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Germany-economy Sorting by the latest release time

  • Economic institute Ifo latest to downgrade German growth forecast

    A prominent German research institute was the latest to scale back its 2019 economic forecast for Germany on Thursday, cutting expected growth nearly in half to 0.6 per cent from 1.1 per cent.


  • Patent applications in Europe at record high

    More than 174,000 patents were filed with the European Patent Office (EPO) last year - around 5 percent more than the previous year and more than ever before. Almost half of the applications came from European countries - 15 percent of them from...


  • Study: Germany is one of top beneficiaries of euro currency

    Germany is one of the countries that profited the most from the introduction of the euro, while for Italy and France it resulted in "a reduction in prosperity," a study released on Monday showed.


  • Ifo: German exporters somewhat more confident

    German exporters are somewhat less sceptical about the future, according to a regular survey conducted by the Munich-based ifo Institute, which was published on Monday.


  • German family-owned businesses globally successful

    Germany's family-owned businesses are at the forefront of the global economy.According to a ranking published on Wednesday, 119 of the 750 owner-controlled companies in the world with the strongest turnover come from Germany.


  • Booming sales in China of January drive global turnover

    Despite the atmosphere of crisis, the German company, which last October reached the majority in the JV that produces its cars, has increased sales in January by 15% in the Chinese market. Now is aiming to the electric sector, challenging Tesla...


  • German industry federation sees global recession risks rising

    The Federation of German Industries (BDI) sees an elevated risk of global recession, according to its world economic outlook published on Friday.


  • Study: Investment robo-advisors spreading in Germany

    Online automated investing is increasingly spreading in Germany, according to a new study by Deutsche Bank.


  • Study: German labour market needs migrants from outside the EU

    The German labour market will need at least 260,000 migrants per year in the medium- to long-term, and many of them will have to come from outside the European Union, a study released Tuesday showed.


  • Flat Q4 growth helps Germany dodge recession at the end of 2018

    Germany's gross domestic product (GDP) remained flat in the fourth quarter of 2018, meaning the country has narrowly dodged a recession, according to preliminary data released by the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis).


  • Venture capital seeks start-ups, with plenty left in new SME fund

    The economics ministry in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has created a fund worth 15 million euros to help company founders and small companies that have innovative ideas but a lack of capital.


  • German exports in 2018 up 3 pct to all-time record

    German exports rose by 3 percent to an all-time record of nearly 1.32 trillion euros (1.49 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2018, preliminary results published by the German Federal Statistical Office (destatis) on Friday show.


  • US investors put 100 million euros into German fixed-interest portal

    Investors from PayPal, Ribbit Capital and Thrive Ventures have put 100 million euros (114 million dollars) into the German fixed-interest portal WeltSparen, the Berlin-based company announced on Wednesday.


  • German Finance Ministry urges budget cuts on lower growth forecast

    Germany's Finance Ministry is urging cuts to future expenditure, despite the country's relatively sound budgetary position, according to an internal government document seen by dpa on Monday.


  • Lack of entrepreneurs makes company succession more difficult

    Approximately 227,000 small or medium-sized companies want to transfer ownership to new hands by the end of next year (in 2017 the figure was 236,000).


  • German economy minister sets 1-per-cent 2019 growth forecast

    The German economy will keep growing in 2019, but at a slower rate thanks to headwinds ranging from Brexit fears to international trade wars, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Wednesday.


  • Germans worried about economy, but still planning to hit the shops

    Despite a gloomy economic mood, Germans seem to remain in a spending mood, with data released on Wednesday showing an uptick in consumer confidence.


  • German specialty glass maker upbeat on China market outlook

    German specialty glass maker SCHOTT is upbeat about the Chinese market's growth prospects thanks to an increasing demand for high-quality drug packaging products.


  • 'Best times are over' warns German industry head, eyeing economy

    The head of a key German industrial association said Thursday that "the best times are over" for Germany's economy, predicting slower growth than what the country has seen in past years.


  • Study: Investors may invest less money in real estate in 2019

    According to a new study, large investors are likely to invest less money in German real estate in 2019.


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