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U.S. Sorting by the latest release time

  • China urges U.S. to invite WHO experts to investigate Fort Detrick lab

    The United States must do so to show the truth to the world, spokesperson Zhao Lijian said.


  • Feature: Chinese train manufacturer CRRC unveils new subway cars in U.S.

    Chinese train manufacturer CRRC on Tuesday unveiled its new subway cars to be delivered to Los Angeles, California for testing.


  • China, U.S. agree on joint efforts to solve specific problems in economy, trade: MOC

    China and the United States have started normal communications in the fields of economy and trade, agreeing on joint efforts to solve some specific problems in a practical way, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.


  • Chinese, U.S. officials, entrepreneurs discuss agricultural cooperation in virtual roundtable meeting

    Chinese and U.S. provincial and state officials and entrepreneurs gathered online on Tuesday to explore agricultural trade and cooperation opportunities between the two sides.


  • Tariffs, uncertainties prompt decline in U.S. exports to China: study

    Tariffs and an uncertain business environment have prompted precipitous declines in U.S. exports to China over the past two years, but China remains a top market for U.S. exporters, according to a study released Wednesday by the U.S.-China Business Council (USCBC).


  • Spotlight: Chinese community pooling efforts to help fight COVID-19 in U.S.

    Chinese Americans and local operations of Chinese companies are making hard efforts to donate medical supplies to hospitals, police stations and local residents to ease shortage and help fight COVID-19 in the United States.


  • German businesses in Russia demand sanctions against the United States

    German companies active in Russia have condemned the planned US sanctions against companies connected with the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline, saying they are a blow to energy security in Europe and have called on the German government to take countermeasures.


  • Ban on China's Huawei may hit U.S. rural areas: expert

    The U.S. ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei would pose a threat to Internet access in U.S. rural areas, a U.S. expert said Wednesday.


  • Chinese companies sign MoUs with U.S. organization to facilitate energy business

    Two Chinese companies signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the U.S. National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD) Thursday to facilitate energy business.


  • U.S. cruise liner to expand in Chinese market

    U.S. cruise liner Royal Caribbean Cruises announced plans for expansion in China by 2020 as cruises are gaining popularity among the Chinese.


  • Chinese electric sports car Qiantu K50 to come to U.S. roads next year

    Chinese electric sports car Qiantu K50 debuted at the 2019 New York International Auto Show on Wednesday and is expected to come to U.S. roads next year.


  • Experts call on China, U.S. to enhance trust and deepen co-op

    As the common interests between China and the United States far outweigh their differences, it is critical for the two big countries to enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation, according to experts.


  • Shanghai RAAS to acquire two foreign companies

    China's Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd. (002252.SZ) Thursday announced it will acquire part or all shares of Grifols Diagnostic Solutions Inc. (GDS) as well as a 100-percent stake in Tiancheng (Germany).


  • Volkswagen plans to build electric cars in the United States

    As part of its plans for expanded e-mobility, German manufacturer Volkswagen is planning to build electric cars also in North America. A production site is currently being sought in the United States, a company spokesman said on Thursday.


  • China reduces USD13.7bln holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds in September

    China reduced holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds by 13.7 billion dollars in September this year, but remained as the largest foreign creditor to the United States (U.S.), according to data released by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on November 16.


  • Scale of Chinese IPOs in U.S. market grows nearly 5 times this year

    Scale of Chinese IPOs in U.S. market grows 490.6 percent year on year in the first three quarters, with 7.3 billion U.S. dollars raised.


  • Chinese company Yuhuang's methanol project in southern U.S. enters key phase

    Yuhuang's methanol project, the largest green field investment in methanol by a Chinese company in southern U.S. state of Louisiana, has made breakthrough in its construction.


  • China's Sinopec still major buyer of Alaska's LNG project: report

    China's oil giant Sinopec Corp. will continue to be a principal buyer of gas from a 43-billion-U.S.-dollar LNG project in the northwest U.S. state of Alaska, though it will no longer participate in the construction of the Alaskan mega energy project.


  • Chinese company hosts free movie nights at New York downtown plaza

    Lower Manhattan in New York has become a destination for movie enthusiasts this summer as Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Ltd. hosts free movie night series at the 28 Liberty Plaza.


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