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  • China's Jiangsu welcomes its 1st all-cargo air route to Latin America

    A plane loaded with 54.6 tonnes of cross-border e-commerce goods on Tuesday departed from Wuxi City in east China's Jiangsu Province, bound for Mexico City.


  • China releases blue book on overseas development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises

    A blue book on the overseas development of Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises was officially released at the 4th China Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair, reported Shanghai Securities News recently.


  • China Eastern Airlines works with e-commerce giant to facilitate export of Chinese brands

    China Eastern Airlines recently announced that its subsidiary China Eastern Air Logistics Co., Ltd. (CEAL) had signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Shein, one of China's largest e-commerce platforms, reported China Securities Journal.


  • Tianjin's cross-border e-commerce trade tops 5 bln USD in 2023

    North China's port city of Tianjin reported a total cross-border e-commerce foreign trade volume of 35.6 billion yuan (about 5.01 billion U.S. dollars) in 2023, up by 16.72 percent year on year, according to the municipal bureau of commerce.


  • China's cross-border e-commerce trade witnesses boom in 2023, expected to grow further in 2024

    China's cross-border e-commerce trade value grew 15.6 percent year on year to 2.38 trillion yuan in 2023, with an increasing number of enterprises and improved ecosystem.


  • Shanghai's airports record soaring cross-border e-commerce exports

    In 2023, Shanghai's airports received 440 million export declaration forms of cross-border e-commerce goods, almost treble that of 2022, with a total export value of more than 85 billion yuan (about 12 billion U.S. dollars), said Shanghai Customs.


  • China makes solid progress toward goal of becoming a trader of quality: commerce minister

    Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said on Tuesday that China, the world's top trader in terms of goods, is making steady progress toward its goal of becoming a trader of quality.


  • China's cross-border e-commerce thrives, delivering global dividends

    China's cross-border e-commerce has seen robust growth in recent years, injecting fresh impetus into the country's foreign trade and delivering global dividends.


  • Cross-border e-commerce facilitates industrial belts in upgrading, enhancing global competitiveness

    China's export-oriented cross-border e-commerce has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Many professional cross-border e-commerce platforms have deeply linked up with national industrial belts, supporting the transformation, upgrading, and the going-global of made-in-China products.


  • Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Industrial Park in Tanzania added in list of practical co-op deliverables of BRF2023

    Building the Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Industrial Park in Tanzania was included in the List of Practical Cooperation Deliverables of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation unveiled on October 18.


  • Tianjin sees cross-border e-commerce trade growth in Jan-Aug

    North China's port city of Tianjin reported a year-on-year rise of 1.8 percent in its cross-border e-commerce trade in the first eight months of 2023, said the municipal commerce bureau.


  • 10 years on, China-Europe freight trains deliver booming e-commerce trade

    When Juan Carlos in Malaga, Spain, ordered a made-in-China ceiling light using the cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress, he never imagined he would receive the product the next day.


  • EconomyInFocus | Alataw Pass in Xinjiang sees booming cross-border e-commerce

    In recent years, various measures have been taken to create a better business environment for cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Alataw Pass. The cross-border e-commerce business was launched in the inland port in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in January 2020.


  • PingPong, AliExpress join hands to provide cross-border payment collection service for Chinese sellers

    Global payment platform PingPong has recently established partnership with AliExpress, a cross-border e-commerce platform under Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, to provide cross-border payment and collection services, China Securities Journal reported on Monday.


  • Cross-border e-commerce reshapes traditional business modes rapidly

    Cross-border e-commerce has not only injected new power into China's foreign trade development, but also pushed forward the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, reshaping or even subverting traditional production methods and business models, according to insiders.


  • Cross-border e-commerce brings business opportunities for China's foreign trade companies

    Under the dual drive of policies and market demand, cross-border e-commerce has boomed with innovative measures, which offered massive business opportunities for numerous Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


  • China's cross-border e-commerce trade value exceeds 2 trln yuan in 2022: report

    The value of China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports exceeded 2 trillion yuan (about 280.55 billion U.S. dollars) for the first time in 2022, reaching 2.1 trillion yuan and marking an increase of 7.1 percent compared with 2021, according to a report released Saturday.


  • Cross-border e-commerce facilitates SMEs exports

    Xie Huan, a staffer of a kitchenware manufacturing firm, has meticulously prepared a pile of company introduction booklets in English for the ongoing cross-border e-commerce trade fair being held in southwest China's Chongqing.


  • Cross-border e-commerce faced with opportunities, injects momentum to China's foreign trade

    Driven by policy support, digital technology and regional cooperation, China's cross-border e-commerce is looking at fresh development opportunities, injecting new momentum to the country's foreign trade, according to participants at a forum held in Beijing on Saturday.


  • Cross-border e-commerce brings new opportunities to China-Africa economic and trade co-op.

    Cross-border e-commerce has become an important engine for the fast growing economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa, bringing a large number of African goods to China, the Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily reported Thursday.


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