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  • Xinhua Commentary: Investing in China is a superior option for multinationals

    A bad decision in everyday life may result in a few hours of inconvenience, but when an international investor bets on the wrong market, that could lead to missed opportunities or even significant losses.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Multinationals ready to embrace new opportunities in Chinese market

    As China saw its economy begin the year on a solid note and press ahead with policies to maintain sound development, multinationals are ready to take the pulse of the Chinese market, as well as growth drivers generated from innovation.


  • China still an investment hot spot for multinationals

    The enormous market potential, mushrooming emerging industries, abundant industrial clusters, and high-quality talent pool have endowed China with strong economic resilience.


  • Economic Watch: Multinationals expect to unlock new opportunities in Chinese market through Hainan expo

    For Stefania Lazzaroni, general manager of Italy's luxury brands committee Altagamma, the third Hainan expo presents "an amazing opportunity, and we really want to have the occasion to illustrate and tell the story of the amazing beauty of our brands."


  • Economic Watch: Multinationals eye greater tech cooperation with China

    Representatives of multinationals attending a forum in China have expressed a strong willingness to expand cooperation with their Chinese partners in science and technology, in order to tap the huge opportunities offered by the country's modernization drive.


  • GLOBALink | Multinationals full of confidence in China's economy

    At the third Qingdao Multinationals Summit held on Monday and Tuesday in east China's Shandong Province, many multinationals have expressed confidence in China's economy, saying that China is still a major investment destination for them.


  • Multinationals blaze green path toward China's "dual carbon" goals

    Multinational representatives at a summit in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, said that China's "dual carbon" goals raise up low-carbon technologies. They said they will seize investment opportunities and participate in the country's green transformation.


  • ​China's ultra-large-scale market potential unfolds, attracting multinationals to speed up layouts in China

    China will unveil more favorable policies to stabilize foreign investment in the second half of 2021, and with the release of the potential of the ultra-large market, China has become the layout focus of multiple multinationals, reported Economic Information Daily Monday.


  • China Focus: Multinationals see opportunities in China's higher-level opening-up

    With the COVID-19 outbreak slowing down the global economic momentum, multinational enterprises see promising opportunities in China as the country continues to deepen its opening-up.


  • Spotlight: China boosts multinational firms growth as COVID-19 plagues global economy

    As the world economy is grappling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, those deeply afflicted multinational firms are getting a boost in China, one of the world's largest consumer markets, which has helped instill hope into the recovery of global economy.


  • Multinationals confident in China's development, eye more opportunities

    Global business leaders on Thursday gathered at the New Economy Forum held in Beijing and voiced their confidence in the future growth of the Chinese market.


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