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Brazil Sorting by the latest release time

  • Chinese firm helps Brazilian city gain access to clean drinking water

    In Joao Camara, a city in northeastern Brazil state of Rio Grande do Norte, local people once plagued by shortage of clean potable water due to the brackish underground water are now enjoying easy access to high-quality drinking water.


  • Brazil eyes Chinese participation in its neo-industrialization effort

    The Brazilian government said Monday that it looks forward to Chinese participation in its neo-industrialization featuring sustainability programs promoted by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


  • Imported beef gets into Chinese consumers' favor

    A container ship carrying Brazilian beef has recently arrived at China's Qinzhou Port in the Beibu Gulf after more than a month's voyage from the port of Santos in Brazil.


  • GLOBALink | Construction of new railway begins in Brazil

    A groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Brazilian state of Bahia on Monday to kick-start the construction of a section of a west-east railway in the country.


  • COFCO's investment in Brazil exceeds 2.3 bln USD

    China's leading agricultural and food company COFCO Corporation has invested over 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in Brazil since 2014, according to data released by the company.


  • GWM Motor launches Brazil brand & HAVAL H6 PHEV in Rio de Janeiro

    China's leading sport utility vehicle (SUV) maker Greater Wall Motor (GWM) launched its Brazil brand and world premiere of its HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD at the Museum Of Tomorrow on November 23 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


  • Profile: Brazilian entrepreneur brings livestreaming e-commerce from China to L. America

    During a fashion livestreaming event, two young Brazilian women presented new collections, replying to rapid-fire comments and questions from some 36,000 consumers scrolling across the screen.


  • Feature: Chinese clean energy company contributes to Brazil's sustainable development

    The trend for renewable energy generation and use of such sources in Brazil is heading in the right direction towards a sustainable future, and Chinese solar batteries and electric vehicles manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) is making a contribution.


  • Feature: Chinese-Brazilian home appliance firm sets up paradigm for bilateral business cooperation

    Making a profit in the first year of its establishment and retaining a top three market share in five years, Chinese-Brazilian home appliance joint venture SEMP TCL is setting a paradigm for business cooperation between China and Brazil.


  • Brazil-China ties marked by trust, says Brazil's agriculture minister

    Brazil and China have built a relationship marked by trust, and share a long association in agribusiness, as well as similar challenges, such as improving rural life while promoting sustainable agriculture, Brazilian Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina said on Thursday.


  • China's Sinovac vaccine creates "pandemic oasis" in Brazilian town: media

    In Serrana, about a four-hour drive from the city of Sao Paulo, a vaccination campaign known as "Project S" has successfully inoculated 97.7 percent of its adult residents with the Chinese-made shot, Nikkei Asia reported.


  • Interview: Brazil's Sao Paulo state eyes Chinese investment, says official

    As a Brazilian state with great potential, Sao Paulo welcomes investment from China, its main trading partner, an official said Wednesday.


  • Brazil-China cooperation on coronavirus vaccine "win-win arrangement": expert

    The cooperation between Brazil and China during the development of a coronavirus vaccine is a "win-win arrangement", a Brazilian expert has said.


  • Brazil welcomes Chinese investment in infrastructure

    A Brazilian trade official said Chinese investment is welcome in Brazil, especially in infrastructure construction.


  • Chinese companies bidding for 2nd longest bridge in S. America

    Two Chinese companies are bidding for the second longest bridge in South America, a project in Brazil recently announced in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the bidding result is expected to be unveiled in June.


  • China to impose anti-dumping duties on chicken from Brazil

    China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Friday announced anti-dumping measures on imported white-feather broilers and chicken products that are originated from Brazil.


  • BYD signs deal to build cross-sea monorail in Brazil

    Chinese leading electric vehicle maker BYD has signed a deal to start building its SkyRail in Salvador, Brazil, according to a release of BYD North America on Thursday.


  • Xinhua News Agency, INFOGLOBO join hands to promote news information cooperation

    To promote economic information cooperation between Chinese and Brazilian media, a delegation from Xinhua News Agency of China visited Brazil's INFOGLOBO on September 24 and the two sides discussed news cooperation in depth.


  • Brazil hopes to conclude free trade talks with EU in months

    Brazil hopes the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) to conclude free trade negotiations with the European Union (EU) in the next months, the foreign ministry said Monday.


  • Chile, Brazil wrap up first round of FTA talks

    Chile and Brazil on Friday concluded the first round of negotiations towards a bilateral free trade agreement, Chile's Foreign Affairs Ministry said.


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