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  • China to extend tax, fee supports for enterprises

    China will extend several preferential tax and fee policies to continue easing the burden on enterprises and support the development of businesses, the Ministry of Finance said Wednesday.


  • China extends preferential personal income tax policies

    China will continue to implement preferential personal income tax policies related to listed companies' equity incentives and stock connect programs between the mainland and Hong Kong financial markets.


  • Highlights of China's fiscal, taxation development in past decade

    During the past decade, China has made continuous efforts to foster fiscal and taxation development, rolling out measures ranging from lowering enterprises' tax burdens, and deepening reforms of fiscal and tax systems.


  • China to step up tax, fee cuts to stabilize growth next year

    China will step up tax and fee cuts next year to stabilize economic growth and promote high-quality development, the country's taxation authority has said, pledging to provide stronger support to smaller firms.


  • China sees expansion in new taxpayers in Jan.-Sept.

    China has witnessed an increase in the number of new taxpaying market entities in the first nine months as the country's economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Hong Kong to maintain simple tax system: official

    Hong Kong will continue to improve its business environment and competitiveness by maintaining its simple tax system and reducing the compliance burden on companies, an official said Monday.


  • China streamlines tax procedures to improve business climate

    China's taxation authorities on Monday announced a policy to simplify the declaration of multiple property and behavior taxes to improve the business climate.


  • China's overall tax on imported goods hits record low

    The overall tax rate on imported goods in China was slashed by more than a quarter during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), hitting an all-time low, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said Thursday.


  • China's resource tax law to take effect Tuesday

    China's resource tax law will come into effect on Tuesday, aiming to promote the conservation of natural resources and intensify the protection of the ecological environment.


  • China's tax, fee cuts total over 742 bln yuan in Q1

    China's top tax watchdog said Wednesday that the country's tax and fee cuts totaled 742.8 billion yuan (about 105 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quarter (Q1) of the year.


  • China to extend tax relief policy for western firms

    China's financial authorities decided to extend the term of tax relief measures targeting corporates in western China for another three years, as a powerful prop to promote the development and opening-up of the region.


  • China extends small businesses tax exemptions by four years

    China announced Sunday to extend tax exemptions by an additional four years to further improve the inclusive finance service for smaller businesses.


  • China relieves tax burden for processing trade firms

    China will exempt interest on tax deferred for domestic sales of processing trade enterprises in 2020, the Ministry of Finance said Wednesday.


  • S. China province raises tax rebate rates to shore up foreign trade firms amid epidemic

    Over 1,000 types of exports ranging from porcelain sanitary, construction accessories and auto parts to farm produce have enjoyed increased tax rebate rates starting from March 20, according to the provincial administration of taxation in China's export powerhouse of Guangdong.


  • China mulls law on city maintenance, construction tax

    Chinese lawmakers on Monday started deliberating a draft law on the city maintenance and construction tax, with exemptions granted to imported goods.


  • China to further lower tax burden on individuals

    China will continue to reduce the tax burden on individuals by improving and better implementing the special individual income tax deduction mechanism.


  • China expected to speed up taxation legislation, industry experts

    Chinese regulators are busy mapping out a timetable for legislation of substantive laws for eight tax categories and an adjective law on taxation administration to ensure statutory taxation by 2020, reported Economic Information Daily Tuesday.


  • Top European parliament candidate wants tax on digital giants

    Manfred Weber, the top candidate of the European People's Party in the European parliament elections in May, believes that taxation of such digital giants as Facebook and Google must still be sought despite the failure of a first attempt to do so.


  • China grants farm markets tax preferences

    China's wholesale and retail farm markets are now exempt from the paying property tax and land use tax as the country wants to boost its agricultural product distribution.


  • China to establish modern fiscal, taxation, financial system in Xiongan

    China will accelerate the establishment of the modern fiscal, taxation and financial system in Xiongan New Area to boost its development, according to a guideline on deepening reforms and expanding opening-up in Xiongan, which was issued on Thursday.


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