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Agricultural Development Bank of China
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  • Bestinver: increase in the price of rubber already partly affected Pirelli

    These price increases are combined with a rise in the cost of logistics, with increasingly expensive supplies and greater delays in the delivery of ordered quantities. Pirelli expects to offset this negative effect against margins through price increases, but the company’s share price decreases.


  • EIB ready to finance road modernization in Laos

    The Board of Directors of the Luxemburg-based institution will examine the 70-million-euro worth funding, part of a bigger 140-million-euro project to secure almost 200 kilometers of the National Road 13.


  • Stellantis to sign agreements with Engie EPS on e-Mobility, Akros: 2020 profit to exceed 2 billion

    The aim of the agreements is to create a joint venture in e-Mobility sector. Thanks to the good results that analysts expect for the 4th quarter and to the net cash position, experts don't encounter any obstacles to the distribution of extraordinary dividend of €1 billion (about €0.32 per share)


  • Poste Italiane tries again with China, by aiming at private operators such as Alibaba and

    When the President of that time- Sarmi- signed an agreement with China Post in order to bring the Italian SMEs to the largest market of e-commerce worldwide, the current CEO- Matteo Del Fante- opens up the way to the Far East by announcing two joint ventures with private operators.


  • SMCP, half of the turnover will come from Asia within 5 years

    SMCP aims at the Asian market. The group, which controls brands such as Sandro and Maje, has declared it will rise its marketing spending and will focus on the Chinese market in order to open stores, by putting a stop to efforts in other areas, after years of fast expansion.


  • Scavolini to aim at strengthening the East and to open in Seoul

    ​In times of lockdown and pandemics, the house and even more the kitchen have returned to the top of families' investing priorities almost worldwide; therefore, Scavolini from Pesaro (Italy), the "most loved" kitchen by Italians, expands the international perspective also to Korea.


  • Milan Football Club is successful on Chinese social media, with 3 million followers on Weibo

    This performance has been reached thanks to the China Digital Summer Tour initiative, which started last August 25 and is still going on. The Club has also reached the highest engagement rate on Instagram during July (2.1%) and August (2.71%), taking the European football clubs into account.


  • A. Testoni to grow in China and to open in Hong Kong and Hangzhou

    In China, the luxury sector has started to grow again and A.Testoni relaunches the retail investments with the development of a new boutique concept and the reopening of two stores in Hong Kong and Hangzhou last month; a new opening in Xi’an will soon follow.


  • SNAM to strengthen itself in Greece on the regasification market and to focus on the hydrogen sector

    ​The subsidiary Desfa is ready to join the group which is going to build the terminal in Alexandroupolis. The project will be started within 2023 and will be designed and managed by Gastrade. The aim is diversifying the gas supply, which today mainly depends on Turkey.


  • Secoo to pave the way towards Eastern countries to Italian luxury artisans

    The agreement between the Beijing market place offers new business opportunities to about 1000 artisans, who have been selected by the Italian platform created in 2015 by Marco Credendino and Ippolita Rostagno, specialized in furniture, decoration, lighting and lifestyle.


  • Export: soft loans ceiling by Simest becomes higher

    The measure is added to the two innovations which are already active since mid-June: for the entire 2020 the applicant companies are exempted from requirement of providing guarantees in order to have access to financing and are able to receive up to 40% of required amount on a non-returnable basis.


  • SNAM to conquer the UAE: it holds 49% of the Abu Dhabi networks

    The group of Alverà, which is part of the group of six members guided by GIP, participates in the equity of ADNOC Gas Pipeline Assets with a shareholding of 10.1 billion dollars. The shareholding of San Donato amounts at about 250 million dollars.


  • Maire Tecnimont wins a contract worth 400 million dollars in Algeria

    Maire Tecnimont, through its subsidiary Tecnimont, has won a contract worth 400 million dollars in order to carry out the project Bir Seba Phase II andMouiatOutladMessaoud Field Development.


  • Campari is ready for tests to bring Aperol to China

    For several weeks, Campari has already started testing to bring Aperol to China. "They will continue until the end of the first quarter of next year," explained the group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz speaking to Reuters. The test, he added, started in five of China's major cities.


  • Vinitaly is in pole position to restart in China from next autumn

    The Italian wine sector is aiming at been the first to resume in China. "We hope that next autumn, Italy will be the first to restart exactly in China, where the lockdown on the wine on-trade began, giving rise to a domino effect", said the general director of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani.


  • FS strengthens the collaboration with RZD to link Italy and Russia with China

    In the midst of the COVID-19 health emergency, FerroviedelloStato strengthens its collaboration with the Russian RZD in order to boost new bilateral links from and to China.


  • SILK EV to produce the Chinese (electric) supercar

    The initiative was promoted by the Faw group, one of the largest Chinese auto manufacturers, with a turnover of 90 billion dollars. The Changchun municipal government and the two companies signed a letter of intent to cooperate on the Hongqi S-series project.


  • Circular economy is boosting Aquafil production in China

    The group from Trentino led by Giulio Bonazzi, which recorded a €550 million turnover in 2019, is active in the production of synthetic yarns, nylon 6, with recycled raw materials from carpets, nets for fish farming and other materials.


  • A plenty of commissions for Maire from Korea, Russia and India

    The subsidiary Tecnimont has gained rewards for a total amount of about 10 million dollars concerning high-tech engineering services and feasibility studies in the petrochemical sector.


  • Intermeeting is training Chinese doctors on infectious diseases

    The training course organized remotely in collaboration with the University of Padua is about to start. It will be available online on a platform designed by the Chinese Health Ministry, which initially should have had to start in May.


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