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German Sorting by the latest release time

  • German exports to China recover faster in 2020: Destatis

    German exports to the United States and China, the country's biggest export markets in 2020, showed a mixed picture as exports to the U.S. were "much more affected" by the COVID-19 crisis than exports to China, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) said on Wednesday.


  • German exporters benefit from China's good economic situation: ifo Institute

    Sentiment of Germany's manufacturing industry "improved noticeably" as the ifo index for export expectations rose from 7.5 points in the previous month to 10.7 points in February, the ifo Institute said on Tuesday.


  • Trade helps boost German economic recovery with fourth monthly gain

    German trade grew at a faster-than-forecast pace in August, posting its fourth monthly gain and providing a major boost to Europe's biggest economy as it attempts to emerge from the coronavirus crisis.


  • German ministries agree on stricter rules after Wirecard debacle

    German ministries have agreed on stricter regulations for financial markets and private companies, following a scandal involving the now-insolvent Wirecard company and its dubious accounting practices.


  • Study: Germans have strong reservations about mobile payments

    According to a new consumer study, there are particularly strong reservations about paying by mobile phone in Germany. According to the survey of 2,500 residents of 10 European countries, at the end of last year only 5 percent of German consumers used their smartphone for making payments.


  • DGB study: Trainees not adequately prepared for digitalization

    Only a little more than one in two trainees in Germany feels well prepared for digitalization. This is the result of the 2019 Training Report of the youth wing of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), according to information obtained by the German Press Agency.


  • Number of German companies training refugees on the rise

    The proportion of German companies taking on refugees for training purposes rose to 16 per cent from 14 per cent last year, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) said on Thursday.


  • Siemens reports lower profits in Q3 citing geopolitical tensions

    German industrial manufacturing giant Siemens sees geopolitical clouds on the horizon, despite a general willingness to invest, chief executive Joe Kaeser said from company headquarters in Munich on Thursday.


  • High investments squeeze BMW profits

    BMW may have sold more cars in the second quarter, but it fell short in terms of profit.


  • German tool company Hoffmann invests 200 million in logistics centre

    The tool company Hoffmann is investing around 200 million euros (223 million dollars) in a new logistics centre in the German city of Nuremberg.


  • Spotlight: German city eyes to better serve Chinese tourists through introduction of mobile payment methods

    "Chinese people are very welcome and we are very interested to get more knowledge of Chinese culture and to provide them with better service in Stuttgart through the introduction of mobile payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay," the director of tourism Stuttgart told Xinhua recently.


  • Orders for German machinery down in April as trade war drags on

    German machinery manufacturers saw an 11-per-cent downturn in orders year-on-year for April, the mechanical engineering association VDMA reported on Wednesday, the fifth month in a row with falling orders.


  • German labour costs well above EU average in 2018

    German labour costs were almost one third above the European Union average over the course of 2018, the Federal Statistical Office reported on Monday.


  • German taxi drivers protest plans to open market to likes of Uber

    Taxi drivers in around 30 German cities were protesting government plans to relax market regulations that would force them to compete with ride-hailing services like Uber.


  • German association: Digitalisation is increasing competitive pressure

    Companies in Germany are experiencing increasing competitive pressure due to digitalisation, according to a new study.


  • German Biotech Industry Grows - Record Financing

    The growing market for biotechnologically produced drugs in Germany is continuing to attract investors.


  • German exports fall 1.3 per cent in February but rise year-on-year

    German exports dropped by a sharp 1.3 per cent in February, the Federal Statistical Office said on Monday, although more products and services were sold abroad than compared to the same month last year.


  • Ifo business climate index rises in March

    A key indicator of German business sentiment rose in March for the first time in six months, signalling that Europe’s largest economy may be back on an upswing.


  • German consumer sentiment dips for first time in 2019

    German consumer confidence has fallen slightly over the course of March, pulled down by global uncertainties affecting business and buyers, the consumer group GfK reported on Tuesday.


  • German direct investments in Russia highest in decade

    German direct investments in Russia rose last year to their highest point in a decade, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce said on Wednesday.


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