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  • Chinese premier stresses importance of reform, opening-up to unleash market vitality

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday stressed efforts to push reform and opening up to unleash market vitality and ease downward pressure on the economy.


  • Merkel says massive investment, reforms needed for green transition

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that she believed massive investments and reforms will be needed to transition to a greener economy.


  • Interview: CPC's reform and opening-up helps world cope with development challenges: ex-diplomat

    The Communist Party of China (CPC) has helped the world cope with contemporary development challenges, Sylwester Szafarz, former consul general of Poland in the Chinese city of Shanghai, has said.


  • Chinese premier stresses efforts to strengthen market vitality for development

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has underlined efforts to further advance reform and opening-up, strengthen market vitality and actively deal with changing domestic and external situations for pushing forward the country's stable and sound economic development.


  • Chinese vice premier stresses efforts to deepen reform, opening-up

    Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng has called for unswerving efforts to deepen reform and opening-up and push forward high-quality development during an inspection tour to south China's Guangdong Province.


  • Economic Watch: China accelerates reform to empower private sector amid COVID-19

    To enter shopping malls in Beijing, people need to show their health code on a mobile app. With a green code, they are free to enter the building; If the code goes red or yellow, the individual is quarantined.


  • Commentary: With 40-year miracle in Shenzhen, China's reform and opening-up set for new start

    When China established the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 40 years ago, overseas critics had cast doubt on its future. Forty years later, the once small coastal village has developed into a metropolis housing 13 million with its GDP hitting 2.69 trillion yuan.


  • China sticks to reform, opening-up amid epidemic

    China sticks to reform, opening-up amid epidemic


  • Commentary: China sticks to reform, opening-up amid epidemic

    All the measures adopted at these meetings are essential and imperative to both address the economic fallout from the novel coronavirus epidemic and drive long-term development.


  • China Unicom launches major structural reform

    China Unicom, one of the country's top three telecom operators, has started a structural overhaul to facilitate internet-oriented operation and digital transformation.


  • NW China's Shaanxi Province unveils measures to deepen FTZ reform, innovation

    NW China's Shaanxi Province introduced multiple measures at a recently-held provincial business conference to further promote the reform and innovation of the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ), reported Shaanxi Daily Wednesday.


  • China to further advance reform and opening up, says vice premier

    China will further deepen domestic reforms and open up wider to the outside world, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said here Wednesday.


  • China advances reform with new oil&gas pipeline firm unveiled

    China moves further in reform of oil and gas operations with China Oil & Gas Piping Network Corporation (PipeChina) officially established on December 9 in Beijing.


  • China goes further in mkt reform with new oil and gas pipeline company established

    China moves further in reform of oil and gas pipeline operations with China oil and gas pipeline company officially established Monday in Beijing.


  • China to further improve business environment by focusing on addressing market concerns

    With the introduction of the regulation on bettering the business environment, China will take further steps to foster a world-class, market-oriented business environment governed by a sound legal framework.


  • Economic Watch: China's reform blueprint builds up new growth drivers

    Facing increasing global complexities and waves of tech revolution, China has outlined its blueprint for higher-quality growth with deeper reform and wider opening-up measures.


  • China Focus: China's holistic reform creating new synergy for high-quality growth

    China has adopted a package of new reform measures for high-quality development as policy-makers set the tone for greater synergy of reform in different areas.


  • China to expand SOE mixed ownership reform: spokesperson

    China is screening the fourth batch of pilot state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for mixed ownership reform, an official from the country's economic planner said Thursday.


  • SW China's Chongqing sees remarkable results in FTZ construction in 2018

    Chongqing, a municipality in southwest China, has achieved great results in the construction of its pilot free trade zone (FTZ) in 2018.


  • China to further cut red tape to invigorate market

    China's central government will eliminate or delegate to lower-level authorities more items that require government approval and implement nationwide the reform of the construction project reviewing system.


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