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China-France Sorting by the latest release time

  • E. China's Changzhou holds culture and tourism promotion activities in Paris

    Changzhou City in east China's Jiangsu Province recently held a culture and tourism promotion conference in Paris.


  • China is source of growth and innovation: says Danone CEO

    The thriving Sino-French relationship has been instrumental in Danone's success in China, said the company's CEO in a recent interview with Xinhua.


  • China-France co-produced dance drama "Journey to the West" starts tour in both countries

    A dance drama "Journey to the West," jointly produced by Chinese and French artists, has recently started its tour in the two countries.


  • French puppet show "De La Fontaine" wowing audiences in China

    Giant animal puppets held up by actors and aerial dancers swinging via red ribbons, all formed part of a puppet show on top of a shopping mall which impressed the audience with its French flavor in the central Chinese city of Changsha on Wednesday.


  • China, France to advance bilateral trade, economic cooperation: spokesperson

    China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday that it will work with French authorities to promote trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.


  • China, France to cooperate on Notre Dame restoration

    The Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum in northwestern China announced on Wednesday that it will collaborate with its French counterpart on the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and the protection of the Terracotta Warriors.


  • GLOBALink | China, France expected to work together to strengthen multilateralism: French observers

    Multiple French observers have highlighted the significance of China-France cooperation, saying the two countries are expected to work together to strengthen multilateralism.


  • Feature: "French farm to Chinese dining table" -- a culinary journey strengthening bonds across continents

    China and France, two countries with rich gastronomic histories at the two ends of the Eurasian continent, find their bonds via food have grown even stronger.


  • China, France to enhance global governance cooperation on artificial intelligence

    China and France pledged Monday to take effective measures to address the potential and actual risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and to strengthen global governance of AI to promote development and use for the common good.


  • Peng Liyuan, French first lady visit Orsay Museum

    Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, on invitation visited the Orsay Museum with Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, in Paris on Monday afternoon.


  • Feature: Why is a Frenchman still remembered in China after over a century?

    At that time, cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and France extended beyond technology, exerting important influence on China's politics, military, education, science, technology, diplomacy and culture.


  • Feature: Gastronomy festival on Seine marks 60th anniversary of China-France ties

    French scallops with pineapple, Brittany lobster with fried rice, and mille-feuille of red fruits with Bourbon vanilla are just a few of the signature dishes featured at a Sino-French gastronomy festival, set aboard a boat along the Seine.


  • Interview: Nuclear energy cooperation between China, France has huge potential, says EDF China head

    There is huge potential for cooperation between China and France in the field of nuclear energy and other low-carbon energies, and EDF will continue to make more high-quality investments in China, said Fabrice Fourcade, chairman of French energy company EDF's China branch.


  • GLOBALink | Historical shipbuilding administration builds bridge of exchanges between China, France

    A historical shipbuilding administration set up more than 100 years ago in southeast China served as a bridge of people-to-people exchanges between China and France.


  • Chinese, French scholars hold cross-cultural talks in Paris

    Researchers from the two countries held discussions on the practice of cross-cultural exchanges, retrospection and reflection on the mutual enrichment of civilizations, as well as scientific and technological innovation and the future of civilization.


  • Chinese, French experts seek multilateral future at global governance forum

    More than 100 Chinese and French experts gathered in Paris on Thursday to explore ways to build a multilateral future by deepening global governance reforms.


  • Feature: French musical actor's 20-year "love story" with China

    Over the past twenty years, French musical actor Laurent Ban has been shuttling frequently between China and France, building bridges for dialogue, and extolling the friendship of the two countries.


  • French expat's "tale of two cities" in China's Yangtze River Delta

    Benefiting from a convenient and efficient public transportation network, French expat Romain Sevestre enjoys his life living and working in two cities in the Yangtze River Delta, one of the most vibrant, open and innovative city clusters in China.


  • Chinese youths bond with romantic France at film festival

    In front of the centennial lecture hall of Peking University in Beijing, students queued up to watch the three films vying in the main competition unit of the 14th Beijing International Film Festival.


  • China ready to strengthen high-level exchanges with France, says Wang Yi

    China is willing to strengthen high-level exchanges with France, give play to the leading role of head-of-state diplomacy, and add new connotations to the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, a senior Chinese official said on Saturday.


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