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Agricultural Development Bank of China
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  • Chinese banks phase out use of "counter-cyclical" factor in yuan pricing: regulator

    Some Chinese banks have phased out the use of the "counter-cyclical" factor in the pricing mechanism of the yuan's central parity rate against the greenback, according to an online statement of the country's forex regulator.


  • Traditional banks usher in smart transformation by cutting branches and closing ATMs

    Traditional banks have embarked on the path of smart transformation. The used-to-be-everywhere physical branches are slimming away, along with roadside ATMs. But such offline to online banking transformation encounter difficulties as well during the process.


  • Hong Kong banks' aggregate balance hits nearly 3-yr high

    The aggregate balance in Hong Kong's banking systems hit a nearly three-year high with a strong local currency and a continuous capital influx, reassuring investors about the stability of the global financial center.


  • Chinese small- & medium-sized banks eager to go public to boost capital

    China's small- and medium-sized banks remained enthusiastic about financing via initial public offerings (IPO) this year despite that approval of their IPO applications slowed down due to regulatory concerns over their asset quality and risk shielding, reported Economic Information Daily Wednesday.


  • China takes new approach to replenish capital for small, medium banks

    China will allow special local government bonds to appropriately support small and medium-sized banks in replenishing capital, in the latest move to strengthen financial support for enterprises.


  • China's 10 banks offer 160-bln-yuan special credit support for Shanghai Pudong's enterprises

    China's ten banks including the Bank of China will provide 160 billion yuan of special credit support for enterprises in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, in a bid to help enterprises go through financial difficulties, according to an agreement signed between representatives from banks and enterprises.


  • China's loan prime rates unchanged amid flexible, prudent monetary policy

    China's one-year LPR, a market-based benchmark lending rate, came in at 4.05 percent Friday, unchanged from the previous monthly adjustment, as the country's flexible and prudent monetary policy creates enough leeway for lenders to better support an economy hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak.


  • CFFEX unveils rules for banks to participate in T-bond futures trade, effective as of March 9

    China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) will implement its rules for commercial banks to trade T-bond futures from March 9, reported Xinhua Finance, a financial news platform run by Xinhua News Agency.


  • Chinese banks take multiple measures to help enterprises resume production

    The banks in China have adopted measures such as increasing credit support, imposing preferential interest rates, and offering special online financial services to help enterprises resume production amid the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, reported Xinhua Finance.


  • Qualified pilot commercial banks, insurers approved to trade T-bond futures on CFFEX

    Qualified pilot commercial banks and insurance institutions capable of investment management in China were permitted to participate in trading T-bond futures listed on China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), reported Xinhua Finance, an economic information platform run by Xinhua News Agency.


  • With banks' help, companies get low-cost funds for fight

    A growing number of banks are assisting companies that are part of the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak in raising money at low cost through issuance of corporate bonds and medium-term notes.


  • China's banks offer 350-bln-yuan credit support for epidemic control

    China's banks had provided over 349 billion yuan (about 50.06 billion U.S. dollars) of credit support as of Tuesday noon to help companies restore production amid the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.


  • China to improve regulation of systemically important banks

    China will improve the regulatory framework for systemically important financial institutions, with the release of a draft to solicit public opinions on the measures for the evaluation of systematically important banks.


  • China allows more banks to trade bonds on stock exchanges

    Chinese authorities have widened the scope of banks permitted to participate in cash bond trading on domestic stock exchanges.


  • Chinese banks report forex settlement surplus in May

    China's commercial banks reported a net forex settlement surplus in May after registering net deficits for three consecutive months.


  • China implements RRR cuts for small, medium-sized banks

    China started to apply a low reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for some small and medium-sized banks from Wednesday, according to the central bank.


  • China to implement low RRR for small- & medium-sized banks from May 15

    Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) decided to implement preferential required reserve ratio (RRR) for small and medium-sized banks to reduce financing costs of small and micro- businesses from May 15.


  • China's new opening-up measures to further vitalize banking, insurance sectors

    China expects to further optimize the investment and operation environment for foreign investors in its financial sector with new measures to open the field wider, according to the country's top banking and insurance regulator.


  • 1st seminar of B&R Inter-bank Regular Cooperation Mechanism kicks off

    First seminar of Belt and Road Inter-bank Regular Cooperation Mechanism recently kicked off in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province.


  • China Banking Association releases 2018 banking services report

    China Banking Association (CBA), a non-profit industry service organization, unveiled last Friday a report on China’s banking industry services for last year, reported Xinhua-run Shanghai Securities News Saturday.


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