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Chongqing Sorting by the latest release time

  • ILSTC launches new Beibu Gulf to Singapore liner, speeds Chongqing enterprises' global access

    The new direct liner from Beibu Gulf Port to Singapore via the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC) was recently launched at Qinzhou Port, improving transport efficiency, cutting logistics costs, and speeding up trade between Western China regions and Southeast Asia.


  • International students enjoy "China Travel" in Chongqing

    Recently, "China Travel" has become a trending search term on multiple global social media platforms as international tourists are flocking to China's famed scenic spots and sharing their experiences online.


  • Across China: Ecological restoration, tourism revives SW China mountain community

    Once a bustling industrial town, the Dawo residential community has endured the impact of environmental degradation and factory closures in recent decades.


  • SW China's trade fair signals cross-border e-commerce development

    Over the past years, cross-border e-commerce goods have become much more diversified, larger and heavier, according to the observations of Kelvin Ho, senior director in charge of eBay's business development in China.


  • Economic Watch: Record-breaking investments highlight western China's growing potential

    A record high of 196 major projects were signed at the 6th Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade, which kicked off on Thursday, with projects from 12 countries and regions to be established in the western region of China.


  • Chengdu-Chongqing: new highlight of opening up in western China

    Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, and neighboring Chongqing Municipality, both located in southwestern China, are emerging as dynamic regions leading the way in further opening up and development in the country's western regions.


  • State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company helps promote dev't of local tea industry with reliable power supply

    State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company has recently sent staff to provide on-site services for a tea-producing company in Jiming Township, Chengkou County, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, to help boost the development of the local tea industry.


  • From skyline to confluence, Chongqing offers unique consumption experiences

    Famed for its mountainous terrain and stereoscopic urban landscape, the southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing has forged novel consumption scenes, leveraging its distinctive environment including the top floors of skyscrapers, quaint backstreets and enchanting night views.


  • State Grid Chongqing unit secures power supply for dragon lantern making, dragon dance in Tongliang, Chongqing

    State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company has recently sent staff to secure power supply and carry out special inspection of power lines and facilities for a large-scale live dragon dance performance in Tongliang District, Chongqing.


  • GLOBALink | Chongqing sees increase in export via China-Europe freight train service

    Thanks to the growth in freight train numbers and the launch of new routes, Chongqing Municipality in southwest China has seen increase in its export via China-Europe freight train service this year.


  • China's Chongqing launches direct flight route to Milan

    Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Tuesday opened a direct passenger air route to Italy's Milan, according to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport.


  • Economy&Life | Oilseed rape plantations in Tongnan of SW China's Chongqing boost rural development

    Tongnan District boasts a long history of oil-bearing corp planting, and was recognized as a nationally leading seed provider for oilseed rape planting in 2022.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Snow tourism mania heats up China's "furnace city"

    In the snowless urban landscape of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, a surprising fervor for winter sports has taken hold, transforming this "furnace city" known for its scorching summers into a hub for ice and snow tourism.


  • Italian chef in China creates fusion dishes for Spring Festival

    As the Spring Festival approaches, an Italian chef who runs a dessert shop in China's Chongqing has prepared special New Year dishes that combine Italian cuisine with Chongqing culinary and cultural traditions.


  • NEV industry booming in southwest Chinese city

    Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, a key hub of the country's auto industry, registered a rapid growth in new energy vehicle (NEV) production in 2023.


  • New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor reaches 490 ports in 120 countries, regions

    The New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor reaches 490 ports in 120 countries and regions, according to the annual session of the people's congress of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Sunday.


  • (Infographic)Vibrant Chongqing emerges as gateway of BRI

    As a strategic base for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chongqing in southwest China has played a key role over the past decade with its efforts in improving the transportation network, establishing platforms, promoting economic and trade cooperation, and enhancing people-to-people exchanges between China and BRI partners.


  • Diversified sales channels add impetus to pricing resilience for Fengjie navel oranges, report

    When big clients and e-commerce sales both expanded in the past year, Fengjie County in southwest China's Chongqing is reaping benefits from the diversified sales channels-enabled pricing resilience for local navel oranges.


  • China's Chongqing opens 1st freight route to UK

    A new air freight route linking southwest China's Chongqing Municipality and London was launched on Tuesday.


  • SW China's Chongqing steps up efforts to treat polluted water and transform gutter into beautiful lake

    Caiyun Lake Wetland Park is one of the first national level wetland parks in Jiulongpo District of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. Once known as a notorious stinking ditch locally, the area has seen continuous efforts in water pollution treatment, transforming what was once polluted waste water into lucent lake water.


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