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International Relation

Chinese envoy calls for adherence to multilateralism

October 12, 2018

Abstract : A Chinese envoy on Thursday called on countries to uphold multilateralism and follow international rules and norms for the sake of universal security.


UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese envoy on Thursday called on countries to uphold multilateralism and follow international rules and norms for the sake of universal security.

Speaking at a plenary meeting of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Fu Cong, head of the Department of Arms Control of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said multilateralism remains an effective approach to dealing with common challenges and resolving international disputes.

The world needs multilateralism more than ever before, said Fu.

"We must firmly uphold the international order based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, pursue common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, bridge differences and resolve disputes through consultation and dialogue, and accommodate the legitimate security concerns of every country, so as to achieve common and universal security," Fu said.

Nuclear non-proliferation is a common goal of the international community, he told the committee, which is in charge of disarmament and international security affairs.

Positive progress has been made on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula. Parties are returning to the right track toward a settlement through dialogue and consultation, he said.

History has proven that dialogue and negotiation are the fundamental way to advance denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability in the region. China believes that with the concerted efforts of all parties concerned, the peninsula will find peace and be free of nuclear weapons and military threats, said Fu.

He also asked to uphold the Iran nuclear deal.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a major achievement of the international community. To implement the JCPOA in good faith is important for upholding international nuclear non-proliferation regime and multilateralism, he said.

"All parties must firmly uphold the JCPOA. We must not stand still or even reverse course. Otherwise this great achievement of multilateral diplomacy would be left in tatters."

On the Syrian crisis, he said, political settlement remains the only right and viable way to resolve the issue.

On reports of chemical weapons use in Syria, Fu said: "China is of the view that there must be full, objective and impartial investigations into all the incidents of the alleged use of chemical weapons to make sure that the conclusions they reach can be based on solid evidence and stand the test of time."

Recriminations and prejudgment would only make matters even more complicated, he said.

The international community should maintain their solidarity, step up dialogue and consultation, avoid confrontation and work together to find solutions, he said.

Fu called on countries to adhere to international rules and norms.

"We must uphold the authority and sanctity of the existing international rules and norms, and reject double standards, selective application of rules and placing domestic law above international law."

Certain countries impose unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction based on their domestic law. This can only undermine trust between countries and seriously violate the basic principles of international law, he said.

Fu also asked to advance global governance.

The international security issues keep evolving, and the existing global governance system is not compatible on many fronts, he said. "We should bear in mind the new security situation, bring creativity into full play and enhance communication and consultation so as to make the global security governance fairer, more equitable and effective."

China is a champion of multilateralism and stays true to the path of multilateralism, he said. China supports the disarmament agenda put forward by the UN secretary-general, and stands ready to work with other parties to inject new impetus into multilateral arms control and disarmament process.

No matter how the interactional situation may change, China will always stay committed to peace and development, and join hands with all countries to safeguard multilateralism and enhance international cooperation, for a world of lasting peace and universal security, and for greater progress in the lofty cause of world peace.

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