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  • China's tourist hotspots lift reservation requirements amid surge in visitors

    As China's tourist destinations experience a surge in both domestic and international visitors this summer, many popular spots have eliminated reservation requirements to reduce hassle and offer a seamless travel experience for tourists.


  • China welcomes more foreign tourists: spokesperson

    China welcomes more foreign friends and hopes they will unlock their own unique "China Travel" experience, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.


  • Xinhua Headlines: Behind China's growing appeal to international travelers

    China is welcoming more tourists with new visa policies. Many visitors have changed their perspective on China after their visits of the country.


  • E. China's Fengxin County holds tourism promotion activities, offering tourists cool escapes from summer heat

    Fengxin County in east China's Jiangxi Province kicked off the second cool-off season and cultural tourism & consumption campaign on July 5, inviting tourists to visit the county and stay cool in its chilly mountainous locations during hot summer days.


  • Summer travel boom in China to propel economic momentum

    China is gearing up for a substantial surge in travel and tourism as the bustling summer vacation season kicks off, with analysts expecting the rapidly warming domestic market to further boost economic recovery.


  • China logs 14.64 million inbound trips by foreigners in H1

    China recorded 14.64 million inbound trips made by foreigners in the first half of this year, up 152.7 percent year on year, the National Immigration Administration said Friday.


  • Dialogue in Hungary aims to boost Europe-China tourism recovery

    A Europe-China tourism dialogue opened in Budapest on Thursday, aiming to speed up the recovery of tourism between the two sides.


  • Foreign vloggers show real China to global audiences

    When Sammy and Tommy, an adventure travel couple from the United States, embarked on their journey through China, they never imagined how it would unfold.


  • Chinese tourist arrivals to Cambodia up 43.1 pct in first 5 months

    The number of Chinese tourists to Cambodia rose 43.1 percent year-on-year in the first five months of 2024, said a Cambodian Ministry of Tourism's report released on Tuesday.


  • Int'l Tourism Alliance of Silk Road Cities holds meeting in Türkiye's Istanbul

    The International Tourism Alliance of Silk Road Cities convened Friday a meeting in Türkiye's Istanbul to discuss tourism cooperation between alliance members.


  • Direct flights resume between Beijing, Prague

    Direct flights between the capital cities of China and the Czech Republic officially resumed on Monday, with the arrival of a Hainan Airlines aircraft at the Prague Airport in the early morning after a 10-hour flight.


  • Economic Watch: China to create new consumption scenarios to tap consumer demand

    China is moving to foster new consumption scenarios in multiple sectors, including tourism, automobiles and electronics, aiming to boost consumer demand and promote the steady growth of consumption.


  • Chinese tourists to BiH nearly triple in first four months

    Chinese tourists to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) nearly tripled in the first four months of this year, according to the latest data from the BiH Statistics Agency.


  • China to expand visa-free transit policy to more countries, add inbound flights

    China will expand its visa-free transit policy to include more countries and increase inbound flights from major passenger source countries to optimize its entry and exit measures, according to a circular unveiled on Monday by China's top economic planner.


  • China's robust tourism, consumption in Dragon Boat Festival holiday

    With surging trips and tourism spending, China's just finished Dragon Boat Festival holiday reflected a robust consumer market and steady economic recovery. Here are some notable facts and figures about the three-day holiday ending Monday.


  • More Chinese visitors enter New Zealand: statistics

    A total of 225,000 overseas visitors arrived in New Zealand in the April 2024 month, increasing by 3,800 from the April 2023 month, with more Chinese visitors entering the country, the statistics department Stats NZ said on Wednesday.


  • Feature: Unlocking Future of New Zealand-China Tourism Exchanges

    As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, the tourism industry is poised for a significant transformation. The future of New Zealand-China tourism exchanges is promising, with both countries adapting to evolving travel trends and exploring new opportunities for collaboration.


  • China expects 30 pct surge in border crossings during Dragon Boat Festival

    China's National Immigration Administration has projected a 32.5 percent year-on-year surge in border entries and exits during the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival break, with a daily average of 1.75 million crossings nationwide, according to figures released Thursday.


  • Why are foreign tourists heading to China now?

    Recently, more and more foreign tourists are flocking to China. Popular tourist attractions in the country such as Shanghai Disneyland Resort and Oriental Pearl Tower are swarming with international tourists.


  • Across China: Ecological restoration, tourism revives SW China mountain community

    Once a bustling industrial town, the Dawo residential community has endured the impact of environmental degradation and factory closures in recent decades.


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