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Chinese brands Sorting by the latest release time

  • British market open to Chinese EV brands, says motor industry leader

    An increasing number of Chinese automobile brands, especially electric vehicles (EV) brands, are entering the United Kingdom (UK) and British consumers are open to that, a British motor industry leader has told Xinhua.


  • Chinese brands bring quality, affordable cars to Angola: official

    Chinese vehicle brands are bringing high-quality and affordable cars to Angola, said Amadeu Nunes, the secretary of state for commerce of Angola, during his speech at the opening ceremony of the first 4S store of Great Wall Motors (GWM), on Wednesday, in Luanda, Angola's capital.


  • Chinese brands extend global influences in pursuit of innovative, localized development

    Chinese brands received increasing recognition from overseas consumers in 2023 as they pursued market expansion alongside high-quality growth featuring innovation and localization.


  • Chinese brands go global with cultural influence

    With inspirations ranging from museums, literature, and murals, Piececool, a toy brand based in south China's Dongguan, incorporates distinctive cultural features into its creative product line, garnering recognition at home and abroad.


  • Chinese brands chart new horizons in global market

    Chinese products have traversed a journey from inception to prosperity in recent decades, with their popularity evolving into an unstoppable trend. They are now poised for relentless innovation to enhance their presence in the international market.


  • Economic Watch: Made-in-China products shine during Double Eleven shopping sales

    Beijing resident Han Xue has replaced all her home electrical appliances with products made by Xiaomi, a Chinese consumer electronics brand.


  • Chinese brands top Israel's EV sales in Jan.-Aug. period

    Chinese brands topped Israel's electric vehicle (EV) sales in the first eight months of 2023, according to data issued Sunday by the Israel Vehicle Importers Association.


  • Chinese-made heat-relief products gain popularity overseas amid scorching heatwaves

    Heat-relief products made by Chinese companies have become popular in overseas markets as the Northern Hemisphere is scorched by hot summer, reported the Xinhua-run China Securities Journal.


  • Israel eyes more fruits from innovation-driven cooperation with China: official

    With China's impressive achievements in science and technology, more fruits are expected to be borne through innovation-driven cooperation between Israel and China, Ami Appelbaum, chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority, told Xinhua in a recent interview.


  • Chinese baijiu maker Wuliangye ranks among 50 foreigners' most-favored Chinese brands

    China's leading baijiu maker Wuliangye was once again listed as one of the 50 most-favored Chinese brands voted by foreigners at the activity "Give a Like for My Favorite China's Brands (2022-2023)" released on Wednesday night in Shanghai.


  • "Global Tour of China's Brands" campaign kicks off to help Chinese brands win more global influence

    "Global Tour of China's Brands" campaign was launched at the first China Brand Global Communication Conference held in Shanghai on Tuesday, to further enhance the international influence and competitiveness of Chinese home-grown brands and help build a number of world-renowned Chinese brands.


  • Economic Watch: Chinese brands gain foothold in Japan, eyeing next-level growth

    While Japan's unique business culture and strong emphasis on quality may have deterred some foreign firms seeking quick money to enter the country, an increasing number of Chinese companies, with their long-term commitment and solid steps, are starting to gain a foothold in the hard-to-crack market.


  • Chinese brands popular among overseas consumers during holiday shopping season

    Chinese brands such as Dreame and Hisense were popular among overseas consumers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season in late November, reported the Xinhua-run China Securities Journal.


  • Innovation of Chinese brands sets new consumption trends

    Ever bought your cat food made from squab? Or tried a lollipop that can sing? These are just some of the innovative Chinese products that may blow your mind.


  • Final list of Most-loved China's Brands Amongst Global Consumers in 2022 unveiled

    The final list of the Most-loved China's Brands Amongst Global Consumers in 2022 was unveiled Saturday at the Boao Forum for Entrepreneurs held in Boao, Hainan.


  • Chinese liquor maker Wuliangye voted as most popular Chinese liquor brand among global consumers

    Chinese renowned liquor producer Wuliangye has been voted as the most popular Chinese liquor brand in the Most-loved China's Brands Amongst Global Consumers event, showed the results unveiled Saturday.


  • KPMG releases 2nd top 50 Chinese brands list

    KPMG has recently released the second edition of the KPMG China Future Sector 50 Ranking Series list which shows the vitality and great potential of Chinese brands, reported Shanghai Securities News Thursday.


  • GLOBALink | Chinese automakers showcase NEVs at Paris Motor Show

    New energy vehicles (NEVs) are in the spotlight at the 89th Paris Motor Show which kicked off on Monday in Paris.


  • Top 100 Chinese brands reach 1.24 trln USD in overall value in 2022: report

    The total value of the top 100 Chinese brands surpassed the 1-trillion-U.S. dollar threshold for the second consecutive year and reached 1.24 trillion dollars in 2022, according to a report released by the international market research firm, Kantar, on Thursday.


  • Homegrown brands shine at int'l expo

    Visitors flocked to the Aroma Naturals booth at the second China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) to savor the unique fragrance of scented candles, offering a glimpse of the immense popularity of homegrown brands.


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