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  • Across China: East China community witnesses vibrant China-Indonesia exchanges

    It was just before noon. Fifty-year-old Fu Ruichang, drenched in sweat, was busy grilling a suckling pig outside his restaurant in Nanshan Community in the city of Quanzhou, east China's Fujian Province.


  • China to boost museums' role in cultural exchange, education

    China has planned to significantly bolster the role of museums in cultural exchange and education, according to a guideline on the development of museums issued Monday.


  • Chinese New Year events in Latvia to take place online

    The Chinese New Year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, are an intrinsic part of China's rich culture. In recent years, the beginning of a new lunar year has also been marked in Latvia.


  • China opens virtual Spring Festival celebration

    A festive event open to the globe to celebrate the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, kicked off on Thursday in Beijing.


  • Online photo exhibition highlights charm of China's "Land of Fish and Rice" for Australians

    There is a popular saying in China "Above there is heaven; below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou." An online photo exhibition titled "Charm of Jiangsu" went on display in Australia, highlighting the unique beauty and culture of the land of fish and rice.


  • China cultural center in Fiji celebrates 5th year birthday

    A group of Fijian and Chinese guests gathered at the China Cultural Center in Fiji to celebrate its fifth anniversary of establishment on Thursday.


  • Interview: Cultural exchange vital for Fiji, China to enhance mutual understanding, say officials

    Cultural exchange is the key for countries such as Fiji and China to enhance mutual understanding and respect, Fijian and Chinese officials said on Thursday.


  • Università Cattolica won the Confucius Institute of the year

    On the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the Confucius Institute of the Catholic University received the award thanks to its vast activity for the spread of the Chinese language, with about 300 enrolled in language courses and 1,000 language certification exams per year.


  • Int'l cultural industries fair to be held in E China

    More than 300 international exhibitors will attend the 8th Shandong International Cultural Industries Fair, which is slated to open in east China's Shandong Province Thursday, the event organizer said Wednesday.


  • The cultural contamination underlying relations with China

    Beauty Unites Us: China Arts from Vatican Museum, is the exhibition which was held in the Forbidden City, in Beijing, that proposed a reflection on the influences of Catholicism in the history of art and culture of the former Celestial Empire.


  • Jiangxi (Nanchang) Caicha opera European tour starts from Prague

    A traditional Chinese opera presented by the troupe from Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province staged in Prague Congress Centre, the Czech Republic on Wednesday night, kicking off its European tour to display the special culture of the East China Province.


  • "Digital interpreter" makes you "hit it off" with the world

    iFLYTEK Translator 2.0 currently supports the real-time inter-translation between Chinese and 50 other languages, meeting travel needs in nearly 200 countries and regions; it has also integrated AI technology.


  • Digitization builds bridge of knowledge interconnection

    The emergence of digitization has raised the possibility to reshape the landscape of civilization exchanges, as it gives rise to the integration of worldwide civilizations by disseminating culture at the speed of light.


  • China, Croatia to enhance cultural, tourism cooperation

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said Wednesday that the two countries will enhance cultural and tourism cooperation.


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