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  • Ice-snow sports consumption picks up steam in China

    As the number of people enjoying skiing increases rapidly, China's ice and snow sports-related consumption has picked up steam in recent years, the Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily reported on Thursday.


  • Diversified, high-end imported goods popular among Chinese consumers

    Diversified and high-end imported goods are popular among Chinese consumers as consumption upgrading advances, according to a report released on Wednesday by JD research institute for consumption and industrial development under the Chinese e-commerce giant


  • Multiple regions in China support consumption of NEVs, eyeing growth momentum in Q4

    Policy measures have been issued in multiple places in China lately to support the consumption of new energy vehicles (NEVs), upon which experts believe that the production and sales of NEVs should remain growth momentum in the fourth quarter, reported Securities Daily on Thursday.


  • Tibet sees double-digit annual growth of consumption expenditure over past decade

    Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has seen the per capita consumption expenditure of its residents surging over the past 10 years thanks to their rising income, authorities said Tuesday.


  • Shanghai issues e-coupons to spur consumption

    Shanghai will for the first time issue e-coupons to boost consumption, with the campaign running from late August to late November, the municipal commission of commerce said on Wednesday.


  • China's e-commerce spawns new patterns to boost consumption

    New consumption patterns are evolving in China's e-commerce sector as social media platforms offer specialized online shopping services to attract more consumers, injecting vitality into the country's online retail sales.


  • Beijing rolls out measures to boost consumption

    Beijing has rolled out a spate of measures in an effort to boost consumption recovery in the Chinese capital, according to the local economic planner.


  • Online shopping spree mirrors consumption recovery

    As the June 18 shopping festival has come to an end, Chinese consumers have set off a mid-year consumption boom.


  • Digital channels empower Shanghai retailers during mid-year shopping festival

    Livestreamed fashion week, up to 50 percent discount vouchers and more convenient group purchase options were some of the new features of this year's mid-year online shopping festival in Shanghai.


  • China Focus: Shopping festivals create new bonanza for Chinese market

    Bargain hunters will not have to wait until November to splurge as more shopping festivals begin to emerge in China.


  • China's consumption recovery gains momentum amid mid-year shopping fest

    China's consumption recovery has gained impetus from the mid-year online shopping spree amid the country's efforts to improve domestic market demands and upgrade consumption.


  • China looks to prop up retail spending with consumption vouchers

    With the latest COVID-19 resurgences abating and a weeks-long shopping festival just beginning, the Chinese government is handing out billions of yuan in shopping vouchers and subsidies to shore up domestic consumption.


  • China unveils a package of policies to support economy

    China's State Council issued a circular on Tuesday, urging the implementation of a package of detailed policy measures to further stabilize the economy.


  • Interview: Consumption, foreign trade underpin China's economy

    Consumption has played a leading role in powering China's economy this year, along with foreign trade which has posted double-digit growth, despite challenges at home and abroad, an official with the Ministry of Commerce said.


  • Economic Watch: Consumption plays larger role to bolster economy

    Despite multiple challenges, China is working all out to tap its consumption potential, as part of efforts to keep economic fundamentals stable and improve people's lives.


  • China to further tap consumption potential

    China on Monday unveiled guidelines to further tap the country's consumption potential, with detailed measures to tackle short-term bottlenecks and boost longer-term consumption vitality.


  • C.China Hubei Province launches multiple measures to boost consumption

    Central China's Hubei province recently launched a series of activities to boost local consumption in key sectors such as retail and catering, aiming to further inject vitality into the province's economy, reported Hubei Daily Monday.


  • ​Multiple cities in China release measures to encourage consumption

    Approaching end of the year, multiple cities in China have recently released new measures to encourage consumption, such as expanding automobile consumption, promoting consumption in business areas and issuing coupons, in order to strengthen the role of consumption as the anchor of economic growth.


  • Tax data reveals robust consumption during holiday

    China's household spending maintained stable growth during the National Day holiday as service consumption continued to expand, data from tax authorities showed.


  • Accelerating the Pace of Consumption Promotion

    During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China needs to accelerate the establishment of a "dual circulation" development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets can boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay.


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