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  • Photovoltaic power station in Xiong'an fosters green development

    Shaped like a dew drop on a lotus leaf, Xiong'an Railway Station stands as an architectural marvel to many. What is extraordinary is that this station can generate power on its own.


  • Interview: China vital for Asia in green growth, innovation, says business leader

    China matters a lot for the rest of Asia, given its pivotal role in global manufacturing and innovation, a business leader has said.


  • Interview: China, IPU have collaborated extensively -- IPU president

    China and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) have been collaborating extensively, particularly on issues concerning the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, IPU President Tulia Ackson said here on Wednesday.


  • China's greener vision supports Pakistan in realizing renewable energy targets: experts

    With Pakistan facing pressing environmental and climate change predicaments, Pakistani experts and officials believe that China's notable transition to greener policies is helping Pakistan realize renewable energy targets under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).


  • Interview: China's green growth leads global green transition, says Ethiopian expert

    China's keen commitment to and successes in green development serve as an instructive model in promoting global green transition, said an Ethiopian expert.


  • New-type energy storage injects new vitality to China's economic growth, green development

    New-type energy storage is growing into a key technology in China's efforts of constructing new energy and power system, as well as an important means of promoting green and low-carbon transformation of energy production and consumption, according to China's National Energy Administration (NEA) at a recent press conference.


  • Xinhua Headlines: China's pursuit of new energy facilitates trade, green development

    Once renowned for its traditional export products like silk and tea, south China's Guangdong Province has now emerged as a crucial global manufacturing hub as the country continues deepening reform and opening-up, prioritizing high-quality, innovation-driven and eco-friendly development.


  • China sees more innovative, green development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region: index report

    China's Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region continued to witness development progress in 2022, with innovative and green development serving as the main drivers, official data showed.


  • China beefs up renewable energy to boost green development

    In the first half of this year, China's installed capacity of renewable energy surpassed that of coal power for the first time in its history, indicating a change in the country's energy structure.


  • Interview: China drives global climate action with economical solutions, says Swiss explorer Bertrand Piccard

    China is a driving force in global climate action in boosting renewable energy sources and relevant investments, a famed Swiss environmentalist said during the ongoing COP28 in Dubai.


  • Three years on, China sees tangible progress in green development, climate action

    China, a crucial contributor to the global fight against climate change, has taken solid steps to advance the green shift in its economic and social development and achieved tangible results, official data revealed.


  • China's role highlighted at COP28 in global climate action

    As the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change unfolds in Dubai, China stands out as a proactive force in global climate governance, contributing both resolve and wisdom to addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change.


  • Guangzhou's Nansha District delves into boosting climate finance for green, high-quality development

    Nansha, a coastal area located at the southern end of south China economic hub Guangzhou, is striving to bolster climate finance to further enable its green and high-quality economic development.


  • S. China's Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County celebrates 40th anniversary of founding

    Residents of Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County in Hezhou City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region sang and danced on November 18 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of their hometown.


  • Green technology cooperation benefits BRI partners

    At a sewage treatment plant in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, diverse aquatic plants grow, making it look like a garden, while almost no unpleasant smell lingers there.


  • China to pilot carbon-peaking in 100 cities, zones

    China will launch carbon-peaking pilot projects in 100 cities and zones nationwide to solve bottlenecks constraining the country's green and low-carbon development and explore paths toward carbon-peaking for different areas, according to a plan unveiled Monday.


  • Green transition becomes new driving force for development in E. China Fujian's Nanping city

    Nanping city in east China's Fujian Province, has always adhered to the concept of green development and has embarked on a development path that unifies ecological protection, green development, and improvements in people's livelihood.


  • (BRF2023) China to promote green development to support high-quality Belt and Road cooperation: Xi

    China will continue to promote green development as one of the major steps to support the joint pursuit of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday.


  • China's PV industry posts strong growth in July-August

    China's photovoltaic (PV) sector posted robust growth from July to August, marking rapid growth in industrial scale and output of major products of the industrial chain, official data showed.


  • Xinhua Commentary: Environment, ecology along Belt and Road improved, not harmed

    Over the past decade, solid achievements have been accomplished in promoting green development through China's fruitful cooperation with Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partners. Attempts to smear and disrupt BRI cooperation on the pretext of environmental protection are nothing but a farce.


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