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  • GLOBALink | Foreign experience officer witnesses advanced skills of intelligent robots in SW China

    Industrial robot system operation is included in the Belt and Road International Skills Competition in Chongqing, China, for the first time this year. Alina Izotova, a Russian experience officer of the event, explores intelligent manufacturing in Chongqing.


  • Chinese intelligent electronics products win popularity in Brazil

    A number of smart home and digital products made by Chinese companies won favor of Brazilian consumers during the Latin American Electronics International Trade Show (Electrolar Show 2023) held in Sao Paulo from July 10 to 13, reported


  • China to further promote intelligent manufacturing

    China has released a plan to ramp up support for the creation of sound scenarios and the building of demonstration factories in the sector of intelligent manufacturing in 2022.


  • Intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing sector expected to move faster, KPMG report

    International auditing firm KPMG has recently released a report, saying that China's manufacturing industry is projected to move faster in intelligent transformation, and the rapid digital development of traditional manufacturing industry will bring a huge amount of data, reported China Securities Journal Friday.


  • China invites public opinions on guidance for intelligent manufacturing standard system

    A guidance on intelligent manufacturing standard system 2021 edition compiled by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and Standardization Administration is soliciting public opinions, reported Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News.


  • SW. China's Chengdu plans to develop intelligent manufacturing industry

    Chengdu, the capital city of southwest China's Sichuan Province strives to achieve 50 billion yuan in intelligent manufacturing industrial scale by the end of 2023, said an action plan recently.


  • Tianjin allocates RMB199 mln special funds to support intelligent manufacturing industry

    North China's Tianjin Municipality recently allocated the first batch of special funds of 199 million yuan to support the new intelligent manufacturing projects in Tianjin, reported by Tianjin Daily on Saturday.


  • British official hails progress of China's innovation, intelligent manufacturing

    A senior official with the northern England Derby City Council praised on Saturday the "big step change" China has made in innovation and intelligent manufacturing at the ongoing World Manufacturing Convention 2019 in China.


  • China Mobile, Huawei to help steelmaker build "5G+intelligent manufacturing" lab

    China Mobile and tech giant Huawei are going to help Hebei-based steel enterprise HBIS Group Co., Ltd. build a "5G+intelligent manufacturing" laboratory, which is regarded as a pilot project to facilitate the intelligent transformation and digitalization of China's steel industry.


  • China's Shanghai unveils action plan to promote intelligent manufacturing

    East China's Shanghai on Tuesday released a three-year action plan to promote development of its intelligent manufacturing during 2019-2021. 


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