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  • Downward adjustment expected to continue in global steel market: report

    Global steel prices may continue with ongoing downward adjustments until the end of March, according to a research report of the China Iron and Steel Association.


  • Growth rate of global economy likely to fall to 3.6pct in 2019, UBS predicts

    Growth rate of the global economy is expected to decline to 3.6 percent in 2019 from 3.8 percent in 2018, and the growth rate of corporate earnings will also slow down next year, xinhua-run quoted the UBS report as saying on Friday.


  • China, France to hold high-level economic, financial dialogue

    The sixth China-France High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue will be held in France on Friday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced Monday.


  • China ready to work with int'l community for growth of world economy

    China stands ready to work with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other countries across the world to help develop an innovative, open, interconnected and inclusive global economy, Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said on Wednesday.


  • BRICS leaders pledge to strengthen multilateral trading system

    BRICS leaders will make all efforts to strengthen the multilateral trading system


  • Study: Global asset boom maintains momentum - Millionaires benefit

    Global wealth continues to increase sharply and is concentrating itself more and more strongly among millionaires.


  • Study shows industrialized countries benefit most from globalization

    The populations of industrialized countries profit the most from globalization, according to this year’s Globalization Report from the Bertelsmann Foundation.


  • Netherlands more competitive than Switzerland - Germany falls behind

    Among the most competitive countries in the world, there is fierce competition for the top positions.


  • Global manufacturing activity expands slower in April: index

    Global manufacturing sector has expanded at a slower pace in April, according to an index published by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) on Sunday.


  • IMF raises global growth forecast due to increased growth momentum

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its global growth forecast for 2018 and 2019 on Monday by 0.2 percentage point to 3.9 percent, due to increased global growth momentum and the expected impact of the recently approved U.S. tax policy changes.


  • FDI inflows to China hit record, slump in U.S., Britain: UNCTAD

    Global flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 16 percent in 2017 to an estimated 1.52 trillion U.S. dollars, from a revised 1.81 trillion dollars in 2016, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said Monday.


  • Looking for "black swans" in the world economy in 2018

    While the world economy has seen a broad-based recovery in the past year, Chinese observers are wary that some "black swan" events could dampen growth prospects in 2018.


  • WTO suggests moderate global trade growth in Q4

    The latest World Trade Outlook Indicator suggests that global merchandise trade growth will likely be moderate in the fourth quarter of 2017, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said Monday.


  • IMF warns financial vulnerabilities could derail global recovery

    International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday warned that rising financial vulnerabilities could derail the long-waited global recovery despite that the financial stability continues to improve.


  • WTO upgrades forecast for 2017 as trade rebounds strongly

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Thursday revised upward its forecast for global trade growth in 2017 to 3.6 percent, from the previous estimate of 2.4 percent, citing a sharp acceleration in global trade growth in the first half of the year.


  • IMF updates world economic outlook as better China prospects drive global growth

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday revised up China's growth forecast for 2017 and 2018 to 6.7 percent and 6.4 percent respectively, with the better China prospects expected to drive global growth.


  • IMF, World Bank, WTO chiefs call for efforts to reinvigorate trade

    Heads of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Thursday called on G20 members to take actions to reinvigorate trade.


  • IMF calls for reduction of global imbalances before G20 summit

    International Monetary Fund on Wednesday called on G20 members to reduce excess external imbalances in order to make global economic recovery more resilient.


  • OECD calls for improved services trade to stimulate global economic growth

    Paris-based Organization for Economic and Cooperation Development (OECD) on Thursday recommended reform mainly to remove restrictions on services businesses in a way to stimulate economic growth.


  • Interview: China's strong growth ensures stable world economy: economists

    Leading Australian economic experts say China's first quarter economic results have driven the global economy to success.


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