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  • Chinese foundation donates free meals to primary school students in Myanmar

    As Myanmar's 2024-25 academic year begins on June 3, the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) is providing free meals to primary school students across 10 schools in Hlaingtharya Township of Yangon Region.


  • Chinese embassy donates necessities to Zimbabwean children

    The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe on Monday donated a batch of necessities to Dzikwa Trust Fund, a Zimbabwean educational charity organization, in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.


  • China donates medical equipment to Syrian hospital

    China donated much-needed medical equipment to a university hospital in the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, in a bid to bolster the country's health sector.


  • Chinese firm praised in Angola for donating rural school

    Construction started Wednesday on a primary school donated by Sinohydro, a Chinese company, in the rural area of Xangongo, in Angola's southern province of Cunene.


  • China donates more than 3,500 tons of grain to quake-hit Syria

    China on Sunday donated more than 3,500 tons of grain to Syria to aid the war-torn country's recovery from the aftermath of the massive earthquakes on February 6.


  • Chinese firm donates food aid to Afghan quake victims

    The first batch of food aid donated by a Chinese firm has reached the earthquake-hit region in eastern Afghanistan, an Afghan disaster management official said on Monday.


  • Chinese embassy donates tablets to pupils in North Macedonia

    The Chinese Embassy in North Macedonia donated on Thursday a batch of 310 tablets to pupils in Gazi Baba, one of the municipalities that make up the capital city of Skopje, to help them have online learning.


  • China donates 3,000 tons of rice to South Sudan

    The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan on Thursday handed over 3,000 tons of rice as emergency food aid to the east African country.


  • Nepal receives fresh donation of medical supplies from China

    Nepal on Wednesday received fresh donation of medical supplies from China including KN 95 masks, disposable medical masks and personal protective equipments (PPEs) to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, a senior official of the Nepali government said.


  • Houston mayor thanks China for donation of face masks

    Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Thursday thanked the Chinese city of Shanghai for its donation of 21,000 face masks.


  • Guangdong Province donates over 80,000 virus testing kits to foreign countries

    South China's Guangdong Province has donated more than 80,000 testing kits to countries including Iran, Japan, Iraq and Peru, provincial officials said at a press conference on Thursday.


  • Beijing to donate medical supplies to Seoul, Tehran, Tokyo

    Beijing Municipality will donate protective supplies including medical isolation gowns and gloves to cities of Seoul, Tehran, Tokyo and Yokohama to help with their novel coronavirus control.


  • Chinese Embassy in South Korea donates masks to help local city of Daegu combat COVID-19

    The Chinese Embassy in South Korea on Thursday donated around 25,000 medical masks to the city of Daegu in southern South Korea in an effort to support the city which was hit by COVID-19 outbreak.


  • Int'l community supports China in fighting novel coronavirus epidemic

    Many countries and international organizations have provided materials and other kinds of support for China in combating and controlling the novel coronavirus epidemic.


  • China donates 1 mln USD to UNICEF to support Malawi

    The Chinese government has provided 1 million U.S. dollars to UNICEF to help Malawian families recovering from the effects of the March 2019 floods in the country.


  • Haier builds responsible brand worldwide

    AQUA, a global brand of Haier Group which was officially launched in Indonesia in 2015, donated televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, stationery, books and notebooks to an orphanage in Solo, a city in Central Java Province of Indonesia on Tuesday.


  • China donates 100 buses to support public transportation in Syria

    China has donated 100 buses to Syria to facilitate public transportation in the country.


  • Chinese embassy in Philippines donates teaching, living equipment

    The Chinese embassy in the Philippines on Saturday donated teaching, studying equipment and dozens of clothes to local kids learning center in Intramuros, Manila.


  • China donates medical supplies to Rwandan hospital

    The 19th Chinese Medical Team in Rwanda on Wednesday handed over medical aids to Masaka Hospital in the Rwandan capital city Kigali.


  • Huawei donates physiotherapy equipment for special children in Bangladesh

    Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited donated physiotherapy equipment to a Bangladeshi vocational training center for special children on Thursday.


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