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  • Nearly 17,000 enterprises registered in Guangxi's FTZ in H1

    The number of newly registered enterprises in the pilot free trade zone (FTZ) of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region reached nearly 17,000 in the first half (H1) of 2021, up 400 percent year on year, local authorities said on Wednesday.


  • S. China's Guangdong Province expected to reduce burden of RMB 50-odd bln for enterprises in 2021

    South China's Guangdong Province is expected to cut about 50.8 billion yuan of burden for enterprises this year, reported Monday.


  • E.China Shandong vows 15 measures to further improve business environment

    East China's Shandong Province has recently vowed 15 detailed measures aimed at further improving the business environment and providing better administrative services for the market entities, reported local newspaper last Friday.


  • Shanghai's state-owned enterprises to invest RMB 300 bln in Lin-gang Special Area

    Shanghai's authorities recently outlined a three-year action plan (2020-2022) calling for state-owned enterprises to invest 300 billion yuan in the Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ), in an effort to boost the development of the area, reported the Xinhua-run Wednesday.


  • N. China's Tianjin provides financial support for sports enterprises to resume production

    North China's Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau has teamed up with a local bank to provide financial support for sports enterprises to resume production in the post-epidemic period, said the bureau on Thursday.


  • China to strengthen financial support for enterprises

    China will focus on improving financial services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in an effort to ensure their sound development, according to a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday.


  • North China's Tianjin provides over 20bln yuan financial support for enterprises in TEDA

    North China's Tianjin Municipality has rolled out multiple measures to help enterprises go through financial difficulties. Those in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) had received a total of 22.38 billion yuan worth of financial support as of early June, said the TEDA on Thursday.


  • China's 10 banks offer 160-bln-yuan special credit support for Shanghai Pudong's enterprises

    China's ten banks including the Bank of China will provide 160 billion yuan of special credit support for enterprises in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, in a bid to help enterprises go through financial difficulties, according to an agreement signed between representatives from banks and enterprises.


  • China moves to bail out foreign trade enterprises hit by COVID-19 outbreak

    China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced Thursday that it is beefing up efforts with related authorities to help foreign trade firms get out of the dilemma caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, reported Economic Information Daily Friday.


  • China Focus: Enterprises racing against time to boost medical supplies production

    Can a tofu factory produce masks? Even the owner of the factory would never have imagined such a thing before the novel coronavirus swept China.


  • Zhejiang province to increase support to SMEs during outbreak

    East China's Zhejiang province will step up support for its small and micro-sized enterprises to help them mitigate the fallout from the novel coronavirus outbreak, an official said at a news briefing on Wednesday afternoon.


  • China welcomes more contributions from U.S. enterprises to bilateral ties: vice premier

    Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua Thursday voiced the hope that U.S. enterprises in China will continuously participate in China's reform, opening up and modernization process, so as to make greater contributions to Sino-U.S. cooperation.


  • 6,459 enterprises registered in July 2019, up 8 percent from a year earlier, with construction still being the most popular choice, according to Thai MOC

    In July 2019, the number of newly registered enterprises nationwide was 6,459, an increase of 873 or 16 percent compared with last month's 5,586, and an increase of 495 or 8 percent compared with last July's 5,964, according to Thailand's Ministry of Commerce (MOC).


  • China to push ahead dev. of innovation-oriented enterprises

    China will introduce a host of policies to boost the development of innovation-oriented enterprises, in order to improve the country's strength in technological innovation, according to information form a routine press conference of the State Council held on May 24.


  • Enterprises to play major role in China's tech-innovation

    Chinese enterprises will play a major role amid the country's innovative efforts to solve shortages of core technologies, an official said Friday.


  • China hopes for fair, just, stable business environment for Chinese enterprises

    China said Thursday that it hopes all countries in the world will continue providing a fair, just, stable and predictable business environment for Chinese enterprises, which also serves the fundamental and long-term interests of their own.


  • Leading businesses from Thailand's competitive industries to attend 2019 CIFTIS

    Organized by the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China, a cohort of enterprises from Thailand's competitive industries including food, medical services and industrial park will participate in the 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services.


  • China backs bond-financing support tools for private enterprises

    China is supporting the bond financing of private enterprises with good market prospects and competitive technologies, in a bid to help them ease financing difficulties.


  • China, Zambian enterprises urged to forge strong partnerships

    Entrepreneurs in China and Zambia should forge strong partnerships that will result in a win-win situation for all parties, an industry body said on Tuesday.


  • Chinese public security authorities launch reformed measures to better serve enterprises

    The Ministry of Public Security has launched reformed policies including reducing fees and streamlining procedures to provide more convenience to entrepreneurs.


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