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  • Central Chinese city to hand out RMB400 mln of vouchers to spur consumption

    Zhengzhou, capital city of central China's Henan Province, on Wednesday announced a plan to issue e-vouchers worth 400 million yuan to boost local consumption.


  • Booming beauty consumption boosts China's economic recovery

    With the orderly resumption of work and production, beauty consumption in China has ushered in a peak season, helping quicken the recovery of the country's economy amid the COVID-19 outbreak, reported Securities Daily on Monday.


  • China's consumption rebounds across sectors as COVID-19 outbreak eases

    China's daily invoice issuance across sectors have picked up up, pointing to robust momentum of consumption recovery as locally transmitted cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continued to recede, a taxation official said Tuesday.


  • China Focus: Chinese cities launch voucher campaigns to boost epidemic-hit consumption

    Chinese cities have launched voucher campaigns with multiple enterprises to encourage residents to dine out and shop, in an effort to boost consumption hit hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak.


  • China's Zhejiang rolls out guideline to spur consumption

    Eastern China's Zhejiang Province has released a guideline to spur consumption with moves including gradually relaxing car purchase rules in the provincial capital Hangzhou.


  • Economic Watch: Stay-at-home economy spawns new growth drivers for consumption

    New consumption and retail models emerged from China's "contactless" economy amid its battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak are fueling consumption momentum as new growth drivers.


  • FPO: export, private consumption pickup enables Thai economic recovery

    The Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) revealed that Thai economy showed recovery in January 2020, thanks to improved export and private consumption, especially in durables: vehicle sales and the number of newly registered motorcycles rose; farm produce price rise boosted agricultural revenue.


  • China's consumer market to remain stable in long-term with new growth points blooming, experts

    China's consumer market will not be long affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, with more policy supports around the corner and new growth points blooming, Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News quoted experts as saying.


  • Economic Watch: China's consumption gathers steam amid epidemic gloom

    Despite the bite of the novel coronavirus outbreak, market players in China are braving the epidemic with quicker steps to upgrade their products and services to bet on a consumption boom after the epidemic ends.


  • GfK: Consumer climate picks up again after autumn lull

    Following a lull last autumn, consumers in Germany are once again optimistic: The Nuremberg-based market research institute GfK is forecasting real growth in private consumer spending of 1 percent for 2020.


  • Thai MOF proposes to adjust Chim-Shop-Chai policy to stimulate spending during the Spring Festival

    Thai Ministry of Finance (MOF) proposed to extend the coverage of "Chim-Shop-Chai (Taste-Shop-Spend)" policy by including consumption in shopping malls into "cash back" scope to stimulate public spending during the Spring Festival from January 24 to 25.


  • 3rd phase of Chim-Shop-Chai scheme approved to increase the registration places

    A mobile cabinet meeting approved the third phase of the Chim-Shop-Chai (Taste-Shop-Spend) scheme submitted by the Ministry of Finance, said Thai Finance Minister Uttam Sawangnoon.


  • Economic Watch: China to further unlock consumption potential for economic growth

    As consumption continued to be the main engine of China's economic growth, the country is stepping up efforts to create a favorable environment to further unleash consumption potential.


  • China to unveil detailed rules for high-quality, expanded consumption

    China will soon unveil detailed rules on high-quality and expanded consumption with green and service consumption as focus, so as to speed up consumption upgrading, reported the Xinhua-run Economic Information Daily on October 8.


  • China likely to roll out more policies in Q4 to promote domestic consumption

    China is expected to roll out more policies in the fourth quarter of the year to promote domestic consumption and stabilize investment, the Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News reported on Wednesday. 


  • Shanghai sees growing consumption during National Day holiday

    The consumption in Shanghai reached 25.3 billion yuan (about 3.5 billion U.S. dollars) during the National Day holiday, a year-on-year increase of 10.2 percent, according to Shanghai municipal commission of commerce.


  • China's automobile retail sales grows over 150 times in last 20 years

    China saw fast growth in consumption of some durable products, especially in automobiles, a report on 70 years of China's economic and social development showed.


  • Economic Watch: China's consumption maintains vitality, upgrading

    China's consumption market has maintained overall stability so far this year, retaining medium-high speed, thanks to a slew of government policies.


  • China Focus: China online sellers see robust sales in mid-year shopping spree

    Major Chinese online shopping platforms have posted strong sales growth in a mid-year shopping festival that underlines robust consumer spending in the world's second-largest economy.


  • China's consumption growth rebounds in May

    China's consumption growth picked up pace in May with retail sales expanding 8.6 percent year on year, official data showed Friday.


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