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  • China to accelerate building Tianjin into international shipping hub in the north

    China will accelerate its pace of building Tianjin Municipality into the international shipping hub in the north, according to a document jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Ministry of Transport (MOT) recently.


  • China's Tianjin sees growing foreign trade in June

    The northern Chinese port city of Tianjin saw its foreign trade increase by 23.8 percent year on year to more than 73.2 billion yuan (nearly 10.5 billion U.S. dollars) in June, local authorities said.


  • Tianjin parallel auto imports gain momentum in June

    The northern Chinese port city of Tianjin saw an increase in the parallel-import auto business in June, with a surge of vehicles purchased directly from production bases and dealers abroad for sale in China.


  • Dongjiang FTP in N. China's Tianjin starts new projects to speed up parallel auto imports

    Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone in north China's Tianjin Municipality has recently introduced two new projects as functional platform supporting parallel auto imports since being upgraded to comprehensive bonded area.


  • N. China's Tianjin to develop high-quality trade

    North China's Tianjin Municipality ramps up 23 measures to bolster the high-quality of trade development, reported Tianjin Daily Monday.


  • Xinhua Headlines: China's intelligent technology powers economic recovery amid pandemic

    Without real exhibition halls, the fourth World Intelligence Congress (WIC), a major artificial intelligence (AI) event held in north China's Tianjin Municipality, rode the technology wave to draw 392 million online views in its annual session from Tuesday to Wednesday.


  • Tianjin makes great efforts in developing AI industry

    Tianjin has made great efforts in developing artificial intelligence (AI) industry in recent years by holding world intelligence congresses (WICs) to promote implementation of AI projects.


  • Tianjin customs special supervision areas see 55.86 bln yuan in foreign trade in Jan.-April

    Total imports and exports by customs special supervision areas in north China's Tianjin Municipality reached 55.86 billion yuan (about 7.89 billion U.S. dollars) from January to April this year, local authorities said Wednesday.


  • Tianjin leads China in aircraft, ship leasing

    Aircraft and ship leasing has become a booming industry in north China's Tianjin Municipality, local authorities said.


  • N. China's Tianjin injects RMB32.57 million spending to support innovative development of trade in services

    North China's Tianjin has recently launched a fiscal spending of 32.57 million yuan to support the city’s innovative projects in trade in services sector, reported Shanghai Securities News on Thursday.


  • North China's Tianjin sees growing trade with B&R countries

    The northern Chinese port city of Tianjin witnessed a 4.7-percent year-on-year growth in trade with Belt and Road (B&R) countries from January to April.


  • Tianjin Shipping Index up 0.17 pct

    China Tianjin Shipping Index (TSI), an indicator of northern China's ocean freight rates for both international and domestic shipping markets, stood at 538.5 points on Friday, up 0.17 percent compared with the previous working day.


  • Tianjin inks major investment projects online

    Authorities have inked 116 major investment projects online in a cloud contract signing event Wednesday in north China's Tianjin Municipality.


  • Tianjin's trade with BRI and ASEAN countries grows in Jan.-Feb.

    North China's Tianjin Municipality reported an increase in its trade with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries in the first two months of 2020 when its foreign trade dropped 9.8 percent.


  • Tianjin reports growth in cross-border e-commerce import orders in Jan.-Feb.

    The Commission of Commerce of north China's Tianjin Municipality said Monday that the city's cross-border e-commerce import orders increased by 22 percent year on year in the January-February period.


  • North China's Tianjin unveils measures to resume work, stabilize employment amid epidemic

    North China's Tianjin Municipality unveiled a series of measures to support companies' resumption of production and stabilize employment amid the outbreak of the novel coronovirus.


  • Direct shipping route links China's Tianjin port with northern Europe

    German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd AG launched a direct freight route Wednesday linking north China's Tianjin port with northern Europe, according to the company's local branch.


  • ADBC Tianjin branch provides RMB100 mln loan to Tasly Pharm.

    Tianjin Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC) granted 100 million special-purpose lending to Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (600535.SH), reported Xinhua Finance, an economic information platform run by Xinhua News Agency Tuesday.


  • Imported food rises in China's Tianjin in 2019

    Imported food value exceeded 84 billion yuan (about 12 billion U.S. dollars) in northern China's Tianjin Municipality in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 63.35 percent, authorities said.


  • Jizhou district beefing up tourism industry

    Jizhou district in the northernmost part of Tianjin will beef up its efforts in developing a high-quality tourism industry this year, local officials said.


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