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  • British market open to Chinese EV brands, says motor industry leader

    An increasing number of Chinese automobile brands, especially electric vehicles (EV) brands, are entering the United Kingdom (UK) and British consumers are open to that, a British motor industry leader has told Xinhua.


  • China's Chery launches new EV model in Indonesia

    China's Chery, a leading automaker, launched here on Monday its new electric vehicle (EV) model OMODA E5, a move that will help expand its business in the Indonesian market.


  • Interview: Chinese collaboration boosts Brazil's EV industry, says business leader

    Through collaboration with Chinese companies, Brazil has gained access to cutting-edge technologies to promote its electric automotive industry, a Brazilian business leader has said.


  • China's EV charging piles see robust growth in 2023

    China saw a 51-percent year-on-year growth in the number of public charging piles for electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023, an industry insider said Monday.


  • Chinese automaker Chery launches sales of 1st EV model in Israel

    The Chinese automaker Chery on Sunday began the sales of its first electric vehicle (EV) model in Israel, as announced by its official Israeli dealership Freesbe.


  • China's BYD introduces 3 EV models in Indonesia

    China's BYD, a global leader in the sale of pure electric vehicles (EV), launched here on Thursday three new electric passenger cars to further expand in the Southeast Asia region.


  • Israel chooses 4 Chinese EV models for gov't vehicle fleet

    The Israeli Finance Ministry announced on Wednesday that the country has selected eight electric vehicle (EV) models for the government vehicle fleet, four of which are from China.


  • Türkiye seeks cooperation with China on electric cars, battery production

    Türkiye is seeking to cooperate and learn from China's expertise on electric vehicles (EVs) and battery technologies, a move that will broaden the economic cooperation between the two nations, experts said.


  • China's EV charging piles see robust growth in November

    China saw a year-on-year 51.7-percent growth in the number of charging piles for electric vehicles in November, according to data from the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance.


  • State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company builds EV charging station in village to enhance rural revitalization

    As rural tourism booms in Zhu Village in Linyi City of east China's Shandong Province, State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company have constructed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station with six EV charging piles and a 100-kWh energy storage station to boost rural revitalization.


  • Chinese automaker Chery produces 1st EV in Indonesia

    The first electric vehicle (EV) of China's automotive company Chery has rolled off the production line in Indonesia, the company said on Saturday at its production base in Bekasi, a city east of the capital Jakarta.


  • Interview: China's EVs help Malta reduce emissions, says coach company owner

    China's fully electric vehicles can help Malta reduce its emissions, the owner of a local passenger transportation company told Xinhua recently.


  • China's BYD to sell midsize electric bus in Japan

    China's leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD will start to sell a new model of midsize electric bus in Japan to meet the growing demand for green public transportation.


  • Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor opens first EV battery plant in Thailand

    Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor on Tuesday announced the opening of its first electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Thailand, as the first deeply localized battery rolled off the assembly line in the factory.


  • Shenzhen, Singapore join hands to build smart cities

    Driven by the mobile internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, people have higher expectations for urban development. The building of smart cities has gradually gained popularity worldwide and swept across Asia.


  • Chinese bus manufacturer supplies Namibia's diamond miner with 1st 65-seater E-bus

    Chinese bus manufacturer King Long has supplied Namibia's biggest diamond miner, Namdeb, with the country's first-ever battery-electric 65-seater bus (E-bus).


  • Chinese EVs moving into fast lane in Europe

    China's EV industry, with its competitive prices, advanced technology, and safety features, is gaining ground in Europe, yet there's still a long way ahead to establish brand recognition and solidify its market position.


  • China's EV maker Aion releases first overseas model

    Chinese EV maker Aion launched its first car for the international markets called the AION Y Plus in Bangkok of Thailand recently, reported China Securities Journal.


  • Chinese automaker Xpeng to sell electric cars in Israel

    Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Xpeng Motor's models will be sold in Israel, according to a statement issued by the Israeli car dealership Freesbe on Tuesday.


  • China, Europe see burgeoning potential for EV industrial cooperation

    The 2023 International Motor Show (IAA), one of the world's largest mobility trade fairs, opened in the southern German city of Munich on Tuesday, with German and Chinese exhibitors in the limelight.


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