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  • Foreign financial institutions continue being bullish on Chinese market

    Recently, with the approval of the establishment of Alliance Bernstein Fund Management Co., Ltd. by relevant Chinese authorities, the number of wholly owned foreign public offering fund companies increases to eight in the Chinese market, and the launch of foreign public offering products has also been accelerated.


  • Economic Watch: China's green finance creates more opportunities for foreign institutions

    As China is expediting its green drive, global financial institutions will get a boost.


  • Foreign institutions look forward to China's higher-quality opening up

    Foreign institutions believe that China's opening-up will develop towards a higher-quality and higher-level direction, as the country has fulfilled its commitments and obligations since its WTO accession and enjoyed a rising economic position.


  • Foreign institutions continue to add RMB-denominated bonds holdings in Sept.

    After a brief growth slowdown, foreign institutional investors accelerated again their paces to add Renminbi (RMB)-denominated bond holdings in September, confirming the unchanged trend for global investors to increase their holdings of RMB assets and their confidence in Chinese economy.


  • 【Financial Str. Release】Foreign investors hold RMB3.84 trln of bonds on China interbank bond market by end-Sept.

    Foreign institutional investors possessed 3.84 trillion yuan of bonds on China's interbank bond market by the end of September, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance on Wednesday.


  • Foreign institutions rev up layouts in China as capital market opens wider

    With the continuous opening-up of the Chinese capital market, an increasing number of foreign institutions are moving faster to expand business in China since this year, reported China Securities Journal Monday.


  • ​Foreign institutions bullish about China's economy in H2

    Foreign institutions are optimistic about China's economy in the second half (H2) of this year, with Chinese stock and bond markets both favored, reported Shanghai Securities News Wednesday.


  • ​Foreign institutions bullish on China's economic dev. prospects

    Foreign institutions are optimistic about China's economic growth in the future, believing that China will continue to lead the global economic growth in 2021, reported Shanghai Securities News Friday.


  • Foreign buyers keep adding China bond holdings for 24 months by Nov.

    Foreign institutional investors raised for 24 consecutive months their holdings of China bonds by the end of November, reported Xinhua-run Xinhua Finance on Thursday.


  • China invites opinion on foreign institutional investment in China bond market

    China's central bank, securities and foreign exchange regulators invited opinions on a draft document on foreign institutions' investment in China bond market from Wednesday to October 1, showed an announcement posted on Chinese central bank's website Wednesday.


  • RMB-denominated bonds held by foreign buyers top RMB2 trln by end April, CCDC

    Renminbi-denominated bonds held by foreign institutional investors topped 2 trillion yuan by the end of April, showed statistics released by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC).


  • Spot transactions of foreign institutions in interbank bond mkt up 64 pct in Jan.

    Foreign institutional investors contributed 558.2 billion yuan of spot transactions in China's interbank bond market in January, up 64 percent year on year, showed data from China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) Thursday.


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