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  • Shanghai sees consumption boom during Qingming holiday

    The eastern Chinese city of Shanghai saw a consumption boom during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, according to local authorities.


  • "Stay-put" Spring Festival drives consumption in Shanghai

    Retailers and restaurants in Shanghai saw surging sales during the Spring Festival holiday as many people stayed put to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


  • Shanghai sees consumption boom during Spring Festival holiday

    Shanghai saw a consumption boom during the week-long Spring Festival holiday, with major retailers doubling their sales over the same period last year as the holiday ended on Wednesday.


  • China's private consumption to more than double by 2030: report

    China is expected to see the size of its private consumption more than double in the next decade, with the share of services slated to outgrow goods, according to a research report from Morgan Stanley.


  • China's consumption market to continue recovery amid better conditions

    China's retail sales, a proxy for consumption, amounted to 39.2 trillion, a year-on-year fall of 3.9 percent, according to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Monday.


  • China's steel consumption to increase 150-200 mln tonnes in 2021-2025: expert

    China's steel consumption is expected to increase by 150-200 million tonnes during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), and the domestic iron and steel industry will usher in good development opportunities in 2021, industry experts said recently.


  • Interview: China's commerce minister stresses expanding consumption, boosting opening-up

    China will further unleash its consumption potential to foster a strong domestic market, while taking opening-up to a higher level, Wang Wentao, minister of commerce, said in a recent interview with Xinhua.


  • China launches measures to stimulate rural consumption potential

    Chinese government authorities have recently launched a bunch of measures to tap the consumption potential in rural areas, reported Securities Daily Wednesday.


  • New trends to watch for China's economy in 2021

    Consumption could emerge as the key growth driver for the Chinese economy in 2021 thanks to further job market recovery, the revival of consumer confidence as well as more policy support, economists predicted.


  • China's consumer market remains upbeat in New Year holiday

    China's consumer market remained buoyant during the three-day New Year holiday, with the average daily sales of key retail enterprises up 6.2 percent year on year, the Ministry of Commerce said Monday.


  • China sees consumption boom during holiday

    China saw robust consumption during the three-day New Year holiday thanks to the central and local policies for boosting domestic consumption, reported Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily on Monday.


  • China's consumer spending gains steam to underpin growth

    China's consumer spending continued to gather steam in November, solidifying its role as a key growth engine amid the economic recovery, official data showed Tuesday.


  • China steps up efforts to boost consumption

    Many regional authorities in China have recently released new measures to bolster consumption and stimulate the Chinese market's vitality, reported Economic Information Daily Thursday.


  • Consumption a greater driver for Chinese economy in 2021

    Private consumption could emerge as a greater driver of the Chinese economy in 2021 with the release of increased precautionary savings and a full recovery of the job market, according to a research report from Morgan Stanley.


  • China adopts new steps to bolster consumption, facilitate Internet Plus Tourism

    China will introduce new measures in boosting consumption in commodities and key sectors, and tapping rural consumption potential, according to the State Council, or the cabinet.


  • Young Chinese people show increased interest in health-related consumption

    Young people in China have shown increased interest in consuming health-related goods and services, according to AliHealth, the healthcare flagship of Alibaba Group.


  • ​Singles' Day shopping festival boosts new consumption business, model

    The Singles' Day shopping festival in China this year has seen multiple new consumption scenarios and models which show the great potential and resilience, and strong vitality of the Chinese economy, reported Economic Daily Wednesday.


  • China gold output, consumption drop in first nine months

    China produced 262.93 tonnes of gold in the first nine months of this year, a decrease of 12.42 tonnes or 4.51 percent compared to the same period of last year, industry data showed Tuesday.


  • China set for consumption rebound, broader recovery as coronavirus restrictions eased: UK media

    As coronavirus restrictions eased, China is expected to see further rebound of consumption and broader economic recovery, British media reported Monday.


  • China's consumption market to maintain stable growth in Q4, MOC

    China's consumption market is expected to maintain a stable growth in the fourth quarter of the year, a Ministry of Commerce (MOC) official said on Wednesday.


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