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  • S.F. Holding (002352.SZ): Q1-Q3 net profit to grow by 146pct-154 pct y-o-y

    Net profit of China's courier giant S.F. Holding Co., Ltd.(002352.SZ) is expected to achieve a 146 percent - 154 percent year-on-year growth to 4.42 billion yuan to 4.57 billion yuan in the first three quarters of the year, according to the company’s announcement on Thursday.


  • ​Chinese logistics firm Best Inc. sees growing international business in Q2

    BEST Inc. (NYSE: BEST), a leading integrated smart supply chain and logistics solutions provider in China, has seen big rise in its international business in the second quarter (Q2) this year, reported Wednesday.


  • China's courier sector sees robust H1 growth despite epidemic

    China's courier sector registered robust growth in the first half of 2020 after a quick recovery from a COVID-19 downturn, the State Post Bureau said Thursday.


  • China's courier sector sees business volume rising 40 pct in May Day holiday

    China's courier sector saw an almost 40-percent increase in its business volume during the past five-day May Day holiday, the State Post Bureau said Wednesday.


  • China's courier sector handles over 200 mln parcels per day

    China's courier sector now handled more than 200 million parcels every day, almost the same as the level before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Bian Zuodong, an official with the State Post Bureau, said Saturday.


  • China's courier sector continues to expand in H1

    China's courier sector keeps steady expansion in the first half of the year (H1), according to the State Post Bureau (SPB) Thursday.


  • China's courier giants see revenue continue to grow in May

    Four Chinese courier giants listed on the A-share market, namely, YUNDA Holding CO., Ltd., STO Express, YTO Express and S.F. Holding Co., Ltd., had seen their revenue from courier services continue to grow in May, reported the Shanghai Securities News on Wednesday.


  • Chinese couriers report strong Q1 growth

    China's courier sector experienced strong growth in the first quarter of 2019, official data showed.


  • SF Holding sees 16.6 pct revenue decline in February

    Chinese courier giant SF Holding posted a 16.6 percent year-on-year decline in revenues from its express delivery business in February.


  • China's courier sector expands

    China's courier sector continued to expand, raking in 94.7 billion yuan (about 14.1 billion U.S. dollars) of revenue from January to February, up 20.3 percent year on year.


  • Chongqing launches parking space program for food delivery, courier vehicles

    Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has piloted a new method of providing parking spaces for food delivery and courier vehicles in order to enhance city management.


  • China's courier sector posts strong growth in Q1

    China's courier sector maintained strong growth in the first quarter of this year, lifted by booming e-commerce, official data showed Thursday.


  • China's private courier businesses use more intl freight flights

    Chinese private courier companies are increasingly using international freight flights to transport goods as global e-commerce booms.


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