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  • Across China: Foreign envoys visit China's oil, gas producer, seeking closer cooperation

    Foreign envoys on a visit to China's largest oil and gas producer have been impressed by the low-carbon and green development in the country's energy sector, expressing their hopes for further cooperation with Chinese energy companies.


  • Chinese cement enterprises build 54 plants in 21 countries

    Chinese cement enterprises had built 54 cement plants in 21 countries by the end of March this year, amid their efforts to go global at a faster pace in recent years, according to data released by Cement Big Data Research Institute at the World Cement Association (WCA) Annual Conference 2024 held on May 18 in Nanjing City, east China's Jiangsu Province.


  • GLOBALink | China's green transformation offers opportunity to world, experts say

    Experts have spoken positively about China's push for green and low-carbon development, adding that China's green transformation is crucial not just for China's growth, but also for the world.


  • New-type energy storage injects new vitality to China's economic growth, green development

    New-type energy storage is growing into a key technology in China's efforts of constructing new energy and power system, as well as an important means of promoting green and low-carbon transformation of energy production and consumption, according to China's National Energy Administration (NEA) at a recent press conference.


  • Data, green factors stressed as focus for China's efforts on fostering new economic growth drivers

    As one of the world's largest data producer, China boasts unique advantages in harnessing data as a new driver for economic growth. This observation was highlighted by the participants during the 25th Annual Peking University Guanghua New Year Forum, which was held on January 7, 2024.


  • Three years on, China sees tangible progress in green development, climate action

    China, a crucial contributor to the global fight against climate change, has taken solid steps to advance the green shift in its economic and social development and achieved tangible results, official data revealed.


  • Economic Watch: Green finance bankrolls NW China SOE's low-carbon transition

    Amid China's broad efforts to reach its dual carbon goal, green finance has been increasingly applied to support businesses' low-carbon transition. A ferroalloy manufacturer in northwest China's Gansu Province is the latest beneficiary.


  • China to promote green, low-carbon transformation of tourism industry

    Representatives from the Chinese tourism industry and academia recently stated that they would make efforts to promote the transformation of the industry towards green and low-carbon development in post-pandemic era, reported


  • Green transformation drives low-carbon, circular dual engine development in Yangxin

    In recent years, based on beef cattle industry, Yangxin County in east China's Shandong Province implemented a green and low-carbon development model in an all-round and whole-process manner, thus promoting the high-quality development in a green way.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】China leverages fiscal policies to spur decarbonization

    China's Finance Ministry unveiled a guideline on Monday further leveraging the role of fiscal policies to achieve the country's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


  • China promotes low-carbon and green development of new infrastructure

    Recently, China's central government departments have jointly released an action plan with the aim of bolstering the green and high-quality development of new infrastructure, reported Economic Information Daily on Thursday.


  • China Focus: New financial tool unveiled to aid China's low-carbon development

    China has rolled out a new financial tool to support the clean and efficient use of coal amid efforts to push forward green and low-carbon development.


  • Economic Watch: China's low-carbon pursuit turbocharges new energy vehicle industry

    China, the world's biggest car market, has seen its new energy vehicle (NEV) industry enter the fast lane, powered by the country's low-carbon strategy and surging demand.


  • Chinese local government encourages low-carbon life style

    In August, 2017, the local government in Fuzhou launched a social platform to record users' low-carbon activities including low-carbon transport, garbage-sorting, and philanthropy, to award points with multiple usages. At the end of March, 2021, over 375,000 people had registered on the platform.


  • China's transport sector seeks low-carbon development: white paper

    China has worked hard to conserve energy, reduce emissions and develop low-carbon transport to boost economic development, says a white paper released Tuesday.


  • China issues green bonds worth 31.2 bln USD in 2018

    China issued a total of 31.2 billion U.S. dollars in green bonds last year, remaining the world's second-largest green bond market, a recent report showed.


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