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Belt and Road Weekly

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Belt & Road Weekly


Belt & Road Weekly, one of the "Xinhua Silk Road" information service products launched by China Economic Information Service, focuses on China's movements in implementing its Belt and Road Initiative and Chinese enterprises’ investment activities in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road. With a unique Chinese perspective, the newsletter offers access to detailed, professional, authoritative and exclusive information on activities of leading Chinese companies and their projects progresses in the Belt and Road construction and also in-depth analysis of macro and industry policies a...



  • Vol.4 No. 40

    Vol.4 No. 40

    This issue focuses on the free trade agreement (FTA) signed between China and Mauritius, which, according to experts, will help strengthen trade and economic cooperation between the two sides and provide opportunities for Mauritius to play its special role as an international transit hub to help China connect with the third-party markets. Besides, it also takes a look at the achievements under the...

  • Vol.4 No. 39

    Vol.4 No. 39

    The issue focuses on China's new measures on optimizing the business environment. Besides it also takes a look at China's digital economy, as China is pushing forward the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy so as to achieve high quality economic development.

  • Vol.4 No. 38

    Vol.4 No. 38

    The issue focuses on China's detailed rules for high-quality and expanded consumption that will come out soon. Besides it also takes a look at the contributions made by Chinese banks in enabling cross-border fund flow under the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Vol.4 No. 37

    Vol.4 No. 37

    The issue focuses on China's policy support for shaping innovation powerhouses of manufacturing. Besides it also takes a look at the cooperation opportunities provided by China's new western land-sea channel for ASEAN countries.

  • Vol.4 No. 36

    Vol.4 No. 36

    The issue focuses on Beijing’s foreign investment utilization as well as outbound investment in the countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative as the city is increasingly open to the world. Meanwhile, the new issue takes a look at the past, current situation and the prospect of China’s state-owed enterprises.

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