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  • Most Chinese enterprises implement epidemic control measures well: official

    Most enterprises in China have effectively implemented measures on epidemic prevention and control, health authorities have found in a recent special campaign.


  • Chinese medical team arrives in Zimbabwe to help combat COVID-19

    A Chinese medical team arrived in Zimbabwe on Monday to assist the southern African country's efforts in the fight against COVID-19.


  • Thai Commerce Ministry encourages COVID-19 patent requests

    Deputy Prime Minister Weerasak Wangsuphakijkosol said his ministry will support researchers and innovators who register with the Department of Intellectual Property to apply for intellectual property protection of innovations created as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • China, Slovakia agree on enhancing cooperation, tracing COVID-19 origin

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi lauded the prioritization of developing China-Slovakia relations by the new Slovak government in a phone conversation with Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Ivan Korcok Wednesday.


  • Interview: Tunisia satisfied with Tunisia-China cooperation in fighting COVID-19: health minister

    Tunisian Minister of Health Abdellatif Mekki on Thursday expressed satisfaction with Tunisia's cooperation with China in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • China to join WHO collaboration initiative against COVID-19 pandemic

    China has decided to join the international collaboration initiative launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat COVID-19, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.


  • China, Singapore join hands to confront challenges amid COVID-19 outbreak

    As the COVID-19 outbreak have continued to pose grave challenges to many parts of the world, China and Singapore have been working closely together in the battle against the deadly virus.


  • China's nighttime economy bounces back amid epidemic

    As a large number of enterprises have worked around the clock after resuming production amid the COVID-19 epidemic, China's nighttime economy is recovering soon, reported Economic Information Daily Thursday.


  • Joint Action Initiative to Meet Global Challenges and Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SIRONET members have provided various forms of medical aid to and shared anti-pandemic experience with their partners in the most affected countries. To further address the current challenges, we propose four initiatives.


  • China's agriculture sector withstands COVID-19 epidemic

    China's agriculture sector logged robust performance in the first quarter of the year despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, an official said here Tuesday.


  • China Focus: China's internet-related industries grow fast amid epidemic

    China has seen a boom in internet-related industries and the digital economy amid the COVID-19 epidemic, a report on China's internet development showed.


  • Timely medical aid from China helps Sri Lanka amidst COVID-19 escalation

    China on Monday donated another batch of medical aid to Sri Lanka to support the island country in its battle against COVID-19.


  • Chinese medical experts install CT scanner to help tackle COVID-19 in Iraq

    A team of Chinese medical experts completed the installation of a CT scanner at a quarantine center in Iraqi capital Baghdad, as part of China's efforts to help Iraq cope with the spread of COVID-19.


  • China helps boost employment of university graduates

    China has taken a slew of measures to help boost the employment of university graduates amid the COVID-19 impact, an official with the Ministry of Education said in an interview.


  • Central China province donates medical supplies to Europe

    A batch of medical supplies donated by the government of central China's Henan Province will be transported to Poland, Germany, Britain and other European countries via China-Europe freight trains.


  • Thai public health authority launches online system to reduce COVID-19 infection risks

    "Applied technologies will bring about convenience to the public, save their time and expense, minimize mobility and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection", said Dr. Natthaphong.


  • Thailand and Japan seek regional partnership for less COVID-19 impact

    This aims at enabling members to suffer less economic impact from COVID-19 through making full use of the rights and interests of the agreement. In addition, the two sides agreed that India should be pushed to rejoin the negotiations.


  • Economic Watch: China retains policy room to shore up growth: MDBs

    China retains ample policy room to shore up the virus-hit economy amid sustained epidemic control measures, officials with multilateral development banks (MDBs) said.


  • Interview: Chinese economy to rebound back in positive territory, says Pakistan's former central banker

    The Chinese economy would gradually return to positive territory after reporting negative GDP growth for the first quarter, according to Yaseen Anwar, a former governor of Pakistan's central bank.


  • Triboo starts selling the serological test by Sobs Outdo Biotech

    After the agreement with Confindustria on face masks, the group is starting selling the kit produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company. Through the analysis of a blood sample, it is able to detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in 10-15 minutes.


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