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  • China's Daqing Oilfield sees rise in crude oil, gas production in first three quarters

    Daqing Oilfield, China's largest onshore oilfield, produced about 22.61 million tonnes of crude oil and 4.25 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 184,300 tonnes and 173 million cubic meters respectively, according to Daqing Oilfield.


  • China National Offshore Oil Corp. reaches deals with 18 global partners at 5th CIIE

    China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), the country's biggest offshore oil and gas producer, signed cooperation deals with 18 global suppliers in the world at the CNOOC Global Procurement Contracts Signing Ceremony held during the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, reported Sunday.


  • CNPC to supply over 100 bln cubic meters of gas for winter, spring

    China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the country's largest oil and gas producer, pledged Friday to supply over 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas for the coming winter-spring period, as part of efforts to ensure energy supply in the country.


  • CNPC's oil, gas output hits record high of TOE in 2020

    China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the country's largest oil and gas producer, said that its oil and gas output grew to a record high of over 200 million tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) in 2020.


  • China's gas output to surpass 186 billion cubic meters

    The output of natural gas in China is likely to reach over 186 billion cubic meters this year, said an official with the National Energy Administration.


  • China port tops 100 million tonnes in oil, gas throughput

    Ningbo Zhoushan port, China's busiest port in the eastern province of Zhejiang, reported its oil and gas throughput exceeding 100 million tonnes in the first ten months of the year, marking the first time it reached this volume, local authorities said.


  • China opens oil, gas exploration market to private, foreign firms

    China will fully open up its market for oil and gas exploration and production to private and foreign companies, the Ministry of Natural Resources said Thursday.


  • Eni’s breakthrough, the company found gas in Vietnam

    In the Ken Bau statement, the company confirmed the presence of a significant quantity of gas. Eni is planning a drilling campaign for the start of next year, to prove the significant additional potential of the discovery.


  • CPECC obtains USD1.07 bln gas processing plant contract in Iraq

    China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) has obtained a 1.07 billion U.S. dollar contract for the Halfaya gas processing plant (GPP) in Iraq, according to Monday.


  • CNPC steps up tests to explore shale gas in SW China

    PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company, a CNPC affiliate, said a single test on a well to assess the ability to produce shale gas yielded over 1.37 million cubic meters of gas in a single day.


  • China Petroleum Engineering subsidiary inks EPC supplementary contract for Nigerian AKK project

    China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. (600339.SH) announced that it had won an EPC supplementary contract with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for additional work on Ajaokuta- Kaduna-Kano (AKK) gas pipeline engineering project.


  • China's first independent deep-water gas field enters construction stage

    China's first independent-developed deep-water gas field, the Lingshui 17-2 gas field in the South China Sea, officially entered development and construction stage, according to China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).


  • CNPC to build 8 gas storage facilities in SW China

    China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC), the country's largest oil and gas producer, plans to build eight gas storage facilities with a total capacity of 21 billion cubic meters, according to a forum that concluded on Sunday.


  • Morocco joins hands with int'l energy giants in oil, gas explorations

    The Moroccan authorities said on Wednesday that the country signed an agreement with oil giants Royal Dutch Shell and Spain's Repsol to conduct onshore oil and gas explorations in southern Morocco.


  • UK energy giant announces new gas discovery in Morocco

    The British company SDX Energy announced on Tuesday new gas discovery in its ongoing drilling operation near the Atlantic Moroccan city of Kenitra, the company said in a statement.


  • Tarim Oilfield sends 200 bln cubic meters of gas to east China

    The Tarim Oilfield in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has sent more than 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas to eastern China over the past 13 years.


  • Technology makes PV power generation competitive as that by natural gas, Shi Zhengrong

    PV power generation, a typical form of green energy, has grown to be sufficiently competitive as that by natural gas alongside the rapid development of green energy industry and technology in China, said Shi Zhengrong.


  • Australian oil, gas giant Santos on road to recovery

    Australian oil and gas giant Santos recorded their half-year result on Thursday, that saw the miner reducing their losses despite taking a sizeable write-off of 689 million U.S. dollars.


  • China's shale gas output jumps in 2016

    China produced more shale gas last year, as the world's biggest energy producer and consumer cleans up its coal-dominated energy mix.


  • China successfully tests marine natural gas hydrates

    China's attempt to test marine natural gas hydrates, a future energy source, has turned out to be a success, making it the first country to secure continuous and stable gas supply in marine gas hydrate exploitation.


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