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  • Inland county in central China sees burgeoning economic, trade cooperation with Africa

    Changsha County, an inland locality in central China's Hunan Province also called Xingsha, saw local economic and trade cooperation with Africa burgeoning during the Third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE).


  • E. China Jiangsu's Wuxi to strengthen economic, trade and cultural co-op with Japan

    A delegation from Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province, carried out a series of exchange events including the Wuxi (Tokyo) economic, trade and cultural cooperation conference in Japan recently.


  • S.China's Guangxi, Brunei witness fruitful cooperation results through economic corridor project

    The Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor (BGEC), a major bilateral economic cooperation project between south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Brunei, has produced fruitful results since its establishment in 2014, injecting impetus into bilateral economic and trade cooperation, reported on Sunday.


  • SW. China Yunnan's major economic indicators continue to pick up in July

    Northwest China's Yunnan Province saw its major economic indicators continue to pick up in July, as the province advanced its resumption of work and production amid the epidemic, reported Yunnan Daily Tuesday.


  • China's sharing economy to grow by up to 15 pct annually: report

    A think tank report forecast an annual growth rate of up to 15 percent over the coming three years for China's sharing economy.


  • Factbox: Major figures from China's 4th economic census

    China on Wednesday published the results of its fourth national economic census, which showed that the country's economic structure continued to improve between 2013 and 2018.


  • 300 companies expected to attend German-Polish Economic Forum

    Around 300 companies are expected to attend the first joint German-Polish Economic Forum on March 18 in Berlin. The event is intended to give companies from both countries the opportunity to expand their cooperation.


  • Weekly policy snapshot of Chinese economy

    The following are the key moves taken by China's policymakers in the past week to enhance China's economic strength and sustainability, which will have different levels of impact on the market.


  • Macao's economic work for Greater Bay Area in progress: financial chief

    All work related to Macao's economy and finance development mentioned in the newly released outline development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has been in progress, Macao's financial chief told the media on Wednesday evening.


  • China-Arab cooperation eyes more shared benefits under B&R Initiative

    Arab analysts hailed the cooperation between China and the Arab world, and expected more projects and investments under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.


  • More challenges faced in China-Africa economic and trade cooperation zones: expert

    With the development of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, China has built six economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa, but more challenges to sustainable development have emerged, Global Time quoted an expert as saying.


  • Chongqing economic growth slows in 2017

    The economy of southwest China's Chongqing municipality expanded by 9.3 percent year on year in 2017, ending a 15-year streak of double-digit growth, municipal statistics bureau announced Wednesday.


  • Kenya launches special economic zone project

    Kenya on Friday launched a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project that is expected to attract about 2 billion U.S. dollars of foreign investments.


  • China Focus: China, Russia expand common ground for regional development

    As China is adding investment to revive the "rust belt" in its northeastern provinces, Russia is also looking to boost the economy in its Far East, which brings tremendous opportunities for the two geographically adjacent regions.


  • Across China: China- Russia trade through a Chinese family's lens

    For 40 years, 74-year-old Qiu Xianglin, who was the chief photojournalist for the Heihe Daily before he retired, recorded the changes of China-Russian economic and trade cooperation, taking over 100,000 photos.


  • World Economic Forum on ASEAN kicks off in Cambodia

    The World Economic Forum on ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) kicked off here in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, for the first time on Thursday, focusing on ASEAN's economic connectivity and ASEAN's youth dividend.


  • China to actively, steadily build overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in 2017

    China’s Ministry of Commerce will instruct Chinese enterprises to actively and steadily carry out the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in 2017 according to the actual needs of destination countries, said a recent news report.


  • Infrastructure cons. starts on Chinese side of China-Mongolia economic zone

    Infrastructure construction on the Chinese side of China-Mongolia cross-border economic cooperation zone, one of the key projects of China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor construction, has been kicked off.


  • China's potential economic growth rate estimated at 6.5-6.6 percent: report

    China's potential economic growth rate in the next five years is expected to be in the range of 6.5-6.6 percent as long as China continues to advance structural reform to unleash growth impetus, according to a leading university research paper.


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