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  • Tea exports rise in E China's Fujian

    East China's Fujian Province exported more than 7,726 tonnes of tea in the first four months of the year, a rise of 8.7 percent year on year, local customs authority said Tuesday.


  • SE.China's Fujian launches supportive measures for small and medium-sized companies

    Southeast China's Fujian Province announced 24 supportive measures recently for small and medium-sized companies to ease their burden and improve business environment, reported the Xinhua-run Wednesday.


  • 260 major projects start construction in Fujian

    The construction on 260 major projects began in Southeast China's Fujian Province on May 18, with a total investment of 146.3 billion yuan, according to a statement issued by Fujian Development and Reform Commission.


  • Southeast China's Fujian witnesses "cloud contracting" of 391 major projects

    Southeast China's Fujian Province witnessed the online contracting of 391 major projects worth about 783.6 billion yuan on Sunday.


  • New flight links Fuzhou, Japan

    A new air route was launched on Tuesday linking Fuzhou, capital city of east China's Fujian Province, and Sapporo in Japan.


  • China's Fujian sees GDP up 8 pct in 2019

    The gross domestic product (GDP) of southeast China's Fujian Province grew by 8 percent in 2019 to reach 4 trillion yuan (about 478 billion U.S. dollars), according to provincial governor Tang Dengjie.


  • Fujian sees trade with B&R countries a new driver for exports

    For Southeast China-situated Fujian, with "Min" for short and Fuzhou as its capital, its trade with the Belt and Road countries and regions has become a new driver for Fujian's export.


  • Fujian Province

    Fujian Province, with "Min" for short and Fuzhou as its capital, is situated on the southeast coast of China and can link South Asia, West Asia, and East Africa by sea, known as the starting point for the ancient maritime silk road.


  • Fujian to propel Belt and Road cooperation in digital economy

    East China's Fujian Province is to expand and propel cooperation with the countries and regions related to the Belt and Road in digital economy, including Internet of Things(IoT), big data, artificial intelligence(AI), 5G and industrial internet.


  • First corporate bonds of Fujian Province for B&R construction issued at Shenzhen bourse

    China Wuyi Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujian Construction and Engineering (Group) Company, recently issued the first batch of cooperate bonds for 2019, marking the province’s first cooperate bonds for Belt and Road construction issued at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


  • China coastal province sees robust growth in trade with B&R countries

     Fujian Province on China's eastern coast, which boasts traditional trade ties on the ancient Marine Silk Road, witnessed a strong growth in trade with Belt and Road (B&R) countries in the first half of the year (H1).


  • E China's Fujian aims to be core area of 21st Maritime Silk Road

    East China's Fujian province will continue to build transport networks, economic cooperation platforms, and people-to-people exchange channels to further make itself into the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR), Tang Dengjie, governor of the province said last Friday.


  • China to host 44th session of World Heritage Committee

    The 44th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO will be held in 2020 in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, Fujian province, said Abulfas Garayev, chairman of the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee in Baku on Tuesday.


  • Fujian's trade with B&R countries increases 10.6 pct in January-May

    Fujian's trade with the countries along the Belt and Road routes rose 10.6 percent year on year to 178.04 billion yuan in the first five months of this year, accounting for 34.4 percent of the total trade value of Fujian, according to the statistics released by Xiamen Customs District of China.


  • China's Fuzhou realizes first outfield call of 5G-based commercial terminals

    China's Fuzhou city has recently realized the first outfield call of commercial terminals which are based on 5G test network, according to the communications administration of east China's Fujian province.


  • Construction starts on 253 key projects intensively in Fujian

    East China's Fujian province started construction of 253 key projects intensively from March 27 to 29, with a total investment of 300.1 billion yuan, reported the Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News.


  • Foreign trade of Fujian increases 7.4 pct in January

    Foreign trade of Fujian Province, a coastal province located in southeast China, increased 7.4 percent year on year to 119.5 billion yuan in January 2019, according to the statistics released by Fuzhou Customs District.


  • Fujian to push for cross-Strait cooperation projects

    Fujian Province will push for cross-Strait cooperation projects between the mainland and Taiwan this year, including supplying water, electricity and gas to Kinmen and Matsu.


  • Cross-Strait agricultural cooperation sees big contracts

    A total of 12 cooperative projects on modern agriculture with a combined investment of 2.36 billion yuan (345 million U.S. dollars) have been signed at the Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit in Xiamen, Fujian Province on Wednesday.


  • Annual meeting of cross-Strait entrepreneurs summit to begin

    The 2018 annual conference of the summit for entrepreneurs across the Taiwan Strait will be held from Dec. 3 to 5 in Xiamen, east China's Fujian Province, a spokesperson said Wednesday.


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