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banking industry Sorting by the latest release time

  • Chinese commercial banks see profits up 3.2 pct in 2023

    China's commercial banks reported a profit growth of 3.2 percent in 2023, data from the banking regulator showed on Wednesday.


  • Ping An Bank net profit up in 2021

    Ping An Bank, a Shenzhen-listed lender controlled by Ping An Insurance, saw a net profit surge of 25.6 percent year on year in 2021.


  • Agricultural Bank of China receives first funds through carbon reduction tool

    The Agricultural Bank of China, one of the country's largest commercial lenders, has received nearly 11.37 billion yuan (about 1.79 billion U.S. dollars) of funds from the People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, through a supporting tool for carbon reduction.


  • China's bank wealth-management market nears 28 trln yuan

    China's bank wealth-management market continued to expand by the end of September, industry data showed.


  • Agricultural Bank of China reports revenue, profit gains in H1

    Agricultural Bank of China, one of the country's largest commercial lenders, reported revenue and net profit growth in the first half of the year.


  • China's interbank money market transactions drop in June

    China's interbank money market transactions shrank in June, with the transaction volume declining 6.6 percent year on year to stand at 97.1 trillion yuan (about 15.02 trillion U.S. dollars), according to the People's Bank of China (PBOC).


  • China Development Bank issues 2.85 trln yuan of loans in 2020

    China Development Bank issued loans totaling 2.85 trillion yuan (about 440.46 billion U.S. dollars) last year to facilitate epidemic control and economic growth.


  • Chinese banking sector's assets up 9.2 pct

    Onshore assets of China's banking sector continued to expand in the first half of the year while the industry's non-performing ratio saw a slight decrease as the economic recovery firmed up.


  • Most Chinese banking institutions safe from risks: central bank

    Most of China's financial banking institutions are safe from risks as of the fourth quarter last year, according to the central bank.


  • China Merchants Bank profit up 15 pct in Q1

    China Merchants Bank, one of the largest lenders in China, posted net profit growth of 15.18 percent in the first three months of 2021.


  • China banking regulator warns of excessive online borrowing

    China's top banking regulator has urged consumers to make rational use of loan products and obtain financial services from regular institutions and channels to avoid falling into debt traps.


  • Bank of China fined over crude oil futures product

    China's banking regulator said Saturday it has made administrative punishment decisions and taken regulatory measures following an investigation into a risk incident related to a crude oil futures product sold by the Bank of China (BOC).


  • Singapore Exchange lists China Development Bank's onshore bonds

    China Development Bank (CDB), one of the country's major policy banks, announced Thursday to have successfully listed onshore bonds on the Singapore Exchange.


  • Chinese banks log forex settlement surplus in October

    China's commercial banks saw a net forex settlement surplus of 87.1 billion yuan (about 13.24 billion U.S. dollars) in October, the country's forex regulator said on Friday.


  • China's Bank of Communications opens first branch in Africa

    The Bank of Communications, one of China's largest commercial banks, has opened a branch in Johannesburg, South Africa, the first branch established by the bank on the African continent, according to its headquarters in Shanghai.


  • Industrial Bank issues 130 bln yuan of green finance bond

    The Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., a Chinese lender, has so far issued a total of 130 billion yuan (about 19.61 billion U.S. dollars) in green finance bond to boost the green transformation of the country's economy.


  • Bank of China reports growth in revenue, drop in profit

    The Bank of China (BOC), one of the country's four big state-owned lenders, saw its revenue expand slightly in the first three quarters of the year, while its net profit fell.


  • China Everbright Bank reports growing revenues

    China Everbright Bank, a joint-stock lender, saw its operating revenues rise in the first three quarters of this year, as the Chinese economy expands recovery.


  • Chinese banking sector's new yuan loans up in first 8 months

    The Chinese banking industry's new yuan-denominated loans hit 14.4 trillion yuan (about 2.11 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first eight months of the year, according to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.


  • Central bank's open market operations bring net liquidity withdrawal last week

    Chinese central bank's open market operations led to net liquidity withdrawal from the banking system last week.


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