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  • 【Financial Str. Release】China unveils regulation on securities, futures violations

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a State Council decree unveiling a regulation on new law-enforcement methods for individuals and corporations violating laws in the country's capital market.


  • Lock-up shares worth 126.6 bln yuan to become tradable

    Lock-up shares worth about 126.6 billion yuan (around 19.6 billion U.S. dollars) will become eligible for trade on China's bourses in the upcoming trading week.


  • China's securities market attracts 1.69 mln new investors in April

    China's securities market attracted more than 1.69 million new investors in April, industrial data showed.


  • Overseas investors increase Chinese securities holdings in Q1

    Overseas investors stepped up their holdings of Chinese securities in the first quarter of this year.


  • China's securities sector posts rising profits in 2020

    China's securities sector saw its net profits rise 27.98 percent year on year in 2020, data from the Securities Association of China showed.


  • China's securities regulator stresses Sino-U.S. audit oversight cooperation

    The China Securities Regulatory Commission has stressed promoting Sino-U.S. audit oversight cooperation to jointly create a favorable regulatory environment for cross-border listed enterprises.


  • China's securities regulator pledges further capital market opening-up

    China will push its capital market to open wider to the world, shifting from being partially open to full-scale and institutional opening-up, an official with the country's top securities regulator said here Saturday.


  • China Securities' profits almost double in first three quarters

    China Securities Co. Ltd., one of the country's leading brokerages, almost doubled its profits during the first three quarters of the year.


  • China's securities regulator issues 3.84 bln yuan of penalties in H1

    China's securities watchdog issued 3.84 billion yuan (about 553.31 million U.S. dollars) of fines during the first half of the year (H1) to punish securities fraud and ensure healthy development of the country's capital market.


  • Securities brokers pocket over RMB300 mln floating profit from stagging in Q2

    Securities brokers in China remained enthusiastic about stagging in the past quarter when initial public offerings (IPO) speeded up and reaped 319 million yuan floating profit, reported Securities Daily Wednesday.


  • Economic Watch: China doubles down on oversight of listed companies

    China has renewed its commitment to improving the quality of listed companies as the country, with the world's second-largest equity market in value, continues to deepen market-oriented financial reforms.


  • Chinese securities regulator strengthens supervision of listed companies

    In an effort to strengthen supervision of listed companies, China's securities watchdog has announced a strong crackdown on illegal practices such as compiling and reporting false financial and accounting information.


  • Huatai Securities reports profit gains in Q1

    Huatai Securities, a leading Chinese brokerage, reported an increase in net profits in the first quarter (Q1) of 2020.


  • China strengthens crackdown on financial fraud of listed firms

    Chinese securities regulator has launched investigations into 22 listed companies for financial fraud since last year as authorities moved to tackle misconducts and improve corporate governance.


  • China's new securities law further liberalizes capital market

    China's new securities law, to be effective on March 1, marks another important step in China's efforts to further liberalize its capital markets whose appeal for Chinese companies and foreign investors is increasing overtime, experts have said.


  • China securities regulator stresses high-quality development of capital market

    China will improve financial supervision in order to achieve high-quality development of the capital market, said Yi Huiman, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), in a signed article.


  • China's securities regulator approves trading of new options

    The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has given the green light to the trading of PTA, methyl alcohol, rapeseed meal, iron ore and gold options.


  • China's "new third board" raises nearly 500 bln yuan since founding

    China's National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), also known as the "new third board", has raised 491.139 billion yuan (about 69.35 billion U.S. dollars) since its establishment in 2013.


  • China lifts restrictions on foreign participation in securities companies

    China would lift the foreign ownership limits on securities, fund management and futures companies by 2020, a year ahead of schedule, the office of financial stability and development committee under the State Council announced Saturday.


  • Shanghai to launch stainless steel futures this year

    The Shanghai Futures Exchange will strive to launch stainless steel futures within this year, said the exchange's chairman Jiang Yan Friday in Shanghai.


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