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My Favorite China's Brands
Jing-an Sorting by the latest release time

  • Happy New Year

    Jing’an sits at the heart of Shanghai. It includes the essence of the history and culture of the city, home to century-old buildings, big-name attractions, glitzy retail malls and charming art galleries.


  • November keywords: Vibrant business beyond CIIE

    Nanjing Road W. is comparable to any leading commercial zone in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a report released by JLL Global Property Consultancy.


  • October Keywords: Birthday celebrations

    Jing'an evoked a mood of exaltation this month as it celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


  • September Keywords: Back to school

    Schools all over Jing'an district welcomed students back on September 1 with a variety of activities.


  • August Keywords: Collective Efforts to Beautify Backstreets

    ​"Ju Fu Chang" is the abbreviation of Julu, Fumin and Changle roads, an area dotted with cobblestone alleyways, historic buildings, artsy boutiques and chic cafes under lines of sycamore trees.


  • June Keywords: Ordinary Building, Extraordinary Past

    On an unassuming street corner stands an inconspicuous gray-and red-brick building, but its past was riddled with "red" secrets.


  • July Keywords of Jing'an: Hello Again, Zhangyuan

    The once-bustling Zhangyuan has once again come alive. As one of the city's best-preserved historical communities, it is quite literally an architectural treasure trove, featuring historic buildings in 28 different styles. .


  • May Keywords: Something Old, Something New

    A newly restored "red" site has truly become a "memorial built in the shell of shikumen (stone-gate)."


  • April Keywords: Once Upon A Time in Fudeli

    Forgotten yet prominent figures, solemn yet heart-stirring stories in China’s revolutionary history were reawakened in Jing’an’s first original “red” drama “Once Upon A Time in Fudeli.”


  • March Keywords: Jing'an in bloom

    A total of 1.15 million tulips will blanket an area of 22,000 square meters at Daning Park with a richly colored carpet. About 100 varieties are on display in special shapes and styles.


  • February Keywords: Stay-put Spring Festival

    Usually, the weeklong Spring Festival holiday leaves Shanghai empty as millions of people travel abroad or reunite with their out-of-town families.


  • January Keywords: Suzhou Creek Stroll

    Jing’an has designed three new​ attractions along Suzhou Creek, creating a journey from its past to the present.


  • September keywords:  Night spots harmony

    Shanghai has been called a “sleepless city” because of its vibrant night life, but what some residents consider fun is nothing but a headache for others.


  • Urban festival pulls out all the stops

    ​Tea culture and wine and beer fests highlighted activities during the 2019 Jing’an Autumn Urban Festival in the past month. The annual festival taps the district’s cultural and tourism resources, promoting its role of turning Shanghai into an international metropolis. 


  • Moments in September

    Local residents donned school uniforms of the 1920s, played traditional Shanghai neighborhood games and watched a play at the former residence of esteemed educator Cai Yuanpei during the third parent-child evening event on August 24.


  • October Keywords: 70th anniversary celebrations

    Despite heavy rain, more than 500 people turned out at 8:30am on October 1 to attend a special flag-raising ceremony held in front of the memorial site of the Party’s Second National Congress.


  • Local communities pull out all the stops

    In communities across Jing’an, a “red telephone booth” has become a popular destination.


  • Melting pot goes from strength to strength

    ​In downtown Jing’an District, you could be almost anywhere in the world -- the US, Paris, Italy or Britain.


  • Traditional brands, modern marketing

    Products combining traditional crafts and modern design have won awards in a competition of time-honored brands in Jing’an, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the revitalization of Shaanxi Road N.


  • Moments in October

    To welcome the upcoming China International Import Expo, Jing’an has strengthened its “beautiful home” campaign to improve the environment.


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