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  • Jingan-Shanghai Culture

    With "the most international and the most Shanghai" as its development feature, Jing'an is building itself into an important cultural district that promotes revolutionary culture, Shanghai-style culture, and Jiangnan culture. Jing'an Temple, Suzhou Creek, Peng Pai's Museum, Former Residence of Liu Changsheng, Site of the Second CPC National Congress, Writers' Bookstore, Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai Natural History Museum, The Paramount, International Film and Television Park Circum-SHU...These places represent the profound cultural heritage of Jing'an. JZ Festival, open-air movies, One Dra


  • Malaysians gain Chinese cultural enrichment with touch of nature

    The China-Malaysia Culture and Tourism Month-Fun with Nature campaign kicked off on Saturday at Malaysia's National Zoo, drawing over 1,000 visitors on its first day.


  • S.China's Guangzhou offers vouchers to boost tourism, cultural market

    Guangzhou, capital of southern China's Guangdong Province, will issue vouchers worth 30 million yuan to residents and tourists from Friday, in a bid to revive tourism and cultural market hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • Chinese government spends more on culture, tourism in 2019

    The Chinese government allocated 106.5 billion yuan (about 15 billion U.S. dollars) for cultural and tourism development in 2019, up 14.7 percent year on year, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


  • Chinese culture and arts gallery project launched in SW China's Chongqing

    A Chinese culture and arts gallery project was launched last Saturday in the Belt and Road (Chongqing) Intelligent Pavilion situated in southwest China's Chongqing municipality.


  • China’s "Internet + culture" business expands in Q1

    China’s "Internet + culture" industry expanded in the first quarter of 2020 despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, shows data recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics.


  • Central China's Henan launches activities, measures to boost recovery of cultural, tourism industry

    Central China's Henan Province launched Henan Village Tourism Year & the 2nd Tourism Consumption Season in its capital city Zhengzhou on April 3 in a bid to boost the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry, promote its upgrading and meet people's spiritual needs.


  • China to invest RMB 5.7 bln in cultural and tourism sectors in 2020

    China's top economic planner has invested 5.7 billion yuan (about 813.9 million U.S. dollars) from the central budget for 2020 to advance cultural and tourism projects, according to a statement on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).


  • Mattarella in China for end of Year of Culture and Tourism

    The visit of President Sergio Mattarella at the end of the year and the opening of a large exhibition at the Shanghai Museum dedicated to Caravaggio will be the culminating moments of a particularly important 2020 in relations between China and Italy.


  • China Radio International teams up with Malaysian publisher to publish cultural, history books

    China Radio International (CRI) teamed up with Malaysia's Institute of Language and Literature (DBP) in a collaboration to publish books on Chinese culture and history in the Malay language.


  • Hongqi's globalization shows cultural confidence of Chinese brands

    Change is to adapt to the new conditions, while development is to optimize the old order and then seek development, said Chinese Nobel Prize laureate Mo Yan at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs on Saturday. Hongqi echoed Mo's speech with its 60 years of development.


  • 25th Shaoxing Huangjiu Festival accelerates internationalization of Chinese Huangjiu

    The 25th Shaoxing Huangjiu Festival & China International Huangjiu Industry Expo kicked off Friday in Shaoxing. It has provided a platform for liquor businesses, experts and representatives to share insights into the development of Huangjiu, accelerating the internationalization of the industry.


  • "Chinese Bookshelf" launched in London to promote cultural exchanges

    "Chinese Bookshelf," a project which aims to provide local readers an access to Chinese books and culture, was launched Tuesday here.


  • Chinese food-tasting event held to mark 70th anniversary of China-Mongolia ties

    A four-day event called "Taste of China" kicked off here on Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mongolia.


  • 15 foreigners win top publication prize for introducing China to world

    A total of 15 foreign writers, translators and publishers won China's top publication prize for introducing China and Chinese culture to the world at a ceremony held here on Tuesday.


  • Laos enjoys "Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism"

    The "Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism," an important event of the 2019 Visit Laos-China Year, was held at the National Cultural Hall in Lao capital Vientiane on Sunday.


  • New rules to help local governments plan cultural, tourism development

    China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism published a guideline for local governments on planning the development of cultural sectors and tourism, a ministry statement said Wednesday.


  • NE Chinese city holds first China Qipao Culture Festival

    The first China Qipao Culture Festival was launched Friday at the Shenyang Palace Museum in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province.


  • Interview: Culture key to stronger ties between nations

    A conference on cultural contact among Asian civilizations will help boost ties between nations in the region, an expert has said.


  • Culture show of China's Maonan ethnic group staged in New York

    An audio-visual feast presented by the Maonan ethnic group from China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, received rounds of applause when being staged at a music hall on Sunday night in Queens, New York.


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