Leonori Gioielli, which made its name at home in Italy, is banking on China to play a big role in its growth over the next 50 years.


  • Economic Watch: Italy seeks new opportunities at Hainan Expo

    The first China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) is underway in Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province, with Italy among the key participants.


  • The Chinese Sengi Express Ltd is the first foreign company to join Italy's Poste Italiane

    The company led by Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane, reached an agreement with Cloud Seven Holding in order to acquire 51% of Sengi Expressed Limited, a company based in Hong Kong and specialized in the e-commerce between China and Italy.


  • Int'l Cooperation Center of NDRC inks MoU with Italy's Eni to boost energy cooperation

    A memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation between the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission (ICC-NDRC) and Eni of Italy was signed by ICC-NDRC director general Huang Yong and Eni's chief executive officer Claudio Descalzi through video connection in the Italian Embassy in Beijing on Tuesday.


  • Upsurge in Made in Italy export (+35%) to China recorded in November

    Last November, a strong upsurge (+35%) in the Italian export to China was recorded and also purchases from China increased, but at a lower rate (+14%).


  • Italian media, experts applaud China's economic recovery

    The latest economic data from the world's second-largest economy has attracted wide attention in Italy, with local media praising China's economic growth and experts highly valuing the Chinese market.


  • CAITEC: five reasons to Chinese investments in Italy

    For Chinese companies, Italy is a platform in the Mediterranean, a compatible market with the Chinese one and a connection with Europe.


  • The e-learning boom in China offers opportunities to Italy as well

    The pandemic has accelerated the e-education development in China, where the internet giants are competing for a market which is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars, by involving companies of different sectors. Italy could benefit from the Chinese market experience.


  • China Eastern Airlines to strengthen routes in Italy with a green fleet

    China Eastern Airlines is reinforcing its presence in Italy in a sustainable perspective. The airline will fly with the new green fleet with low emissions, in line with the Belt & Road Initiative directives.


  • BRI as "driving force" in the relationships between Italy and China for the next 50 years

    In the visit framework has been announced an important strategic agreement between Snam- owned by Marco Alverà- and China Oil and Gas Piping Network Corporation- newly built company of energy infrastructures.


  • The new Seashore ship has been launched: 4.5 billion worth for the Italian economy

    It is the third (out of four expected by 2023) of Seaside class, the biggest ever built in Italy. The entire fleet will account for 15 billion, equal to 1% of GDP. In addition, 4,000 workplaces are expected.


  • Green light by the EU to a financial assistance of 2 billion to Italy for commercial credit insurance

    Due to the economic impact of the pandemic, as Brussels has noted, the risk that insurers will not be willing to take out such policies has increased.


  • Ansaldo Energia accelerates the construction of the power plant in Mornaguia, Tunisia

    Completed in advance the final stages of construction and entry into operation of the gas-fired power plant. The contract with STEG, worth approximately € 250 million for the construction of a 600 MW power plant operated by two gas turbines, was awarded in 2018.


  • FAW project for the car of the future, the Region works on it

    The assessor for the Development and work of the Emilia-Romagna region, Vincenzo Colla, has drafted the regional law on attractiveness in order to simplify the start of the project concerning the production of a super electric car by the largest Chinese automotive group.


  • Tronchetti Provera: following Chinese example for phase 2

    The CEO of Pirelli has talked about the new business partner Niu, who has aimed at joining the company for many years. CAMFIN will rely on a unified governance and there will be a partner who makes us reaching the 15%, the goal we wanted to reach with the options we had acquired.


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