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  • Survey: Mood among German start-ups improves

    The mood in the German start-up industry improved at the turn of the year. After reaching a low point last summer, the outlook for the future in particular is now more optimistic, according to the business climate survey of the Start-up Association, which was published on Wednesday.


  • Investors put more money into northern German start-ups

    Last year, many start-ups in northern Germany benefited from generous financial backers. In Hamburg alone, for example, investors put around 547 million euros into young companies in the city, according to an analysis published on Wednesday by consulting and auditing firm EY.


  • European Commission invests in start-ups

    ​In order to keep start-ups in Europe, the European Commission wants to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises. Initially, 42 companies will receive around 178 million euros, the Brussels-based EU executive authority announced on Wednesday.


  • NW. China's Xinjiang implements multiple policies to support start-ups, boost employment

    Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has successively introduced a series of policies to support start-ups since this year, the local authority said recently.


  • Rocket Internet expects more insolvencies among its start-ups

    The global economic turbulence is also likely to affect the investment network of the Berlin start-up investor Rocket Internet this year. A higher insolvency rate than in previous years is expected, CEO Oliver Samwer told shareholders on Thursday.


  • German government announces 2 billion euros in aid for start-ups

    Germany is setting aside 2 billion euros (2.2 billion dollars) in aid to help start-ups survive the coronavirus crisis, the finance and economy ministries in Berlin announced on Wednesday.


  • Monitor: Start-ups in Hamburg complain of staff shortages

    According to a newly released survey, start-up entrepreneurs in northern German city of Hamburg are having difficulties finding both qualified personnel and affordable office space.


  • Thai SEC readies funding support law for SMEs and start-ups

    Ms. Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol, secretary-general of Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), revealed the progress concerning regulations to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups to raise funds through capital markets.


  • Financing boom: German start-ups raise record funds

    In 2019, start-ups in Germany received 6.2 billion euros, according to a study published on Tuesday by the consulting firm EY.


  • Start-up portfolio in Germany continues to grow

    In 2018 there were around 70,000 start-ups in Germany. This means that the number of companies had increased by around 10,000 compared with the previous year, the KfW Banking Group announced in its latest survey.


  • MOI cooperates with 13 investment partners on implementing InnoSpace (Thailand), aiming to improve Thai startups' global competitiveness

    InnoSpace (Thailand) was born as a body responsible for promoting the establishment and development of startups in Thailand. Real sector, service sector, aviation sector, telecommunications sector and industrialization of agriculture will be its focus.


  • China to unveil measures to underpin business start-ups and innovation

    At the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang Wednesday, more measures were adopted to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy and incentivize business start-ups and innovation nationwide.


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