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Jing-an Sorting by the latest release time

  • Chinese Rose in Blossom

    Chinese roses are now in full blossom across the district.


  • Mother's Day Celebration

    Floral landscapes have been planted at Zhangyuan Garden to celebrate Mother's Day on May 12.


  • Theater, music, coffee, cosmetics, sports provide excitement in May

    Coffee, music, theater and many other events have jazzed up Jing'an this month as the district has partied.


  • Sales soar over May Day holiday, Double Five Shopping Festival

    Jing'an has reported booming sales over the May Day holiday, amid the ongoing Double Five Shopping Festival.


  • Major projects begin construction

    Three of the district's major projects with a total investment of more than 2.5 billion yuan began construction this month.


  • Top economic contributors awarded

    Jing'an has recognized 200 top companies for their economic contributions to the district last year.


  • Residents explain what's great about their community

    Jing'an comprises 13 subdistricts – Jing'ansi, Caojiadu, Jiangning Road, Shimen Road No. 2, Nanjing Road W., Tianmu Road W., Beizhan, Baoshan Road, Zhijiang Road W., Gonghexin Road, Daning Road, Pengpu Xincun and Linfen Road, and one town – Pengpu. Each is working to make Jing'an a better place. We have invited a local resident or worker to introduce the best of each subdistrict and town in this series.


  • Suhe Bay emerges as magnet for investment

    Suhe Bay has emerged as a new magnet for investment in Jing'an. The Suhe Bay Functional Zone, as its name suggests, encompasses the district's waterfront areas along Suzhou Creek.


  • Lots to do and see in Jing'an's list of current activities

    A women's talk was held at the Zhangyuan on March 8 in celebration of the International Women's Day.


  • More than 4,000 take part in half marathon

    The 2024 Shanghai Jing'an Half Marathon took place on March 17 in the Daning Functional Area, a major development zone of Jing'an which occupies over 10.92 square kilometers in the Daning area.


  • Ambitious urban renewal program outlined

    The Jing'an district government plans to renovate 10 old residential plots to benefit nearly 1,900 families. In addition, a number of commercial, cultural and industrial projects will be launched or completed in the near future. Here are four of the major projects.


  • Great places at your doorstep

    ​The exhibition and information center at Shaanxi Road N. has recently been listed in the city's latest batch of "great places at your doorstep."


  • Area becomes top destination for domestic and foreign visitors

    Jing'an has become a top destination for visitors both domestic and international during the Chinese New Year holidays, with a range of experiences on offer, from temple fairs to large extravaganzas, from flower fairs to shopping sprees.


  • There be dragons: Explore dragon symbols, installations in Jing'an

    ​The dragon is the fifth sign of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and is probably the most celebrated sign because Chinese people believe they are descendants of dragons. Throughout the district, there are symbols to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Join Shanghai Daily to find dragons in Jing'an.


  • Jingan shines bright for Chinese New Year

    Ring in the Chinese New Year with festive decor. Dragon sculptures, red lanterns, Chinese knots and other lucky symbols were on display all over the district.


  • 10 major projects in 2024 to improve local people's livelihood

    A total of 1 million square meters of old buildings and neighborhoods will be repaired and renovated, including facelifts of the facades, upgrades of sewage systems, and improvement of community facilities. Two hundred elevators will be installed in old, multi-story residential buildings.


  • ​Visions for Jing'an's future outlined by its prominent citizens

    More efforts should be paid to integrate upgrading of industrial parks with urban renewal. Favorable policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship are urgently needed to make Jing'an the first entry point for investments to Shanghai.


  • Starry, starry nights in Jing'an District

    The nights in Jing'an are shining brighter than ever during the winter holiday season.


  • Pop-up concert

    A pop-up concert was held on December 3 to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Starbucks' first overseas Reserve Roastery.


  • New cultural venue along Suzhou Creek

    A new cultural venue called TBCA opened on Lane 9 Qufu Road this month, becoming the latest newcomer to the vibrant cultural landscape along Suzhou Creek.


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