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Haikou Jiangdong New Area
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  • China's coal hub Shanxi continues to slash overcapacity, close mines

    Shanxi Province, a major coal producer in China, is expected to close 32 coal mines and cut more than 20 million tonnes of overcapacity this year, local authorities said.


  • Coal-rich Chinese province to close more mines

    North China's coal-rich Shanxi Province plans to close all coal mines with annual production capacity below 600,000 tonnes by the end of 2020 to further upgrade the industry, local authorities said.


  • China's Shanxi donates medical supplies to Japan, ROK

    North China's Shanxi Province has donated a batch of medical supplies to aid Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) to fight COVID-19, according to the provincial foreign affairs office Thursday.


  • China's coal province creates new engine for structural transformation

    Shanxi, located in north China and known as coal province in the country, is creating a new engine for its structural transformation.


  • China's coal-rich province reports record foreign trade

    North China's Shanxi Province recorded 144.69 billion yuan (about 20.75 billion U.S. dollars) in imports and exports in 2019, up 5.7 percent from the previous year, local customs authorities said Tuesday.


  • Organic agriculture contributes to poverty alleviation of county in N. China's Shanxi

    The 6th international forum of organic agriculture of Chehe community themed "Organic agriculture and high quality development" was recently held in Datong of north China's Shanxi Province, gathering related experts and scholars to discuss the development of organic agriculture.


  • China's coal industry to usher in 5G era

    China's largest hard coal producer Yangquan Coal Industry Group has inked a framework agreement with China Mobile and Huawei on promoting 5G-based intelligent mining.


  • Lishi district of Lvliang city in N China's Shanxi boosts high-level rural tourism dev.

    Three villages of Lishi district of Lvliang, a city in north China's Shanxi Province, have been successfully selected into the first 100 AAA-level rural tourism demonstration villages in Shanxi, according to an announcement by the press office of the People's Government of Shanxi Province on June 25


  • Northwest China's Shaanxi to launch new trial to promote digital economic development

     Northwest China's Shaanxi Province will launch a trial program to spur the development of digital economy this year, Shaanxi Daily reported on Wednesday.


  • China's coal-rich Shanxi turns to more new energy

    China's major coal-rich province of Shanxi has stepped up the development of new energy in a bid to power its economy with more clean energy.


  • Ceramics trade fair held in Yingxian County, Shanxi Province

    Shanxi Shuozhou Ceramic Import and Export Fair has recently been held in Yingxian County, north China's Shanxi Province. 


  • MFA hosts promotional event of Shanxi

    A promotional event for northern China's Shanxi Province was hosted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Monday.


  • Shanxi to extract 6.6 bln cubic meters of coalbed methane

    The coal-rich Chinese province of Shanxi plans to extract 6.6 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane in 2019, said local authorities Tuesday.


  • China's Qinyuan County holds seminar for green development

    Qinyuan, a county located in North China's Shanxi Province, held a seminar on January 17 to discuss its development path of green ecological resource, in an effort to promote its economic transformation toward green development.


  • Red county quickens tapping eco-resource to boost green development

    Qinyuan, a county located in North China's Shanxi Province and well-known a red model in fighting against the aggressors during the anti-Japanese war, has quickened development of its green ecological resource, so as to promote economic transformation.


  • Australian alpacas settle down in Shanxi

    A total of 681 Australian alpacas have arrived in Yangqu county in northern China's Shanxi Province, local authorities said.


  • China approves new high-speed railway in western region

    China's top economic planner has approved a high-speed railway project in west China's Shaanxi Province.


  • Baidu, N China's Yangquan City to cooperate on AI city, Internet of self-driving vehicles

    Chinese tech giant Baidu sealed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangquan municipal government in north China's Shanxi Province on Monday to promote the construction of AI city and the Internet of self-driving vehicles in the city.


  • China to build two large coal-bed methane production bases

    China plans to build two large coal-bed methane production bases in the northern coal-rich province of Shanxi, as the country seeks to increase gas use while curbing pollution and reducing heavy reliance on coal.


  • N. China’s Shanxi accelerates green transformation of traditional industries

    North China’s Shanxi Province will promote traditional industries such as metallurgy, electric power, chemical, building material and coking to be more environmental for green development, according to an implementation plan.


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