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aerospace Sorting by the latest release time

  • Chinese company launches prototype space mining spacecraft

    A prototype space mining spacecraft was sent into its planned orbit on Tuesday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province.


  • NE. China's Harbin invests RMB 56.8 bln to promote aerospace projects construction

    Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has invested about 56.8 billion yuan to promote the construction of 62 major projects in the aerospace industry, reported local newspaper Monday.


  • China to develop aerospace as strategic emerging industry

    China will continue to exert great efforts to boost aerospace as a strategic emerging industry in the next five years, a senior aerospace official said.


  • China Focus: Chinese space enterprise gears up for record-breaking 40-plus launches in 2021

    The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the leading force of the country's space industry, has released a plan for more than 40 space launches for 2021, a new high following the already busy and fruitful 2020.


  • China launches Chang'e-5 to collect, return moon samples

    China on Tuesday launched a spacecraft to collect and return samples from the moon, the country's first attempt to retrieve samples from an extraterrestrial body.


  • Master Kong signs agreement with CSF to launch space instant food

    Chinese food and beverage giant Master Kong, also known as Tingyi Holding Corp., on Wednesday signed an agreement with China Space Foundation (CSF) to launch China's first kind of space instant noodles.


  • Hainan free trade port signs 12 projects in aerospace industry

    Hainan free trade port in south China has inked 12 key projects in aerospace industry, covering fields of aerospace technology, marine ecology, cultural tourism, agriculture, health and so on.


  • Construction on 5 commercial aerospace projects starts in Wuhan, Central China

    In Central China-situated Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, construction of five aerospace projects were kicked off to celebrate the fourth China Aerospace Day Wednesday.


  • Wenchang aerospace supercomputing center project to start construction in Nov.

    The Wenchang aerospace supercomputing center project in Wenchang of China’s southernmost island province of Hainan is expected to kick off construction this November, according to Hainan Daily.


  • Chinese envoy calls for strengthening of outer space governance, cooperation

    A Chinese envoy on Wednesday called for strengthening of outer space governance and cooperation in the international community's joint effort to build a shared future in space exploration.


  • China, UN Office enhance cooperation on outer space affairs

    Cooperation between China and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is going from strength to strength, head of the office Simonetta Di Pippo said Tuesday.


  • China committed to cooperation for better space governance: China's envoy to UN

    China is committed to cooperation for a common development in outer space, which is a new domain for promoting the well-being of all mankind, said Shi Zhongjun, China's envoy to UN in Vienna, on Tuesday.


  • Chinese aerospace firm plans space ride with UK partner

    A United Kingdom satellite company has secured a 25-million-pound ($35 million) contract to lend a high-resolution Earth observation spacecraft to a Chinese partner for seven years.


  • European aerospace enterprises embrace business opportunities in China

    China's vast market and surging demand in the aerospace sector is inspiring more European companies to strengthen their presence in the country.


  • Chinese, European astronauts complete sea survival training

    A group of 16 Chinese and two European astronauts completed sea survival training in waters off the coast of Yantai in east China's Shandong Province Monday.


  • Honeywell planning to roll out new Wi-Fi in China

    Honeywell Aerospace, a global aerospace company, is planning to roll out high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi in China during the next few years.


  • Britain wants its own space launch facilities by 2020, says minister

    Britain's ambitions to journey into space took a leap forward Thursday when the government announced a scheme to see rockets taking off by 2020.


  • Private Chinese firm inks int'l contract for commercial rocket launch

    Landspace Technology Corporation, a private aerospace company based in Beijing, said it has secured a contract with Gomspace, a Danish company, to launch a series of satellites.


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