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  • Montenegro opens 1st Chinese-built highway section

    The 41-km priority Smokovac-Matesevo section of Montenegro's Bar-Boljare Highway built by a Chinese company was opened Wednesday.


  • S. China's Hainan to build highway loop to boost tourism

    A project of the scenic highway around the main island is recently approved for construction in Hainan, southern China's island province.


  • Chinese firm supports construction of trans-Saharan highway project in Nigeria

    A Chinese engineering firm on Monday said it will continue to support the ongoing construction of the trans-Saharan highway within the Nigerian territory, with timely completion of its road project in the central part of the country.


  • Timor-Leste's first highway built by Chinese firm wins praise to prosperity and modernization

    The Suai Highway project is an important transport link for Timor-Leste's oil city under plan in the south, which is of great significance for the future development of the country. It is a path leading to prosperity and modernization, said H.E. Mr. Taur Matan Ruak, prime minister of Timor-Leste.


  • Chongqing to build 3 highways to link cities in western China

    Chongqing Municipality government will launch competitive bidding for three highway projects to accelerate coordinated development of Chengdu-Chongqing city cluster, according to Chongqing Development and Reform Commission.


  • World's highest highway tunnel open to traffic in Tibet

    The world's highest highway tunnel was open to traffic on Friday at an altitude of over 4,750 meters above sea level in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.


  • 7 highways completed ahead of Beijing horticultural expo

    A total of seven major highway projects aimed at improving traffic conditions for the upcoming 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition have been completed.


  • China’s Xiongan to build new highways with RMB 2.4 bln investment

    China's Xiongan New Area in North China's Hebei province to the south of Beijing, is expected to build new sections and auxiliary routes for Rongcheng-Yixian highway and Anxin-Daceying highway, with investment totaling 2.4 billion yuan.


  • Is Montenegro's highway a debt trap or road to success?

    The 41-km-long road under construction, supported with Chinese loans and engineering expertise under the Belt and Road Initiative, is the first phase of a 180-km-long highway, which will link the Adriatic port of Bar to landlocked Serbia.


  • Cross-border highway linking China and Vietnam concludes trial run

    The trial run of a highway connecting Kunming in southwest China's Yunnan Province and Haiphong, Vietnam was successfully carried out, marking a new "direct link" era for the two cities, local authorities said.


  • Feature: Building a highway through the "sea of death"

    This is the third highway to be built across this desert. It will connect the counties of Qiemo, to the north, and Yuli, in the south.


  • China EximBank funds 3rd phase of Bandung highway project

    The Export-Import Bank of China (China EximBank) Tuesday signed a loan agreement with Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance to provide funding for the third phase of Bandung highway project.


  • Chinese-built section of Algeria North-South Highway opens to traffic

    A 22-km section of Algeria North-South Highway built by a Chinese firm opened to traffic Thursday.


  • Ukraine, EU to jointly finance new Silk Road transport corridor

    Ukraine and the European Union (EU) will jointly finance the "Go highway" project, which would establish a new transport corridor on the Silk Road, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan said on Tuesday.


  • China's longest underwater highway tunnel under construction

    Construction of a tunnel has started under Taihu Lake in east China's Jiangsu Province. It will be the longest and widest underwater highway tunnel in China.


  • China to extend highway cargo link to southeast Asia

    A regular road cargo service between southwest China's Chongqing Municipality and Bangkok will start operations in July, local authorities said.


  • Highway linking Vietnamese, Laotian capitals to be built

    Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (MoT) and Laotian Ministry of Public Works and Transport have agreed to carry out the next step of a project to build a highway connecting the two countries' capitals Hanoi and Vientiane in 2017.


  • Chinese company starts works on Serbia's E-763 highway

    Once finished, the Surcin-Obrenovac segment will connect Belgrade's E-75 highway and the newly-built E-763 highway, enabling transport f...


  • Heavy fog closes down China expressways, airport

    Heavy fog continued to shroud north and central China on Wednesday, leaving expressways closed down and flights delayed.


  • CRBC-constructed high altitude road in Ecuador opens to traffic

    Upon the completion, the highway, which links the mountain area and the Amazonian area in middle Ecuador, is likely to significantly imp...


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